Changsha Thrift Trade Order Management

Original Language Title: 长沙市旧货交易治安管理办法

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(June 13, 2005, Changsha city people's Government, the 50th Executive meeting considered by June 22, 2005 the city of Changsha Municipal People's Government, the 94th release as of August 1, 2005) first to strengthen thrift trade order management, maintaining security and social order, according to relevant provisions of these measures. Article in the garage within the administrative area of the city (including life and production waste) acquisitions and sales, consignment, mortgage and other transactions of units and individuals shall comply with these measures.
    Otherwise provided for by laws, rules and regulations, from its provisions.
    Third article police organ is thrift trading security management of competent organ, its main duties is: (a) for security management publicity, and education and security prevention knowledge training; (ii) check thrift business units and individual industrial and commercial households security prevention facilities of complete, and intact situation; (three) on thrift trading of security management situation law implementation supervision; (four) law investigation about violation thrift security management of behavior.
    Garage business fourth article of the statutory representative or individual owner is responsible of implementing old trade order management system, Security Administration assumed responsibility of this unit.
    Article fifth garage operation shall meet the following security management: (a) meets the requirements of Security Administration site and security facilities, (ii) has a sound public security management system and (iii) there is commensurate with the scale of security personnel and (iv) the conditions prescribed by other laws, regulations and rules.
    Article sixth thrift business units and individual industrial and commercial households, on a voluntary basis to join the Association, compliance with its security association management specification.
    Article seventh thrift business unit or individual should receive from the date of business license to operate within the 15th people's Governments at the county public security organ for the record, record including a thrift business unit legal representatives or individual business owners basic information, size, business scope, address.
    Operational pawnshop shall apply to the public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the special trade license. Article eighth garage operating units or individual businesses need to go out of business, closing, consolidation, migration, and change the name, legal representative or business owner, business scope, should be made to the record of public security organs for the change or cancellation of registration procedures.
    Operating pawn shops should be made to the issuing of public security authorities for changes or cancellation of the special trade license procedures. Nineth article engaged in thrift business should comply with following provides: (a) will about business license pieces hanging Yu business places striking location; (ii) identification and registration business relative people of identity card or other effective ID pieces; (three) strictly implementation items registration, and storage, and custody, system, truthfully registration items of name, and number, and specifications, and new old degree, and source and went; (four) accept police organ security prevention knowledge training and security checks; (five) in business activities in the found suspicious personnel and items,
    Immediately report to the local public security organs, and actively cooperate with investigation. Tenth Article business thrift of units and individual industrial and commercial households ban acquisition following items: (a) guns, and ammunition, and control tool, and explosion items; (ii) toxic, and radioactive items and device container; (three) personal sold of municipal public facilities and railway, and civil aviation, and highway, and City Road, and mine, and power, and broadcast TV, and communications, and water, and military, metal sex equipment, and facilities, and equipment and broken products; (four) standard has classified of file, and information and drawings; (five) obviously no legal source of items; (six) legal, and
    Regulations, the regulations require the approval of the transfer, and failing to go through the formalities of examination and approval items; (g) the national provisions prohibiting the acquisition of cultural property and other items.
    11th in railways, mines, ports, airports, military zones and metal smelting and processing enterprises within a 500 m radius shall not be set up to buy scrap metal.
    12th article business thrift of units or personal has following case one of of, by police organ or competent sector give recognition or award: (a) seriously comply with national regulations policy and this approach results significantly of; (ii) active for police organ provides illegal crime clues or assist police organ captured illegal crime personnel active of; (three) found illegal crime suspected personnel timely report, and listed police organ of.
    13th article has following behavior one of of, by police organ sentenced warning or 1000 Yuan following fine: (a) business thrift not law perform record procedures of; (ii) violation this approach eighth article provides, closed, and closed, and merged, and migration and change name, and statutory representative people or owners, and business range, not to original record of police organ handle change or cancellation record procedures of.
    14th under any of the following acts, the public security authorities fined a maximum of 2000 more than 5000 Yuan for operators: (a) the management fails to perform document identification, registration, (ii) does not perform security administration such as registration, storage, storage system, or a failure to register the names of the objects, quantities, specifications, new or old, origin and destination.
    15th acquisition this way prohibit the acquisition of goods, confiscation of goods purchasing by public security organs and illegal income, and may be fined a maximum of between 10000 and 5000 Yuan.
    Article 16th other laws, regulations and rules provided for the administrative punishment for violations of these rules, in accordance with the provisions of the other laws, rules and regulations, and other laws, regulations and rules does not provide for administrative penalties, penalty shall be imposed in accordance with this approach.
    17th article in violation of these regulations, should be given punishment, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    18th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty for public security organs, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit. 19th article this way come into force on August 1, 2005.
                                                          The thrift industry, Changsha Changsha Municipal People's Government to amend decision to security management approach (72nd Changsha city people's Government) abrogated.