Transfer Of Jilin City, The Urban Construction Archives Management

Original Language Title: 吉林市城市建设档案移交管理办法

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(August 26, 2005 Jilin city government 43rd times Executive Conference considered through August 30, 2005 Jilin city government makes 165th, announced since October 1, 2005 up purposes) first article for strengthening city construction archives (following referred to urban construction archives) of management, full play urban construction archives in city planning, and construction and management in the of role, guarantee urban construction archives specification, and complete, and timely submitted, and transfer, according to about legal, and regulations, combined this city actual, developed this approach.
    Article Archives mentioned in these measures refers to urban planning, construction and management of direct formation of the State and society are of conservation value of text, drawings, diagrams, photographs, sound recordings, video recordings, electronic documents, and other carriers of the original documents and materials.
    Article within the administrative area of the city establishment, transfer, keep archives of units are required to comply with these measures. Fourth of municipal construction Committee is a work of urban construction Archives Department, business administration, supervision and guidance of the municipal archives.
    Its main duties is: (a) implementation about archives management legal, and regulations, and approach, and policy; (ii) collection finishing, and custody and using urban construction archives information, established sound urban construction archives the management system; (three) Organization carried out urban construction archives theory research and professionals training; (four) is responsible for underground pipeline engineering archives of collection, and finishing, and custody, and using, specific work; (five) supervision guide belongs institutions of archives management work; (six) is responsible for on violation this approach of behavior of investigation.
    Municipal construction Commission under the management of urban construction archives (archives of city construction) is the work of urban construction archives management agency, responsible for daily work. In each County (City) Building Department is responsible for the management of urban construction archives work in this area.
    Business guided by the archival administrative departments at the same level.
    Municipal utility, planning, civil defence and other departments according to their respective functions well urban construction archives management works.
    Article fifth urban construction archives information management of urban construction archives must be of the following institutions: (a) municipal, transportation infrastructure, industrial and civil architecture; gardens, scenic city flood control, seismic; hidden works outside of the military restricted zones and military administrative zones; civil air defence works (unless otherwise provided), subsurface utility engineering and other types of construction activities in the form of archive material.
    (B) urban planning, municipal utilities, sights, fire, civil construction, professional management of underground pipeline, civil defense (unless otherwise provided) and other units to form the business management and business technology archives.
    (C) urban planning, construction and management of the policies, regulations and other documents, scientific research and urban history, nature, economy and other aspects of basic data.
    Sixth new construction, renovation or expansion of building (structure), municipal utility units must be within three months of the completion of construction projects submitted in conformity with the provisions of urban construction archives management of construction engineering archives.
    Urban underground pipeline survey and supplementary, fill the paint forming underground pipelines archives should be in censuses, surveying urban construction archives management institution within three months after the end of the transfer.
    Seventh national, provincial and municipal key projects of the construction unit shall establish audio-visual archives, within three months after the completion of urban construction archives management submitted a complete construction before, during and after completion of the construction project of audio-visual archives. Article eighth unit to the archive information of urban construction archives management submitted should be the original.
    The visa must complete project archives, collating, cataloging shall comply with the relevant standards and norms of the State.
    Urban construction archives management in the archives within five business days of acceptance, construction project planning permit in original stamp "urban construction archives receiving special" return after construction.
    Nineth professional management sector of the construction system of business management and business technology archives, who has permanent value, in the custody of the unit using the 1-5 years later, all transfer to the urban construction archives management institution. Tenth Unit carried out construction projects to build upon, should go to the construction of urban construction archives management institutes sections of the underground pipeline project archives.
    Submit and sign of construction engineering archives responsibility.
    Due to relocation, loss of housing, real estate ownership archives management institution shall file written notice in the filing after the 15th of urban construction archives management. 11th construction units and underground pipelines management unit before the completion, prepare project dossiers should be submitted to the management of urban construction archives project files pre-acceptance.
    After acceptance, management of urban construction archives organization of construction engineering archives in Jilin Province issued special acceptance, to the competent administrative departments of urban construction engineering quality acceptance, registration and other related procedures.
    12th institutions participating in the construction of urban construction archives management after completion, issued to qualified construction of archives the Archives receives certificate of construction engineering of Jilin province.
    13th construction project file failed, do not receive the certificate of construction engineering archives in Jilin province to receive construction, acceptance of completion of construction to be carried out by the Administrative Department for the record. 14th article construction units and underground pipeline professional management units violation this approach provides, not timely prepared and submitted various construction engineering archives of sector and units, by city construction archives management sector ordered corrected, and by following provides be punishment: (a) late 3 months following of, at 10000 Yuan to 30000 Yuan fine; (ii) late 3 months above 6 months following of, at 30000 Yuan to 50000 Yuan fine; (three) late 6 months above 9 months following of,
    50000 to 80000 Yuan fines; (d) overdue for more than 9 months, fine at 80000 to 100000 Yuan, (v) unit of fines, legal representatives and persons directly in charge of fine at 5% to 10% of the unit fines.
    15th construction violated the eighth article, not to the management of urban construction Archives Archives originals submitted, by urban construction archives management department ordered corrective action and fails to correct it, liable to a fine of 1000 to 5000 Yuan.
    16th construction units and units are not in accordance with the provisions of article queries and access to construction sites of underground pipeline data and unauthorized construction, damage of underground pipeline caused losses to others shall bear liability.
    17th a party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law. Article 18th exemplary urban construction archives management personnel should comply with these measures, engage in malpractice, construction project archives lost, resulting in the loss or there is no valid reason for refusing to receive archives of construction project, by their work units or the competent authority to administrative sanctions.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    19th the measures implemented by the municipal construction Committee.
                  20th these measures shall come into force on October 1, 2005.