Anshan City Finance Investment Evaluation Measures

Original Language Title: 鞍山市财政投资评审管理办法

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(August 5, 2005, Anshan city people's Government, the 46th Executive meeting on August 29, 2005, 147th Anshan city people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2005) first in order to ensure the implementation of the financial function, standardized finance investment evaluation, improve the efficiency of financial investment funds, according to the People's Republic of China budget law and the People's Republic of China Government procurement provisions of the Act and other relevant laws and regulations, based on actual city, these measures are formulated.
    Second this approach applies to the review of municipal finance capital investment projects management.
    Article finance investment evaluation mentioned in these measures refers to the financial departments at all levels of financial capital investment projects budget, budgets, completion (AVN) assessment is reviewed.
    Fourth financial investment review should be strictly related to the implementation of national laws and regulations, and adhere to the principle of fair, impartial, scientific and conservation. Fifth article this city levels financial sector is sibling financial investment review work of administrative competent sector, perform following duties: (a) developed financial investment review management system and the financial investment review business of operation, guide financial investment review business work; (ii) according to annual financial spending budget, determine financial investment review project and issued project directory; (three) to financial investment review institutions issued financial investment review task; (four) coordination financial investment review institutions in financial investment review work in the and project competent sector, and Units, aspects of relationship; (five) Organization experts group on review conclusion and project units feedback views for checks review, and formed validation views; (six) review reply financial investment review institutions submitted of review report, processing has dispute of review project, and with about sector on review results for confirmed; (seven) according to investment review report determine project eventually investment lines, and with about sector corresponding adjustment investment plans; (eight) arrangements technology three items fee, and
    Discount special inspection of financial capital projects, such as technical, to confirm the findings, (IX) according to financial procedures and evaluation index system of investment evaluation, management and monitoring of financial investment review Agency; (10) in accordance with the "who is a delegate, who pay" principle, to assume control of finance investment evaluation review pay review costs.
    To finance investment projects with supervisory functions of other government departments in accordance with law, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to jointly prepare for the financial supervision of investment projects.
    Sixth finance investment evaluation work commissioned by the financial sector accreditation agencies of financial investment.
    Article seventh finance investment evaluation include: (a) budgetary financing construction projects, (ii) Government construction projects of the Fund arrangements; (c) the governmental financing of construction projects and (d) use technology three-expense discount financial funds, technological renovation projects and (v) other financial funding arrangements for projects.
    Eighth article financial investment review of content including: (a) project capital program and capital management system implementation situation; (ii) project tender bid of rationality; (three) project estimates, and budget, and completed summary (knot) is; (four) project funds of using, and management situation; (five) project estimates, and budget implementation situation and and engineering cost related of other situation; (six) financial sector delegate of other review business.
    Nineth fiscal investment project evaluation can take the following three ways: (I) the project budget, budget, (junction) is the whole process of review, (ii) the project budget, budget, (junction) is the individual reviews; (iii) the technology three-expense discount financial funds, technological renovation project use of special inspection. Tenth Article financial investment review institutions carried out financial investment review work of program: (a) accept financial sector delegate of financial investment review task; (ii) according to delegate review task of requirements, developed review plans, arrangements project review personnel; (three) to project units proposed review by needed of information listing, and on its provides of information for trial; (four) on project for site reconnaissance, survey, and verified project of basic situation; (five) on project of content by about standard, and fixed, and provides itemized for review, Determine reasonable of engineering cost; (six) review project units of financial, and funds status whether meet financial management system of requirements; (seven) on review process in the found of problem, to project units for verified, and Forensics; (eight) to project units issued project investment review conclusion, by project units on review conclusion proposed written views; (nine) in provides time within, by provides program to financial sector submitted review report.
    If not completed within the specified time investment evaluation tasks, should explain the reasons to the financial sector. 11th financial investment review Agency for financial assessment of investment projects shall be governed by the following provisions: (a) organize the professional staff to carry out the work, responsible for the assessment of compliance to review the conclusions of the authenticity, accuracy, (ii) complete the task independently, may not in any form of investment evaluation tasks entrusted to other review bodies. Does needed and other review institutions cooperation or outside hired temporary business personnel completed delegate review task of, must consent of delegate review of financial sector agreed, and itself business personnel completed of review workload not should below review work total of 60%; (three) in provides time within issued review report; (four) shall not to project units charged any costs; (five) established strictly of project archives management system, full, and accurate, and real to reflect and records project review of situation, do various information of collection, and
    Archiving and preservation. 12th financial investment review agency review report shall include the following information: project overview, scope of assessment basis, review, review procedures, review, review, conclusions and other issues important to note. Assessment conclusions include: (a) project is in the construction process, (ii) whether the project is consistent with the project legal persons system, bidding system, the capital system, the contract system and the project supervision system of capital construction management system, (iii) projects whether strict enforcement of capital construction financial and accounting systems; (iv) determine the total investment in the project.
    For construction projects, the budget and summary (node), an investment of the reduction (increase) investment, should indicate the trial reduction (increase) because, as approved by the relevant departments of the State budget for increased foreign investment, should be audited separately budget investment. 13th article project units in accept financial investment review of process in the, should perform following obligations: (a) to financial investment review institutions provides investment review by needed related information, and on by provides information of authenticity, and legitimacy, and integrity is responsible for; (ii) on financial investment review institutions proposed of verified and forensics requirements, should active tie, shall not refused to, and hidden or provides false information; (three) for financial investment review institutions issued of project review conclusion, should in since received of day up five a days within signed views,
    Signed and stamped by the head of project construction and service of the accrediting bodies review not signed within five working days of the conclusion of the project, are deemed to have agreed.
    14th fiscal investment review agency violates the provisions of article 11th, by rectification of the financial sector; fails to change, you can unlock the delegate relationship.
    Employer violates these measures article 13th 15th project, criticized by the financial sector, and a rectification, overdue change, issued budget target or suspended, according to circumstances, may suspend the allocation of fiscal resources.
    16th in financial investment review process, project construction unit found violations of financial regulations, be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the financial sector, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    17th departments of finance, finance investment evaluation reviewed activities carried out by the institution, shall be subject to auditing by the auditing departments.
    18th financial sector, financial investment review agency staff abuse, favoritism and neglectful of administrative sanctions by his employer, constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                                                    19th article this way come into force on October 1, 2005.