Subsistence Allowances For Rural Residents In Dalian City Approach

Original Language Title: 大连市农村居民最低生活保障办法

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(August 18, 2005, Dalian City people's Government at the 38th Executive meeting on August 25, 2005, Dalian City people's Government announced 66th come into force on the date of promulgation) Chapter I General provisions article for the protection of rural residents ' basic living and maintain social stability, according to the relevant regulations of the State and province, these measures are formulated.
    Article subsistence allowances for rural residents in these measures (hereinafter referred to as the rural minimum living standard security), refers to the jurisdiction of Governments at all levels to hold agricultural, household annual per capita income is lower than the local residents of the rural minimum living standard be appropriate relief of social relief system.
    Third rural minimum living guarantee cities and counties (cities) and districts (town) Government accountability.
    City and County (City) District is responsible for the administrative management of rural lowest life guarantee in the approval; rural minimum living guarantee funds approved by the Finance Department is responsible for budgeting and monitoring use of funds; other government departments in their respective areas of responsibility of rural lowest life guarantee in the relevant work.
    Article fourth rural minimum living standard security implementation shortfall guarantees, according to the person, dynamic management principles.
    Article fifth rural minimum living standard, by members of the public service in accordance with the city's economic development level and size required for basic clothing, food and housing costs, and with due regard to electricity and fuel costs as well as a minor compulsory education, implemented after being approved by the municipal government.
    Chapter II protection and measures article sixth agricultural families in the city, and their family members to live together, the annual per capita income levels than the residence or actual life of rural minimum living standard, can apply to enjoy the benefits of rural lowest life guarantee. Article seventh member of the family to live together, is a legal support and help (ask), members of the household together and lived together for a long time.
    Specific is refers to: couples; parents and minor or lost labor capacity of children (including raised children, and following children, and wedlock); grandfather mother, and outside zu parents and parents double died of minor Sun children, and grandson children; children and no life source of parents (containing following parents); Sun children, and grandson children and children double died of grandfather mother, and outside zu parents; other by County above home sector finds long-term common life of members.
    Article eighth family members enrolled in College, account had been transferred but are still supported by their families, based on household family members and give them protection.
    Family members were held in agriculture, non-agricultural, protection only to members of the agricultural, non-agricultural household members can apply for subsistence allowances for urban residents.
    Article meets the conditions for subsistence allowances for rural families, members of their families by local rural minimum living standard differences in per capita income with the family to enjoy protection. Has following case one of of, improve or reduced minimum life guarantees treatment: (a) family members in the injury 1, and 2, and 3, and 4 level personnel, body, and intelligence, and spirit, and blind 1, and 2 level disability personnel, by local rural minimum life guarantees standard and family per capita income of difference floating 30% enjoy guarantees treatment; (ii) family members in the three cell tire (containing three cell tire) above of more cell tire minor children, per person each quarter SEO 45 Yuan guarantees gold; (three) has labor capacity of family members,
    According to local rural minimum living standard 50% of the difference between per capita income and family enjoy the benefits of protection.
    Tenth article five guarantees persons belonging to dispersed support, by local rural minimum living standard enjoyed full protection treatment; are concentrated, in float 50% enjoy the benefits of protection on the basis of full protection.
    11th the rural minimum living standard security, enjoy the following ancillary relief policy: (a) the provisions of the new rural cooperative medical scheme in Dalian City health care treatment suffering from major diseases, may be based upon the impoverished residents of major diseases in Dalian City Medicaid provisions of the interim measures, enjoying major disease medical assistance.
    (B) the Dalian City people's Government with regard to the city's needy families informed of the implementation of free and compulsory primary education of students during the nine-year compulsory education provisions of the exemption from fees, textbook fees, service fees financial aid treatment.
    (C) local Government's emergency relief policies.
    (D) renovate support policy.
    (E) give priority to employment policies.
    12th units and individuals shall be encouraged through counterpart helping, including poverty alleviation, relief and other forms of contact, helping with the subsistence allowances for rural families to form relationships, and help them solve difficulties in production and life.
    Third of household income to calculate 13th family income refers to the application of rural minimum living standard security personnel, their families all year on the calculation of monetary income and income in kind and evaluation. Monetary income including: (a) salaries (including all forms of work income.
    Out workers labor, various income to related effective proved for associate, as cannot issued proved, is by local town self-employment industry income assessment standard or Shang annual local per capita income calculation its income); (ii) bonus, and subsidies, and pension, and dependent immediate family of relief; (three) planting, and aquaculture productive income; (four) maintenance, and helped (Fu) raised fee, and economic compensation gold; (five) deposits and the interest, and securities and the bonus, and insurance payment gold, and rental and inherited income; (six) other should meter into of family income.
    Income in kind include: calculated according to market prices of similar items at the end of the year on all kinds of grain, oil, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry, and other agricultural products. Article 14th alimony, support (Fu) fee income, agreement, decision or judgement, according to the terms of the agreements, decisions or judgements, higher than the amount specified in agreements, decisions or judgements, calculated according to the actual amount.
    No agreement, and ruling or judgment of, maintenance according to was maintenance people children family years per capita income minus local rural minimum life guarantees standard Hou remaining part of 50%, divided by was maintenance number calculation, above 50% of by actual amounts calculation; helped (Fu) raised fee according to helped (Fu) dependants income of 25% calculation, has multiple was helped (Fu) dependants of, its helped (Fu) dependants payment of helped (Fu) raised fee highest not over its income of 50% calculation, above above provides of, by actual get of amounts calculation.
    15th lost, the lost sea residents obtain land compensation fees, annual per capita income of farmers on the local standards take into account family income that year, the remaining part according to the above principle of the yearly count, after land acquisition compensation accumulated over, calculated according to the family's actual income.
    16th non-agricultural workers in family income is calculated according to the actual income of the previous year.
    17th article following income regardless of into family income: (a) by about provides enjoy of grants pension, conscripts allowance and retired fee, injury personnel of nursing fee, for public death personnel and family of one-time funeral, and pension, and life subventions; (ii) in school students of scholarship, and difficult subventions; (three) Government give of one-time honors bonus; (four) other by policy provides regardless of into family income of funds.
    18th household income of specific measures formulated by the municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in conjunction with the City Department of finance and other relevant departments separately.
    The fourth chapter application and guarantee payments are section 19th rural lowest life guarantee in accordance with the following provisions: (a) heads of household by residence village (neighborhood) Committee to the township (town) Government Office or street application in writing, and provide the relevant supporting materials. (B) the village (neighborhood) Committee of township (town) or street commissioned by the Government, to verify the applicant's family income and the actual life situation of convening village (neighborhood) meeting of representatives of the people for democratic deliberation and verification of the applicants and of democratic appraisal results for public notification.
    Publicity 3rd no objections, from the township (town) Government or street to the subsistence allowances for rural residents in Dalian of the application form, review report, together with other supporting materials of County (City) District Civil Affairs Bureau.
    (C) the County (City) District Civil Affairs Bureau after examination approved for eligible; do not meet the conditions, notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons.
    (D) the village (neighborhood) Board will ratify the results announcement in the places of residence of the applicant, notice after the 3rd without objection, subsistence allowances for rural residents in Dalian will be issued certificates and related documents; disagrees, by County (City) District Civil Affairs Bureau investigation and treatment. 20th in line with the rural minimum living standard of residents may submit an application at any time, County (City) District Civil Affairs Bureau approved on a quarterly basis.
    Applicants from being approved when the quarter to enjoy minimum living guarantee of rural residents. 21st approved families enjoy the benefits of rural lowest life guarantee, should be before the end of June and December in each year, through the location of village (neighborhood) Committee to the township (town) Government or written reports and annual household income in the first half of the subdistrict office, meet the requirements, they may continue to enjoy the rural minimum living standard security applications.
    The village (neighborhood) committees and Heung (town) Government and subdistrict offices to protect the objects of household income verification and personnel changes, adjusted according to the verification and security standards. 22nd article has following case one of of, in principle cannot enjoy rural minimum life guarantees: (a) family years per capita income although below local rural minimum life guarantees standard, but actual living obviously reached or above rural minimum life guarantees standard, can maintained basic life of; (ii) has labor capacity, but no due reason not participate in labor and caused family life difficult of; (three) has motor vehicle car (for compensation disabled function sex defects of travel motor vehicle except) of; (four) 3 years since built housing , And purchase housing or high standards decoration housing of; (five) one years within purchase value over local rural minimum life guarantees months standard 5 times times of non-life necessities of; (six) family members (deaf except) has mobile phone of; (seven) arrangements children school choice school and compulsory education during into charges school attended and at their own expense abroad study of; (eight) for violation family planning policy more birth children and the illegal adoption caused family life difficult of (has accept population and family planning sector processing of except); (nine) has gambling, and Prostitution and drug abuse;

    (10) an application is not required to declare their household income and (11) by the approving authority finds that others cannot enjoy the rural minimum living standard guarantee. Article 23rd benefits socialized distribution, once every quarter. Security object may in the subsistence allowances for rural residents in Dalian securities and the socialization of rural lowest life guarantee savings passbook issued (card), designated by the Home Department financial institutions to receive benefits.
    Reduced mobility or unable to take care of, Commission agent.
    The fifth chapter funds and 24th management and supervision of rural lowest living guarantee funds by County (City) District and township (town) financial liabilities under proportional, municipal financial difficulties appropriate subsidies, subsidies according to the relevant provisions of the municipal government.
    The township (town) the proportion of financial commitment by the County (City) area under Township (town) State of the economy to determine.
    25th rural minimum living guarantee funds into all levels of budget, the implementation of management accounts, earmarking may not be misappropriated. 26th article city and the County (City) District home sector is responsible for prepared annual rural minimum life guarantees funds needs plans, by sibling financial sector audit Hou into budget; financial sector according to budget and home sector prepared of issued details, by quarter will by needed funds allocated to home sector of minimum life guarantees designed households, again by home sector on time allocated to specified of financial institutions (concentrated dependent of five personnel by needed funds dial to township homes for).
    Civil affairs departments should be submitted on a quarterly basis to the financial sector funds the implementation and preparation of year-end accounts, financial departments at the same level. 27th the township (town) or sub-district offices of the Government should be set up by the home Assistant and rural minimum living guarantee zhuangan consisting of body, responsible for subsistence allowances for rural work.
    Financial departments at all levels should be required to at the rural minimum living standard security institutions to provide the necessary funding.
    28th rural minimum living standard security management and approval authorities should open the rural minimum living standard security policies, procedures, security and benefits payments, and set up reporting boxes and telephone, subject to public supervision.
    29th Civil Affairs, finance, auditing, supervision and other departments, the rural minimum living benefits payment of regular checks and found breaches of discipline should be dealt with according to law.
    Article 30th personnel engaged in the work of the rural minimum living standard security abuses, negligence, malpractice, sanctions by the unit or by the competent Department constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    31st article applicants take hide, and forged, and false, means cheat rural minimum life guarantees gold of, by Xiang (town) Government, and subdistrict offices or County (City) District home sector give criticism education, recovered guarantees gold and terminated guarantees; stress rural minimum life guarantees staff, and disrupt work order of, give criticism education, constitute violation security management behavior of, by police organ law punishment; constitute crime of, law held criminal.
    Articles 32nd to household income of the applicant, the actual standard of living, work, employment conditions such as issuing false certificates, by their work units and the competent authorities giving criticism and education or administrative punishment.
                                                                                                                            Sixth chapter supplementary articles 33rd article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.