Jilin City Park Postponed Engineering Solution

Original Language Title: 吉林市停缓建工程处置办法

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(August 26, 2005 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Jilin city, the 43rd through the people's Government of Jilin city, August 30, 2005, the 164th announced as of October 1, 2005) first in order to speed up stop postponed the project disposal, to improve the city's image, promoting the healthy development of urban construction, according to relevant regulations of the State and the municipal people's Congress on strengthening of the Park postponed the resolution of project management, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated. Second City Park postponed the project identification of disposal group is responsible for the city's Park postponed the project handling.
    Development and management of its Office in the city under the City Office (hereinafter referred to as the City Park postponed the disposal Office), responsible for stopping postponed the project identified, disposal, and so on.
    City planning, land and natural resources, real estate, finance and other departments according to their respective functions, coupled with good stop disposal of postponed projects.
    Article stop postponed projects are mentioned in these measures refers to the pre-October 1, 2005, construction, planning, land and resources administrative departments approved project, one of the following circumstances: (a) construction project to stop the construction of more than three years; (b) exceeds the construction permit completion date of the completion of two years or more.
    Stop postponed projects are to be stopped by the city postponed disposal Office confirmed in accordance with law, and stop by the Municipal Government postponed the project leading group for disposal of finds.
    Article fourth disposition Park postponed projects, take the original units within a building, status of completed or disposed of by the City Park postponed Project Office disposal manner.
    (A) the original development and construction units have the capacity to be carried out according to the original plan, required to stop postponed disposal Office completion status solution, stop by the Municipal Government postponed approval of the project leading group for disposal, party to the relevant departments for change procedures.
    (B) the original owner cannot continue development and construction, must submit an application to the municipal park postponed the disposal Office, disposed of by the City Park postponed Project Office, through an auction, and disposal.
    (C) the original owner refused to take within a building, status of completion of disposal does not apply for disposal of stopped postponed projects, disposed of by the City Park postponed Project Office's announcement, after expiration of the notice on behalf of disposal.
    Fifth article city stopped postponed engineering disposal Office must through auction on behalf of disposal stopped postponed project, and by following program handle: (a) original units should in disposal announcement released of day up 30th within, submitted the project of early procedures, and claims, and debt, situation information; (ii) city stopped postponed engineering disposal Office with financial, and creditors and the units, on engineering again started by needed of funds, and claims, and debt of amount, and type, and reimbursement arrears of order and the proportion for finds, and audit;
    (C) City Park postponed project disposal value assessment Office commissioned assessment agencies and evaluation results shall be announced and (iv) City Park postponed the disposal Office consignment auction agencies, based on the market price for the auction, the final results of the auction as a disposal.
    Sixth period building, situation disposition Park postponed the project for completion before restoring the construction, development and construction unit out to relevant bodies for engineering quality detection and identification; disposition Park postponed recovery before the construction of the project, commissioned by the City Park postponed the disposal Office concerned institutions of engineering quality detection and identification.
    Deadline completed construction, status or disposition of discontinued postponed projects, quality testing and qualification does not meet the requirements of the project, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Article seventh continue to build Park postponed the original construction project or determined by the auction of a new unit, stopped, and postponed the project disposal Office of the Park postponed the project development and construction undertaking, set out to stop again postponed the project start date, completion date, construction schedules, construction funds and breach of contract and other matters. Disposal during the eighth stop of postponed projects remains with its creditor's rights and debts by the original owner.
    New unit does not assume credits and debts of the original owner. Nineth stop postponed projects on behalf of auction revenue for disposal of payable taxes, engineering quality detection and identification, assessment fees, auction fees and handling fees, returned units according to law. Original owner unknown, after deducting the cost of the above, the remaining income payments turned over to financial, and established by the financial account is stored.
    Economic disputes, in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.
    Tenth article by municipal government stopped postponed engineering disposal led group law confirmed of stopped postponed project, enjoy following one-time offers: (a) through auction on behalf of disposal of stopped postponed project, in handle transfer procedures Shi, land resources sector should to agreement way for units again handle land approval procedures, real estate, and planning, related sector also should by provides timely handle about approval procedures, and from received project transfer costs.
    (B) stop postponed projects carried out at the resumption of work and related procedures, the city stopped postponed disposal Office according to the actual stop postponed projects put forward preferential policies, reported that the Municipal Government postponed projects stopped disposal leading group discussions, submitted to the Standing Committee of the municipal government for discussion and decision. 11th stop restart postponed projects, completion of the required duration.
    Without the consent of City Park postponed the disposal Office, without changing the date of completion or fails to stop postponed the completion of the project, no acceptance of municipal construction administrative authorities, real estate administrative departments will not be issuing ownership certificates, cancel preferential policies granted, and shall be punished according to relevant regulation.
    Stop postponed 12th city Engineering Office regularly open to the public as the disposal the disposal procedures, results, establish a strict supervision and management system, shall be subject to the supervision of the Department concerned and the relevant parties.
    13th disposal must be in strict compliance with the method of stopping postponed projects, abuse of power, dereliction of duty, dereliction of duty of the staff, by the unit or by the competent departments take disciplinary actions against the Act constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 14th article of the regulation is applicable in the present municipal city planning area, of pre-October 1, 2005, in line with recognized stop postponed projects as one-off disposal measures.
    Stop postponed not for potential and new projects. 15th all related departments should strengthen supervision of the projects, put an end to new Park postponed projects appeared.
    If there was a new stop postponed projects, serious pursuit of management and the employer's responsibility.
                                                              16th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2005.