Administrative Measures On Pre-School Education In Nanjing

Original Language Title: 南京市学前教育管理办法

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(September 2, 2005 Executive meeting of the municipal people's Government of Nanjing by September 7, 2005, Nanjing municipal people's Government promulgated as of November 1, 2005, No. 241) Chapter I General provisions article, pre-school education, in order to further strengthen the management, safeguarding and promoting the healthy development of pre-school education, improve the quality of pre-school education, according to the People's Republic of China Law on education, the People's Republic of China Law on private education promotion and the interim regulations on early childhood education of Jiangsu Province, and other laws and regulations
    , Combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article in the administrative area of the city of kindergartens, nurseries and other conservation education for preschool children under age 6 educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as pre-school education establishments) shall comply with these measures.
    Article pre-school activities shall follow the principle of combining conservation and education, pre-school children, intellectual, Germany, the United States with respect to education, promoting the harmonious development of their physical and mental health.
    IV the leadership of the people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the pre-school education, according to the socio-economic development within their respective administrative areas, develop pre-school education programmes, develop pre-school education, pay attention to and support the development of rural pre-school education and persons with disabilities.
    Fifth, pre-school education, the municipal educational administrative departments in charge of the work.
    District and county administrative departments of education should be good management of pre-school education in the area, and are equipped with (and) staff is responsible for the day-to-day management of pre-school education.
    Town government, neighborhood offices should be in line with local conditions to develop the field of pre-primary education, take a variety of forms within the protection area preschool children receive pre-school education.
    Construction, planning, financing, pricing, health, home, public, sports, labor protection, fire departments and women's federations, according to their respective duties, in collaboration with good management of pre-school education.
    Sixth to encourage citizens, legal persons and other organizations held according to law or contributions in various forms of pre-school education.
    Domestic and overseas organizations and individuals are encouraged to donated, gratuities in the form supports the development of pre-school education.
    Chapter II establishment seventh organized pre-school education establishments and facilities must meet the needs of municipal education development plan.
    Establish, change or terminate the kindergarten, organizers needed to the local district and county administrative departments of education submit a license application.
    Establish, change or terminate the nursery and pre-school institutions, organizers should be to the local district or county educational administrative departments for the record. Eighth article application established kindergarten, needed submitted following material: (a) proposed pre-school education institutions of locations, and environment, and premises, and facilities and the layout programme; (ii) held who of corporate qualification proved or personal identity proved; (three) proposed pre-school education institutions of articles or system; (four) Faculty of qualification proved, and health proved; (five) proposed pre-school education institutions of site proved and essential funds proved; (six) police fire sector issued of fire security proved, and
    Building housing security certificate issued by the administration.
    Holding of private kindergartens, shall also submit the names of the Home Department approves proof.
    Kindergartens organized jointly, should also be submitted to the Liaison Office agreement.
    Nurseries and pre-school education institutions established, when you alter a record shall be submitted (a), (b), (d) and (f) provision of material. The Nineth district or county educational administrative departments shall, upon receiving the establishment, modification, termination date of the application for kindergarten, in laws, regulations, licensing decisions within the prescribed deadline.
    Accredited school license issued by, and report to the Administrative Department of education at a higher level for the record; no permission, and shall state the reasons in writing.
    Nurseries and pre-school education institutions within the establishment, alteration date of 30th or 30th for the record before the termination.
    The tenth establishment, alteration and termination of private kindergartens, organizers should be to the local area, the County Civil Affairs Department for the registration, modification and cancellation procedures, the registration organ shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    11th Chinese-foreign cooperation in organized pre-school institutions, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools Ordinance.
    12th national, supporting educational facilities such as kindergartens, and the relevant provisions, reasonable layout Planning Department shall, in conjunction with the administrative departments of education pre-school facilities.
    Supporting new pre-school education facilities should be set up away from all kinds of pollution and dangerous places, and in accordance with the relevant technical specification for design and construction.
    Use of pre-school education facilities of buildings, site settings, must be in accordance with technical norms of the State's independent access and the appropriate safety precautions.
    13th in urban land conditions specified in supporting educational facilities such as kindergartens, assignee shall in accordance with the land grant conditions and planning required to build educational facilities and other construction project delivery.
    14th no unit or individual shall embezzle, damaged, pre-school facilities and not in kindergarten education within the construction of permanent housing regardless of the education building and not in violation of the relevant provisions in the education around hamper pre-school institutions teaching order, endangering teachers and students and all kinds of facilities.
    Chapter conservation and 15th pre-school education institutions shall provide preschool children with health, enrich the life and activity of the environment to meet the multifaceted development of preschool children.
    16th physical and mental development of preschool children in pre-school institutions should respect the law and study characteristics, based on the game activities, conservation and education, promote the development of its comprehensive and full of personality.
    No abuse, discrimination, humiliation, intimidation, corporal punishment and corporal preschool children.
    17th pre-school educational institutions should strictly implement the State's security, health, health management systems, establish emergency response plan for emergencies such as food poisoning and the spread of infectious diseases, and ensure the safety of preschool children.
    When food poisoning and the spread of infectious diseases and other emergencies occur, pre-school institutions should take immediate measures, and in accordance with the relevant provisions dealing with emergency public health events reporting authorities in a timely manner.
    18th prior to enrollment of preschool children shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the health check.
    Pre-school institutions, the organizer shall be organized in accordance with the relevant provisions of staff health examination.
    Chronic infectious diseases, mental illness, as well as other laws and regulations should not be engaging in pre-primary education, patients may not work in pre-school educational institutions.
    19th pre-school institutions should be strengthened to parents early childhood family education, health care, nutrition, growth and development of guidance.
    Fourth chapter pre-school education guarantee its 20th city, district and County Finance Department shall, in accordance with policies and regulations, financial condition, budgets, in full, on time and allocated funding of pre-school education, supervision and funding of pre-school education.
    21st pre-school educational institutions rate determined according to the cost of running, competent price Administrative Department for approval or for the record, and to the public before implementation.
    22nd article charge meals for children of pre-school institutions funds must be earmarked exclusively for children's meals, regular monthly publication.
    23rd pre-school educational institutions to pay utility charges (water, electricity, gas, sewage, waste disposal, etc) enjoy preferential policies from the Government.
    24th nature of the various types of pre-school institutions in teaching and research activities, staff training, awards and so on, are given equal treatment.
    25th pre-school institutions should protect staff salary, benefits, and for it to carry out social insurance registration according to law and pay social insurance fees.
    26th the administrative departments of education, pre-school educational institutions in accordance with relevant regulations of the State in developing training plans and to conduct various forms of professional training of kindergarten teachers.
    27th educational administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments to regularly monitor, guide and check the safety of pre-school institutions, health, finance and other work.
    Relevant departments to carry out supervision duties, does not impede the normal education and teaching activities of pre-school institutions; to the pre-school educational institutions are not allowed to charge a fee and not pre-school education bodies for the purchase of selected commodities and to accept paid services or other improper requests. Fifth chapter legal liability article 28th in violation of these regulations, unauthorized creation, alteration and termination of kindergartens, the Administrative Department of education a rectification.
    Overdue change, the unit shall be punishable by more than 2000 10000 Yuan fines; for individuals can be fined 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine. 29th article in violation of these regulations, nurseries and other institutions of pre-school education establishment, modification, termination is not filed, the Administrative Department of education a rectification.
    Overdue change, the unit shall be punishable by fines of less than 200 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan; individuals are punishable by fines of less than 500 Yuan.
    30th article violates the 12th second to third under these measures, as well as set forth in the 13th, 14th, the administrative departments of education shall order rectification who refuses to reform, will be punished according to law by the relevant authorities.
    31st article violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, by about sector law give administrative punishment; caused damage, and loss of, law held compensation responsibility; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) abuse, and discrimination, and insult, and intimidation, and corporal punishment and disguised corporal punishment school-age Qian children of; (ii) using toxic, and harmful material business do AIDS, and toy of; (three) deduction, and misappropriated school-age Qian children meals of; (four) violation about provides charges of.
    32nd breach of these measures, laws and regulations on penalties from its provisions.
    Article 33rd education administration in the laws and regulations and these rules set penalty range, based on the facts and circumstances of the violation, the degree of hazard, establish specific criteria for the imposition of penalties.
    Article 34th in pre-school education in the management of the Administrative Department of education staff abuse, malpractice, negligence or failing to perform their duties in from their work units or by the competent administrative department shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                              Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 35th of the measures shall take effect on November 1, 2005.