Zhengzhou City Green Line Management

Original Language Title: 郑州市城市绿线管理办法

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(August 4, 2005, Zhengzhou city people's Government, the 35th Executive meeting on August 5, 2005, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government, the 144th published since September 10, 2005) first to strengthen the planning, construction and management of urban green space and improve the urban ecological environment and landscape, according to the People's Republic of China urban planning law and State Council regulations on urban landscaping and other relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second line of urban green in these measures, refers to the scope of urban green space of the line of control, including the control and planning of green space set aside green space built the line of control.
    Article III planning area within the green line in the city of delineation and supervision, these measures shall apply.
    Fourth of municipal Administrative Department of urban landscaping is the urban planning areas within city administrative departments for the management of the green line, is responsible for implementation of the measures.
    Urban planning administrative departments shall, jointly with the competent administrative Department of urban landscape of urban green line delineation and supervision and management.
    Land and resources, forestry, construction, municipal, real estate, city administration, finance and other departments concerned shall, within the scope of their respective duties, common urban delineation and supervision and administration of the green line.
    Fifth article of any unit and individual have the protection of urban green areas, urban green management duty to obey, for acts in violation of administration of urban green line there were discouraging and rights.
    Sixth of municipal urban landscape Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with relevant departments such as the urban green space system planning of urban planning, approved by the municipal people's Government into the overall urban planning, and promulgation and implementation.
    Urban green space system planning of urban greening objectives should be identified and layout, clear principle of control of each green, in accordance with the standards set forth in vegetation area, rational distribution of public green space, protection of green space, landscape, woodland, and green line.
    Seventh the following areas should be designated green line: (a) existing and planned public green space, protection of green space, green space, green space in residential areas, accessory Greenbelt, landscape, forest, (ii) urban eco-control regions such as rivers, lakes, mountains, (iii) scenic area, scattered forest vegetation, ancient trees and the scope of protection.
    Eighth green lines the Department of City Planning Administration in conjunction with the competent administrative Department of urban landscape based on urban greening status quo, scenery, the natural landscape and urban green space system planning, and approved by the municipal people's Government announced. Urban green line established, should be strictly enforced.
    Alteration, shall be governed by the procedures set out in the preceding paragraph apply for approval.
    Nineth of municipal urban greening administrative departments and urban planning administrative departments should have in-built urban public green spaces, protective Greenbelt, Greenbelt and woodland scenery of striking position around the establishment signs, green line mark of the Green map, subject to public supervision.
    Tenth of municipal urban planning administrative departments administrative departments should establish and urban landscape of existing urban green space and planning green space database, implementing green data dynamic management.
    11th city land within the green line, no unit or individual may unlawfully diverted. Prohibiting the occupation of the Park, Zoo, Garden, green square and other public green land within the green line.
    Others have been built within the green line really takes, shall be approved by the municipal urban planning administrative departments and the Department of urban landscaping Administration agreed and approved by the municipal people's Government, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of compensation before they can take up.
    12th city land bidding, auction or listing sold before, must be in accordance with national and provincial and municipal regulations determine and publish the green index. City building, rebuilding or expansion projects, green rate must be determined in accordance with indicators and the delineation of constructional detailed planning of urban green line, determined the green range, supporting the construction of green space.
    Supporting green green line construction project planning permit drawing shall prevail. 13th public Greenbelt, Greenbelt, shelter, woodland scenery such as greening projects and supporting greening engineering design of construction engineering programme shall be prepared by the design unit with the appropriate qualification.
    Design should be reported to the competent administrative Department of urban landscape.
    14th section of projects supporting the greening project must simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, and acceptance.
    When construction at the time of completion of the construction project for the record shall be submitted to the town planning and landscaping supporting greening project approval document issued by the Administrative Department.
    15th when external sales of commercial housing real estate development enterprises, must tell the consumer the ratio of green space of residential area, green area and planning permit of construction engineering drawing containing the location of the green line, beyond the green line as temporary green space planning may not be supporting green propaganda. Residential district planning and construction of green spaces are not allowed for other purposes.
    Needed for other purposes, should be agreed by the owners of community of owners or three-fourths above, and to the city planning and urban landscape administrative departments to handle the clearance procedures.
    16th article violates this approach set forth in 11th, 14th, the municipal urban Administration Department in accordance with the urban planning and urban afforestation management laws, regulations, rules and regulations will be punished.
    17th real estate development enterprises beyond the green line as temporary green space planning supporting green publicity, industrial and commercial administrative departments shall punish; damage caused to a party, he shall bear civil liability.
    Article 18th counties (cities), shangjie district urban green management, in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                                                                                19th article this way since September 10, 2005.