Jiangsu Province Highway Overlimit Approach

Original Language Title: 江苏省治理公路超限运输办法

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(August 17, 2005 Jiangsu Province Government 54th times Executive Conference considered through August 23, 2005 Jiangsu Province Government makes 27th, announced since October 1, 2005 up purposes) first chapter General first article for strengthening Highway super limited transport management, guarantees Highway intact, and security, and smooth, according to People's Republic of China Highway method, and People's Republic of China Road traffic security method, and Jiangsu Province Highway Ordinance, and Jiangsu Province Highway Ordinance, about legal, and regulations of provides
    , Combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second, within the administrative region of this province and roads related to the overrun transport road transport, vehicle production manufacturing of units and individuals shall comply with these measures.
    Article Highway overload in these measures refers to more than laws, rules, regulations and national standards or exceed traffic signs indicating the height limit, limit, limits width, limit load standards of vehicles traveling on the highway.
    Article Highway overweight transportation management should adhere to comprehensive, source control, economic regulation, regulatory principles.
    Fifth local people's Governments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the overrun within the administrative area of highway transportation management organization and coordination.
    Local transportation departments of people's Governments at or above the county level (hereinafter referred to as the Transportation Department) is responsible for Highway overload management work within their respective administrative regions.
    Reform of the public security, development, trade, prices, finance, industry and commerce, quality and technical supervision departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities relevant work on Highway overweight transportation management. Chapter II general provisions article sixth vehicle manufacturing production of vehicles shall conform to the national standards mandatory in accordance with State regulations, design code calibration technical data of the vehicle, no false calibration.
    Vehicle production and sales enterprises may sell vehicles do not conform to national mandatory provisions.
    Trade, industry and commerce, quality and technical supervision departments should strengthen supervision and inspection. Seventh public security organs traffic management departments shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety Act and other relevant laws and regulations of the issuing vehicle registration certificates, number plates and vehicle license.
    Grant registration of the vehicle, and shall conform to the motor vehicle safety inspection standards and the road vehicle outline dimensions, axle load and masses for limits of national mandatory standards. Eighth no unit or individual is allowed to assemble vehicles or altering the structure, structure or features of vehicles registered.
    Economic and trade departments shall, together with the public security organs traffic management departments, departments of transportation, industry and commerce, quality supervision departments to strengthen supervision and inspection. Nineth vehicle technical inspection authority should be in accordance with national standards and the relevant provisions of the technical inspection of vehicles, vehicle curb weight quality related technologies such as data review and approved, and proof of technical inspection.
    Public security organs traffic management departments of non-certified by the technical inspection of vehicles, not for the periodic inspection procedures.
    Tenth in road vehicles shall comply with the national limit on high-wide, limit, limit, limits standard provisions; traffic signs have special provisions, shall comply with the provisions of traffic signs.
    11th no units and individuals engaged in the shipping, loading, cargo transport activities shall comply with the national provisions on vehicle standards, and may not be overloaded. Consignors, loading units shall not be less than the Community average transportation cost carrier overrun transport to overrun or stowage.
    Freight carrier may not aim at squeezing out competitors, at prices below the Community average transportation cost contracting goods transport operations. Chapter overlimit approval article 12th standards overload vehicles with limited road.
    Over highways, roads and bridges limit standard is really necessary, should be approved by the Transportation Department and require effective protection measures.
    Referred to in the preceding paragraph really necessary vehicles on the road means: (a) collapse of the transport is not goods vehicle, (ii) a wheeled vehicles, (iii) prescribed by the provincial communications departments needed vehicles on the road.
    Vehicles exceeding limits is the disintegration of items, affecting the safety of traffic shall be as designated by the public security organs traffic management, course, speed, flying clearly marked.
    13th carrier applications for Highway overload and driving range is located within the municipal area of the district shall be made to the origin, transportation departments, districts apply, approved by the transportation departments of the city divided into districts; the line involving highways, approval authority shall solicit the views of the provincial Transportation Department.
    Vehicle range across the city divided into districts, or FOB is the highway, an application shall be submitted to the transportation departments of the province, the provincial traffic authorities.
    Vehicles entering the province by the provinces, with access to the province is located at the entrance to the loading port.
    14th article carrier application Highway super limited transport of, should provides following information and documents: (a) written application; (ii) goods name, and weight, and outside profile size and the necessary of General profile figure; (three) transport vehicles of factory brand model, and servicing quality, and axis contains quality, and round number, and laden Shi total of outside profile size, about information; (four) goods transport of ending points, and intends after of route and transport time; (five) vehicles driving card. 15th after the Transportation Department accepts applications for carrier, shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative licensing procedures and deadlines, and make a decision on whether to approve it. Approved vehicle overload, overload vehicle permits issued (hereinafter referred to as passport).
    Passes are limited to one way transportation, a bus card.
    Article 16th overload any of the following circumstances shall not be approved: (a) quality of goods vehicle over driving permit authorized laden mass of a vehicle, (ii) vehicles of loading of the goods is long, wide, high over technical standards for highways, roads and bridges; (c) the route after four level road, substandard roads and technical condition of below three bridges.
    17th transportation departments in handling road over limit transport permit shall be according to the actual situation, vehicles wishing to survey the route, select route, calculate the bearing capacity of roads, bridges and culverts under actual traffic conditions require reinforcement of the road, traffic and strengthening should be developed, and to be strengthened or rebuilt.
    The carrier liable for Highway, bridge and culvert reinforcement, alterations, such as the cost of protective measures, and to compensate the damage to the highway.
    Overrun of the 18th approved road transport vehicles shall pass the time on the highway, routes, requirements, vehicle type, car number and load conditions should be consistent with the permit issued.
    19th no unit and individual shall forge, alter, alter, lease, transfer, pass or the use of forged or altered, altered, leased, transferred by the pass.
    Fourth chapter weight 20th toll road charging tolls can take the weight of freight vehicles.
    Weight should follow fair and protect legitimate principles of transport units and personal, reflecting the national industrial policy and contribute to the development and use of multi-axis tire large-scale van.
    21st heavy toll of toll-road management standards in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance, after examination by relevant departments of the province, submitted to the provincial people's Government for approval.
    Article 22nd weight unit of toll road operation and management must be qualified by the compulsory certification of measuring instruments and should be according to the standard operation, providing convenient, quality service. Truck weight exceed the limit contained in the standard, toll road operation and management entities shall inform the owner of the vehicle nearest to the parking lot, unloaded (barge) contains self-unloading (barge) contained; seriously exceed the limit load standard, it shall promptly inform the Transportation Department.
    The Transportation Department after receiving the relevant information, shall take measures to curb illegal over limit transport vehicles travel highway.
    23rd through weight of freight vehicles at toll booths, shall limit the driving lanes, speed and weight standards initiative to pay tolls. Fifth chapter of supervision and inspection after the 24th laden vehicular road, with overload detection signs on the highway, vehicles shall be in accordance with the instructions of law enforcement personnel, proactive testing.
    Tested belong to the overload should be unloading their own (barge) contained before they can continue to operate.
    25th transport authorities on a moving truck on the highway to overrun detection, inspection, testing, inspection of vehicles shall be in accordance with the guide marks or command for law enforcement personnel to enter the designated area for inspection shall not be rammed through.
    Transport Department vehicle inspection overlimit, pass the compulsory examination and detection devices should be used, and according to the results, make sure the vehicle is overloaded.
    The Transportation Department and the public security organs traffic management branch and implementation of overload, overload check, by the public security organs traffic management is responsible for directing the vehicles to the test site, detection site traffic, maintain law and order; by the Department of transportation is responsible for the inspection site maintenance, management and measurement weighing, etc.
    Article 26th law enforcement officers a Turnpike toll areas, service areas, such as regional implementation of overload check, toll road operation and management shall cooperate with unlimited testing and inspection.
    No unit or individual may, on any grounds for refusing or obstructing law enforcement officers overload check.
    27th road by examination no overlimit or over-limit transportation vehicle and holding a valid permit consistent, departments of transportation shall be released.
    Over limit transport vehicles in accordance with these measures article 12th, should apply for approval have not been fulfilled, shall be subject to processing and go through examination and approval procedures. 28th over-limit transportation vehicle should be unloaded (barge) contained, the carrier can be close to unloading (barge) contains relief (split) contains, you can choose Unload (barge) contained.
    Transporting fresh agricultural products, oil and gas and other dangerous chemicals should not be discharged (barge) contained in a transport vehicle, you can implement discharge (connected) members. Carrier relief (split) loaded, should take the initiative to accept review of law enforcement personnel.

    Unloading (barge) contains field should be clearly marked, standardize the operation shall not be forced, illegal pay; business services should use legal and effective instruments.
    , Prices, transportation and other departments for industry and commerce shall strengthen the unloading (barge) contains management supervision and inspection, and publicize the complaint calls, handle complaints in a timely manner.
    29th under any of the following acts, the Transportation Department may suspend the operation of the vehicle, issued letters of ordered vehicles are parked, order a vehicle to designated places: (a) refuse to accept the vehicle overloads of inspection, testing, (ii) overload does not eliminate illegal state; (c) cause damage to highways and refused compensation. Suspended operation of vehicles shall be subject to processing. Transportation departments when processing is complete, it shall promptly release vehicle.
    Parking and other expenses shall be borne by the parties concerned.
    Article 30th transportation departments, public security organs traffic management Department and its staff in the discharge of official duties, shall conscientiously accept the supervision of society and citizens, in strict accordance with legal rights and responsibilities, supervise and inspect the program shall set up checked posts, fees, and fines.
    Sixth chapter legal responsibility 31st article violation this approach sixth article provides, vehicles production manufacturing enterprise production of vehicles not meet national standards mandatory provides or false calibration vehicles of technology data of, by trade sector step by step reported to the national about sector canceled the products vehicles production enterprise and the products announcement qualification; violations production enterprise should according to national about provides itself recalled processing; refused to recalled of, by about sector ordered deadline recalled processing.
    32nd breach of these measures under article eighth, assembling or altering of motor vehicles motor vehicles registered structure, structure or features of, and in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations will be punished.
    33rd article for violation this approach tenth article provides of super limited transport vehicles, by traffic competent sector ordered uninstall, and can according to following provides punishment: (a) over national or traffic logo marked of axis load and the quality limited value standard not up 30% of, sentenced warning; (ii) over national or traffic logo marked of axis load and the quality limited value standard 30% to 100% of, sentenced 500 Yuan above, 3,000 yuan following fine;
    (Three) over national or traffic logo marked of axis load and the quality limited value standard 100% above of, sentenced 3,000 yuan above, 5,000 yuan following fine; plot serious of, sentenced 30,000 yuan following fine; (four) over national or traffic logo marked of limited high, and limited long, and limited wide standard of, sentenced 500 Yuan above, 2000 Yuan following fine; plot serious of, sentenced 30,000 yuan following fine.
    Transportation not disintegration of goods vehicles and wheeled vehicles, such as roads, by the Department of transportation ordered the parties go through examination and approval procedures in accordance with these measures.
    Article 34th in violation of these regulations section 11th, road transport station (field) operator on overrun and overload vehicles outbound-cargo, release, the road transport authorities above the county level shall order rectification, fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    35th disobey article 18th, was not in accordance with the requirements of pass road, by the Transportation Department ordered corrective action and fined 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan fine.
    Article 36th disobey article 19th, use of forged, falsified, altered, leased, transferred by the pass, collected by the Transportation Department permit, fined 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan fine.
    Acts constitute a violation of overload in the preceding paragraph, in accordance with the provisions of the present article 33rd and fined.
    37th loads exceed the authorized load of freight vehicles, traffic management by public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety law, Jiangsu Province road traffic safety regulations and other laws and regulations will be punished.
    Same transport acts constitute a violation of both overload and illegal overloading, an administrative authority has fined, another administrative authorities not to allow punishment of fines.
    38th article violates these rules, overloaded vehicles damage to highway or public road without weight damaged road, the Parties shall, in accordance with the road loss (s) compensation standards for compensation (compensation) claims.
    Roads damaged due to overload and cause serious consequences as to constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. 39th transportation departments, public security organs traffic management staff should perform their duties according to law, enforce laws justly, clean and disciplined.
    For negligence, malpractice, abuse, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                            The seventh chapter by-laws 40th these measures shall come into force on October 1, 2005.