Nanning Government Decision On Amending The Provisions On The Management Of City Square In Nanning City

Original Language Title: 南宁市人民政府关于修改《南宁市城市广场管理规定》的决定

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(April 28, 2005, Nanning city, Government Executive Conference considered through May 23, 2005, Nanning city, Government makes 38th, announced since announced of day up purposes) City Government according to People's Republic of China administrative license method, legal, and regulations of provides, decided on, Nanning city, city square management provides for following modified: a, and 13th article second items "using city square carried out of activities contains publicity, and literary, and sports, and commercial, content of, submitted culture, and sports, and
    Audit observations of the industry and Commerce departments "is amended as" activities carried out using city square with commercial content, comments submitted to the departments of industry and commerce ".
    Second, 12th, in article 13, 14 "square Management Department" amended to read "square Administrative Department."
    In addition, the part of the text has been modified.
    This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

    The Nanning city square be consequential amendments to regulations in accordance with this decision, republished. Attached:, Nanning city, city square management provides (2005 amendment this) (November 17, 2003 City Government makes 19th, announced, according to May 23, 2005, Nanning city, Government on modified straddling, Nanning city, city square management provides of decided Amendment) first article for strengthening city square management, maintenance city square order, keep city square environment clean and the square facilities intact, according to city city and sanitation management Ordinance, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, implementation straddling
    Measures for the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation Ordinance and other regulations, based on actual city, these provisions are formulated.
    Second city square in these rules is through landscaping, lighting, public facilities, fully furnished and with a certain scale, open for public recreation, entertainment, sightseeing places.
    Management area by the square of the city, shall be determined and prominently state licensed public city square.
    Third entering the city square areas of management units and individuals shall comply with this regulation.
    Fourth city square, unified management, graded the principle of responsibility.
    Municipal administrative departments administrative departments of the city square, its cities, City Plaza, Plaza Management Office is in charge of the daily management, facility maintenance, environmental conservation work such as cleaning and greening.
    The County (district) people's Government, the development zone management Committee may designate other authorities responsible for the supervision and control of the square, accept square on business management guidance.
    Cultural, sports, public security, environmental protection and other related departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, supervision and management of the city square.
    Article fifth entering the city square units and individuals should be taken, abide by social morality and garden guidelines for public health, take care of plants and facilities in the city square.
    Sixth city square fountains and outdoor lighting should be required to open or opening.
    Article seventh Town Plaza should be kept in good condition and to ensure safe, damage or damage on the ground, a city square Management Department shall timely maintenance.
    Administrative departments should strengthen the urban square square of green vegetation management and conservation, keeping the environment clean and tidy. Units and individuals of the eighth into the city square, and shall conscientiously maintain social order in the square.
    Square to prohibit the following acts: (a) fighting, drinking, cause trouble or to incite a riot, (ii) the fortune teller fortune telling or other superstitious activities, and (iii) unlawful assemblies, processions and (iv) gambling or gambling in disguise, and (v) other acts that disrupt social order. Nineth into city square units and individuals shall conscientiously maintain order within the square.
    Square within ban following behavior: (a) damaged spray water facilities, and fitness facilities, and telecommunications facilities, and lighting facilities, and announcement bar, and sculpture, and various logo and other public facilities; (ii) juggling, and performers; (three) shop outside business, and no card business; (four) motor vehicle, and non-motor vehicle (stroller, and wheelchair except) unauthorized in square within driving or Park; (five) other prejudice square management order of behavior. Article tenth into city square units and individuals should take care of green areas and landscaping, environmental sanitation facilities.
    Square within ban following behavior: (a) anywhere spit, and soil or mess threw, and mess pour waste; (ii) trampling flower beds, and green, and lawn; (three) stole dug, and impairment, and carved designated flowers trees, and mining spent picked fruit; (four) in green within stacked debris, and dug pit take soil; (five) theft, and damaged or demolition closed municipal, and green, and sanitation facilities or change its using nature; (six) other damage green and the Green facilities of behavior. 11th entering the square units and individuals shall voluntarily remain square clean, harmonious.
    Square within ban following behavior: (a) in buildings, and structures, and sculpture or other public facilities Shang graffiti, and carved designated; (ii) hanging, and drying items; (three) carrying dog, pet into; (four) capture, and hurt square pigeon; (five) anywhere lying lying, and street sleepers; (six) in fountain, and pool in the bath or washing, and threw items,; (seven) other effect square looks of behavior.
    12th engaging in the following activities in the square, Plaza approved by the Administrative Department: (a) the mass activities such as recreation, sports and commercial activities, (ii) dissemination, hanging banners, promotional materials, advertising such as banners, inflatable ball and (iii) provision of public services and business facilities; (iv) activities of other temporary uses square.
    13th article temporary using city square should to city square administrative competent sector submitted following material: (a) applications, content should including using time, and term, and area, and purpose, and number,; (ii) using city square carried out of activities contains commercial content of, submitted business competent sector of audit views; (three) participate in city square activities of number over 200 people of, submitted police sector of audit views; (four) city square administrative competent sector requirements provides of other material.
    14th temporary city square at least 5 working days apply to the administrative departments of city square, city square Administrative Department shall, within 3 working days whether to approve the decision, and to respond to the applicant.
    15th approved the temporary use of city square units and individuals shall be approved in accordance with the content and scope of its activities. Temporary use of Plaza approved by the Administrative Department shall, in accordance with price ranges and standard pay related costs, charges all paid financial, earmarked for day-to-day management and maintenance of the city square.
    Need to use square of electricity or water, should also pay water bill or electricity bill.
    Approved by the administrative departments of city square, public welfare activity may reduce related costs.
    16th approved the temporary use of square units and individuals shall be required to temporarily set to collect garbage, waste containers.
    17th in violation of the provisions of article eighth, punished by the public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    18th article violates this article Nineth first, third, fourth and tenth and 11th for the first item, third item, the municipal administrative organs in accordance with the relative-centralized administrative punishment right in Nanning city of relatively concentrated administrative punishment measures for the implementation of provisions such as punishment.
    19th article violates these provisions the other provisions, the municipal power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment shall be ordered to correct the executive authorities, and according to the following penalties: (a) violate the provisions of article Nineth, fined a maximum of up to 200 Yuan.
    (B) violation of the provisions of article 11th, fined 20 Yuan and 50 Yuan fine.
    (C) contravenes section 11th fourth requirement, resulting in square pigeons of injury or death, compensation, penalty of between 200 yuan each.
    (D) violate the provisions of article 11th fifth, impose a penalty of 10 Yuan and 100 Yuan.
    (E) contravenes section 11th sixth provision, a fine of 50 Yuan fine.
    (F) the violation of the 12th, 15th, the first paragraph shall be liable to penalty of 200 Yuan more than 2000.
    20th of municipal power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment Administration deems it necessary, suspension of offence-related items and tools, and inform the violator to a specific location within a limited time.
    Withhold goods carried out in accordance with other relevant provisions of the law. 21st article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2004.
                                                                                        Issued on July 7, 1999, Nanning city, national, Chaoyang square management interim provisions repealed simultaneously.