Zhengzhou Municipal Government Information Disclosure Requirements

Original Language Title: 郑州市政府信息公开规定

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(July 8, 2005 Zhengzhou Government 33rd times Executive Conference considered through July 26, 2005 Zhengzhou Government makes 143th, announced since October 1, 2005 up purposes) first chapter General first article for established public transparent of administration system, guarantees citizens, and corporate and other organization of democratic right, strengthening on administrative power of supervision, improve law administrative level, according to national about legal, and regulations of provides, combined this city actual, developed this provides.
    Government information in these rules in article, refers to the Government in its management or providing public services in the process of production, access to, or control of, associated with economic, social management and public service of archives and information.
    Government agencies in these rules refers to people's Governments at all levels and work in this city departments, agencies, and other organizations exercising administrative authority according to law.
    Outside the Government withheld information in addition to article III, shall be public.
    Comprehensive, truthful and timely Government information to follow, convenient principle.
    Fourth government organ shall fulfill its obligation to open government information, citizens, legal persons and other organizations shall have the right to access to government information.
    Fifth of municipal and County (city, district) people's Government Office (room) is responsible for organizing, coordinating, directing public work of Government information.
    City, County (city, district) legal institutions under, Inspectorate, in accordance with their respective functions, is responsible for the implementation of the open government information organizations supervision and inspection.
    City, County (city, district) information management is responsible for the supervision and implementation of Government information online.
    Sixth Government authority to provide Government information, not charging, but laws, except as otherwise provided in the regulations and these provisions.
    People's Governments at all levels the requirements for the disclosure of Government information should be included in the annual budget, allocated by the financial sector.
    Second chapter public of range seventh article government organ should active to social public following Government information: (a) management specification and development plans aspects 1. municipal government regulations, and the Government organ developed of normative file and and economic, and social management and public service related of other file; 2. by this level Congress through of economy and social development annual plans and implementation situation; 3. urban and rural development planning, and city construction planning and land using general planning, and implementation situation. (Ii) and public is closely related to of major matters aspects 1. effect public personal and property security of outbreak, and disaster and other burst public event of forecast, and occurred and processing situation; 2. poverty, and special care and, and education, and social security, and labor employment, aspects of standard, and conditions and the implementation situation; 3. land expropriation, and housing demolition of approved file, and compensation standard, and placed programme, situation; 4. business sex land right of transfer and mineral resources of development, and using situation; 5.
    To the community's commitment to take care of matters and their completion status. (Three) public funds using and supervision aspects 1. by this level Congress through of Government annual financial budget, and accounts and implementation situation; 2. utilities and public career construction project, and major city based facilities construction project of approval, investment and public tender, and bid situation and the engineering progress situation; 3. Government concentrated procurement project of directory, and Government procurement limit standard, and procurement results and supervision situation; 4. administrative career sex charges levy, and relief policy of implementation situation; 5. Xiang (town), and
    Financial, financial revenue and expenditure of the subdistrict office and all kinds of special funds, use of financial transfer payment funds, financing to raise labor and so on.
    (Iv) Government agencies and personnel 1. Division of leading members of the Government and Government departments at all levels of organization, statutory duties, leading members of the Division, office location and contact information; 2. the civil service recruitment, hiring and public selection cadres conditions, procedure, results, and so on.
    (E) administrative enforcement 1. Administrative licensing and administrative items, the basis, conditions, procedures, deadlines and submit all required materials 2. project basis, object and standard administrative levy, 3. the basis for administrative penalties, procedures and standards, 4. the basis of compulsory administrative measures and procedures.
    (Vi) other disclosure of Government information should be.
    Eighth Government authorities proposed to involve a wide, is closely related to people's decision, draft draft authority or authorities should be open to the public, sufficient to listen to public views.
    Drafting major or relationship between citizens, legal persons and other organizations the vital interests of the draft local laws, regulations and regulatory documents, draft draft authority or authorities should be open to the public, sufficient to listen to public views.
    Nineth article following Government information, can according to citizens, and corporate and other organization of application be public: (a) Government organ master of and public relationship close of market information; (ii) on specific matters law made of administrative processing decided; (three) on administrative license, and administrative registration, and administrative levy, and administrative punishment, and administrative forced implementation, specific administrative behavior of processing results; (four) poverty, and special care and, and school, and social security, and labor employment, welfare treatment of implementation situation; (five) other according to application should public of information.
    Tenth Article following Government information, not public: (a) involved national secret of; (ii) law by protection of commercial secret or public may led to commercial secret was leaked of; (three) belongs to personal privacy or public may led to on personal privacy right caused improper against of; (four) is survey, and discussion, and processing process in the, public Hou may effect check, and survey, and forensics,, or may threat personal security of; (five) legal, and regulations provides not public of other case.
    The preceding paragraph (b), (c) Government information listed, any of the following circumstances, you can expose that: (a) rights or relevant parties agree to open, (ii) open has obvious public interest and will not cause substantial damage to related parties; (c) the provisions of laws and regulations can be made public.
    Third chapter active public of way 11th article government organ active public government information should through following a or several way be public: (a) Government Bulletin; (ii) Internet Shang of Government website; (three) magazine, and newspaper, and broadcast, and TV, public media; (four) Press Conference; (five) archives, and public check out room, and information obtained points, and Government information announcement bar, and electronic screen, places or facilities; (six) easy public timely accurate get information of other way.
    12th municipal people's Government issued regulations and regulatory documents shall within 5 working days from the date of publishing to the Internet log on a Government Web site, and published in the municipal bulletin.
    Normative documents from other government bodies, development authority shall, within 5 working days from the date of publishing to the Internet on a Government Web site login, and to the public by other means.
    The township (town) people's Government, the normative documents posted on the Bulletin Board of the subdistrict office, should be posted to each village (neighborhood) committees.
    Official Gazette of the 13th should be prepared at all levels of Government and its agencies, the village (neighborhood) appropriate place for Commission offices, archives, public libraries, bookstores, and facilitate free access by the public.
    14th of municipal and County (city, district) shall establish and perfect the spokesperson system, social publishing on behalf of the people's Governments at the corresponding level of Government information.
    Municipal Government departments according to actual need establishment of the spokesman system in each Department. 15th Government authority shall designate a specialized agency in charge of the daily work of Government information.
    Specific duties including: (a) custody, and maintenance and update this organ of Government information; (ii) is responsible for this organ active public government information of matters; (three) accepted and processing to this organ proposed of Government information public application; (four) Organization prepared this organ of Government information public Guide, and Government information directory; (five) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides of other duties.
    16th Government organs the organs responsible for the disclosure of Government information should be the name, Office address, office hours, phone number, fax number, email to the public to facilitate the citizens, legal persons and other organizations consult the disclosure of Government information.
    17th Government organs should gradually prepare and update on the disclosure of Government information guide and directory of active publicity range of Government information and including through public government websites.
    Open Government information, such as changed, withdrawn or amended, shall promptly publish and make notes. Fourth chapter in accordance with the procedures for open 18th citizens, legal persons and other organizations asked the Government to provide information by the Government, could apply to the possession of such Government information government agencies.
    Applications shall include the following information: (a) the applicant's name or the name, identity, contact, (ii) description of Government information required. 19th Government authorities after receiving a request for government information request should be registered on the spot. Can be provided on the spot, should be provided on the spot.
    Due to objective reasons such as information processing and other legitimate reasons cannot be provided on the spot, shall be provided within 10 working days from the date of registration. Requirements provides of Government information has following case one of of, not provides, and by following provides timely give written replies: (a) requirements provides of Government information has active public of, should told its get the Government information of way and way; (ii) belongs to not public range of, should told applicants not public; (three) not belongs to accepted organ master range of, should told applicants, can determine the information master organ of, should told its contact way; (four) application public of Government information not exists of,
    Shall inform the applicant. 20th Government requested information from the content, able to distinguish between, government agencies should provide open content.

    Article 21st Government information provided as part of the article tenth subparagraph (b), (c), which may affect the rights of third parties, except the offices of a third party has written to the Government commitment to agree to open outside, Government shall seek the advice of a third party in writing.
    Third parties did not respond within the required period, is taken not to agree to provide.
    Time required for third-party responses not included in the first paragraph of this article 19th deadline. 22nd citizens, legal persons and other organizations found against their own Government-related information recording inaccurate, incomplete, untimely, or irrelevant, entitled to require the relevant authorities to change in a timely manner.
    Before the Government agencies are not allowed to change, should be forwarded to the authority competent to deal with, and inform the applicant. Citizens, legal persons and other organizations asked the Government to change against their own Government-related information, it shall provide relevant documents, and be responsible for the authenticity and validity of the material.
    Government agencies and verification, should be changed according to the procedure.
    23rd government agency request to provide Government information, conditions, you can schedule the right time and place, convenient application for reading on the spot or to make their own copy. Government authorities upon the request of the applicant to provide services such as printing, copying.
    Print, copy, the costs borne by the applicant.
    24th Government authorities not to paid services or disguised forms of paid services providing government information, not with the Government organ affiliated or operational guidance relationship of enterprises and institutions, intermediary organizations in the form of paid or disguised paid to citizens, legal persons and other organizations to provide Government information.
    25th to disabled people who have difficulty reading, illiterate applicants, the authorities should provide the necessary assistance. Fifth chapter supervision article 26th citizens, legal persons and other organizations that the Government bodies failing to comply with disclosure obligations in May to report to the supervisory organ or by government agencies.
    Accept the organ shall investigate and deal with reports and responded to informants.
    27th article government organ violation this provides, has following case one of of, by government legal institutions or superior government organ ordered corrected; plot serious of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other responsibility personnel by monitored sector law give administrative sanctions: (a) not perform active public obligations, and not timely update active public content of; (ii) on meet this provides conditions of application, hide or not provides should public of Government information of; (three) not perform told obligations led to third party of lawful rights and interests of by damage of;
    (D) failing to correct information about the applicant; (v) breach charges.
    28th government agencies conceal or give false information, or disclosing trade secrets, personal privacy, economic losses caused to the parties concerned, shall bear the liability for damages.
    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 29th, various governmental authorities in accordance with this provision, applicable to this body of rules are formulated.
                                    30th article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 2005.