Hainan Village Affairs Approach

Original Language Title: 海南省村务公开办法

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(May 16, 2005 63rd Executive meeting consideration of the people's Government of Hainan Province on May 23, 2005, 189th promulgated by the people's Government of Hainan Province as of July 1, 2005) first in order to regulate the village affairs, strengthen democratic supervision, to develop villagers ' self-government, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Organic Law of the villagers ' Committee, Hainan Province, and the implementation of People's Republic of China approach the village Committee organization law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Villages within the administrative area of the province shall, in accordance with article II herein provided for village affairs.
    Village Affairs mentioned in these measures refers to the villagers ' Committee in accordance with the provisions, forms and procedures, and villagers concerned, announced major matters concerning villagers ' interests, and accept the supervision of villagers democratic management system. Third civil affairs departments above the county level people's Governments and township (town) people's Government responsible for the guidance and supervision of village affairs in the administrative area.
    Relevant departments under the people's Governments above the county level cooperative work of village affairs within their respective mandates.
    Fourth village village Affairs Oversight Group should be set up, responsible for monitoring the implementation of the system of making village affairs public.
    Rehabilitation of village Affairs Oversight Group should be one within 60 days after the election of the village Committee, by villagers ' meetings or villagers ' representative meetings in village representatives are elected, their term of Office with members of the villagers ' Committee for the same period. Village Affairs Oversight Group made up of 3 or 5 people.
    Members of the villagers ' committees and their close relatives, and may not serve as members of the monitoring group of village affairs.
    Village Affairs Oversight Group on villagers ' meetings or villagers ' representatives are responsible and report on their work.
    Village Affairs Oversight Panel member fails to perform or not perform their duties correctly, villagers ' meetings or villagers ' representative meetings in accordance with the original selection measures replace.
    Fifth article village works public supervision group perform following duties: (a) review village works public of the content of authenticity; (ii) supervision village works public system of implementation situation; (three) sought and reflect villagers on village works public of views and recommends; (four) on village works public in the exists of problem, urged village Committee timely made replies or for rectification; (five) villagers Conference or villagers representative Conference gives of other duties.
    Village affairs monitoring group in the discharge of their duties, on the content and issues concerning village affairs challenge or question, asked the village Committee within a reasonable period of time to make detailed instructions and provide the related materials can refer to the financial accounts of the balance of the original documents, the original contract information through auditing, auditing methods to investigate and verify the circumstances.
    Sixth section the content and timing of village affairs, according to the Hainan implementation of People's Republic of China approaches the organic law of the villagers ' Committee of 23rd and seventh through 12th, the provisions of these measures.
    Article seventh the following financial revenue and expenditure shall be announced one by one, other than the financial plan shall be published in the first quarter of the year, the rest should be published at least once per quarter. (A) financial plans, including financial payments plans, and fixed assets purchased built plans, and agricultural capital plans, and set up enterprise and the resources development investment plans, and returns distribution plans,; (ii) the income, including collective unified business income, and sold and rental collective assets income, and land transfer compensation fee, and by approved of fund-raising paragraph and the other income; (three) the spending, including productive construction spending, and collective unified business spending, and public welfare career spending, and village Committee members delays subsidies spending, and
    Business Entertainment cost and other expenses; (d) loans, borrowings and other debts (v) income and its distribution, including this year's earnings, taxes and Provident Fund, community chest, welfare payments, investment income and other (vi) implementation of the financial system, and so on.
    Collective financial transactions more villages, financial income and expenses should be published on a monthly basis. Article eighth tax reform and tax relief policies are implemented, the allocated funds and distribution of disaster relief funds and goods should be made public immediately.
    Content including: farmers burden costs of collection and the using situation, levels Government allocated of poverty paragraph, and farmers minimum life guarantees gold, and landless farmers life guarantees gold, and homes transformation paragraph, and species grain directly subsidies, and returning also forest also grass paragraph real, and modified water modified toilet funds and the old construction funds,, levels Government and sector allocated and social donation relief relief paragraph real of number, and issued of principles and conditions and determine of issued list, and number,. Nineth land expropriation and requisition and land use conditions shall open immediately.
    Contents include: nation-building number of expropriations, compensation for land, labor force resettlement, adjustments and new Homestead sites, and floor space. Article tenth collective operation of disposal of fixed assets and operating entities, shall be published at least once per quarter.
    Contents include: fixed assets sold or transferred, the village collective land, businesses, orchards, farms and forestry sites such as contracting, leasing, Contracting, construction and infrastructure projects, and so on. 11th new rural cooperative medical system and rural aid and the implementation of the family planning policy published at least once per quarter.
    Contents include: fertility, social maintenance fee collection, implementation of measures of contraception and family planning reward and support, and so on. 12th utilities collection are published monthly.
    Contents include: electricity and water prices, electricity and water consumption and pay, and so on.
    13th village affairs should be conducted in accordance with the following procedures: (a) the villagers ' committees in accordance with these regulations, developed programmes of village affairs, and seek the advice of village Affairs Oversight Group will be announced.
    (Ii) village works public supervision group take held villagers representative Symposium, and set suggestion box, form, sought villagers views, and on villagers reflect of problem timely for survey, on by survey verified does violation about provides of, should urged village Committee deadline corrected and again announced results; also can directly to villagers Committee proposed questioned or question, village Committee should in 10th within be clear of explained and replies.
    (C) the village Committee will publish the content of village affairs to submit the township (town) people's Government for the record. Article 14th villagers ' committees should be set up in places convenient to the villagers to watch regular column of village affairs, posted village.
    When necessary, accompanied by television, radio and other auxiliary public village affairs.
    Bar of village affairs shall be easy, writing specifications, legible, and retain for at least a week.
    Village affairs public village affairs should be set up for the toolbar box, by monitoring the management of village affairs.
    15th village is not open or open late, incomplete, irregularities and fraud, and villagers can reflect to the village affairs oversight group, also can contribute to the civil affairs departments above the county level people's Government, or the township (town) people's Government reported authorities concerned upon receipt of the report should be investigated and dealt with according to law. Article 16th villagers ' committees shall establish archives of village affairs.
    Programme, the villagers of village affairs and village affairs such as corrective measures in the form of files shall be true, complete, standardized, and in accordance with the relevant provisions for safekeeping of archive management, accept the inquiry.
    17th article violation this provides, has following case one of of, by County above Government home sector or Xiang (town) Government on about responsibility personnel be criticism education, and ordered its deadline corrected; late not corrected of, recommends villagers Conference law recall village Committee in the of main responsibility people; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) not according to provides of content, and time, and locations, and program, and way public village works of; (ii) public of matters fraud, cheat villagers of;
    (C) the villagers in retaliation for comments or to report or commit other violations.
    Article 18th village groups to implement Group Affairs, specific measures in accordance with the measures of the relevant regulations.
    19th article this way specific issues related to the application, the provincial Civil Affairs Department is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                    20th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2005.