Administrative Measures On Financial Instruments In Qinghai Province

Original Language Title: 青海省财政票据管理办法

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(June 22, 2005 Qinghai Province Government 36th times Executive Conference considered through July 5, 2005 Qinghai Province Government makes 49th, announced since October 1, 2005 up purposes) first chapter General first article for strengthening administrative career sex charges, and confiscated income and other financial sex funds of management, specification financial notes using and management behavior, maintenance national interests, protection citizens, and corporate and other organization of lawful rights and interests of, according to national about provides, combined this province actual, developed this approach.
    II financial instruments within the administrative area of the province of printing and issuing, applying for, use and auditing procedures apply.
    Article III financial instrument mentioned in these measures refers to uniformly printed by the provincial financial Department, related to State organs, public institutions at all levels and social organizations (hereinafter referred to as the financial instrument used), by law to citizens, legal persons and other organizations charge, confiscated or internal financial voucher issued by a settlement.
    Legal documents and financial instruments are financial revenue and expenditure accounting vouchers, financial, auditing, price supervision and inspection and supervisory departments ...
    Fourth financial instrument management, who issued, who audits, ticketing fees and supervision principles.
    Chapter II financial instrument types and scope of application article fifth financial instruments includes the following species: (a) General notes for non-tax revenue, (ii) non-tax revenue into private bills; (c) the penalty of forfeiture Bill; (d) the medical bills (v) collection of bills. Competent authorities of the financial sector is the financial instrument of the sixth.
    Financial departments at all levels in accordance with the administrative rights and responsibilities related to financial instruments management and establish sound financial instrument management system, implementation of regulatory agencies, managers and management measures. The specific type of financial instrument, layout, size, time, number, color, and content, by the financial Department of the province, according to the relevant State provisions.
    Non-tax revenue dedicated instrument layout, contents, scope of application, the use of the term, by the provincial financial Department in the relevant provincial administrative departments.
    Enable, disable the financial instrument and instrument types, content changes, provincial financial departments should be announced to the public.
    Article seventh fiscal bills should have practical, security auditing and supervision functions, you can use the classification code, bar code, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technology.
    Administrative bodies and institutions as well as to collect bank using your computer, dedicated cash registers bill issued by the machine, you must use recognized by the provincial financial Department, with encryption and oversight audit program software. Article eighth non-tax revenue into the General notes apply to State and established by the provincial administrative fees (funds) Act. Non-tax revenue dedicated instruments applied to highly specialized, there are special requirements of industry specific fees (funds) Act. Penalty of forfeiture Bill applies to administrative organs, judicial organs, laws and regulations authorize fines and confiscation of property of organizations.
    Medical instrument applies to Government-run non-profit medical institutions engaged in medical service charges.
    Nineth collection notes apply to the following ranges: (a) the settlement unit of the financial transactions and the collection agency business documents; (b) with the approval of the Finance Department, notes the use of units within the system of non-taxable publications, information on the cost, and so on.
    Collection fee of the ticket shall not be used for administrative services shall not be used as legal fees or administrative penalty fees vouchers shall not be used as proof of unit operating income or alternative tax bill the tax authorities. Chapter three financial bills printed and release the tenth financial instruments by the provincial financial department printed financial instrument manufacture, coupon printing in Qinghai province.
    No other units or individuals may print the financial instruments.
    Financial departments at all levels by budget management levels and management authority is responsible for the management of financial instruments, distribution work. 11th financial instruments to implement program management.
    Financial departments at all levels according to the level of budget management and administrative privileges, based on financial instruments using the units step by step reporting plan, the provincial financial Department total annual amount of financial instruments.
    Conditional regions and departments should implement "invoice, Bank collection" payments, electronic instruments such as management, reduce the cost of management and auditing of the financial instruments. 12th financial bills printing enterprises determined by the provincial financial Department by way of bidding.
    Financial instruments production enterprise on the right, according to the contract and the financial instruments issued by the provincial financial department printed notice on provision of content, volume, time printed financial instruments.
    Printing companies should be requested by the financial Department of the province, established paper printing, storage, transport, defective products, management systems, producer Zhang Yinmo use and management for financial instruments the implementation of special responsibility, implementation of safety measures. 13th financial instruments apply for a permit system.
    The financial instruments to apply for certificate of geshiyousheng unified financial sector development, financial departments at all levels according to the order issued by the management of the budget.
    14th article financial notes using units holding units introduction to sibling financial sector handle financial notes apply for card; needed apply for administrative career charges or confiscated property notes of, also should respectively provides following material: (a) Province Government or province financial, and price sector of administrative career sex charges approved file; (ii) Qinghai province administrative career charges license copy; (three) province financial sector of confiscated punishment registration voucher. Units using financial instruments financial instruments apply for certificate of financial Department for financial instruments.
    Financial departments should apply for a certificate of the financial instruments set forth the requisition notes on types, number and verification, and so on.
    Article 15th provincial vertical management departments and sector management requires using special instruments for non-tax revenue Department, centrally by the Department of provincial administration to the provincial financial Department for the special bills for non-tax revenue, and gradually release.
    Provincial administrative authorities shall be governed by the regulations set up departments or special notes for the industry's non-tax revenue management and auditing system, and to the provincial financial department.
    Fourth chapter of financial instruments used and write off 16th financial instruments using the unit should be the lawful use of instruments shall not use, lend, transfer or any other person's Bill.
    General notes for non-tax revenue, non-tax revenue dedicated instruments, limited to the Qinghai provincial administration fees (funds) enshrined in the project directory or the charges announced by the provincial people's Government.
    Article 17th financial paper voucher claim, time limits, periodic verification system. Use unit this unit financial instruments financial instruments apply to the application, use and balance of monthly verification and write-off of financial sector on a regular basis, without the verification does not span more than use.
    Loss of financial instruments, shall report in writing financial departments at the same level, and newspaper ads, declare it invalid.
    18th financial sectors, fiscal notes use notes management personnel on the job when handling financial instruments and funds must be counted one by one, and match tickets, transfer clearly. Financial instruments the use of units in accordance with the merger, separation, undo, administrative fees (funds) change or cancellation of the project, the financial instruments unit to the financial sector in the 15th to conduct financial bills applicants for a certificate of cancellation and the cancellation of the remaining financial instruments.
    No unauthorized destruction, transfer the remaining financial instruments.
    Article 19th fiscal Bill audits imposed "who issued, who audit" management accountability, financial instruments management should do to control fees, regular auditing and match tickets. Article 20th fiscal ticket stubs for a period of five years, destroyed after expiry agreed by the financial sector.
    Due to special circumstances need to destroy in advance, shall be submitted to the provincial financial department approval, can be destroyed in advance. The fifth chapter 21st levels of supervision and inspection of financial, auditing and supervision departments in accordance with responsibilities for the financial instruments using instrument for monitoring the use of checks.
    The units under inspection should faithfully reflect the situation, provide paper, account books, relevant information, not fraud or concealment not reported.
    22nd administrative organs, judicial organs and institutions on the use of financial instruments or in violation of regulations on the use of financial bills and charges, fines, fees or penalty units or individuals have the right to refuse to pay. Citizens, legal persons and other organizations have the right to financial and supervisory departments to report paper violations.
    Finance, supervision departments should be promptly investigated and dealt with; the verified, the financial sector may be granted whistleblower reward less than 100 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan.
    Financial departments should gradually establish a financial document management electronic network to facilitate citizens, legal persons and other organizations through the computer network inspection and supervision of administrative bodies, institutions of administrative fees. Sixth chapter legal responsibility 23rd article financial notes using units violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, financial, and monitored sector should ordered its corrected, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel by its superior organ or monitored sector law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) unauthorized printed or using non-financial notes charges, and fine of, and charges, and fine not issued financial notes of; (ii) lent, and transfer, and sale, and altered, and
    Unauthorized destruction of fiscal instruments; (c) mixing, strings with the financial instruments and collected; (d) not complying with the provisions of the financial instruments of the cancellation procedures, mismanagement, loss, damage, financial instruments; (v) do not accept relevant departments of supervision and inspection, do not provide truthful information about materials, deception. 24th article financial sector, and financial notes management institutions and staff, has following case one of of, its superior organ or monitored sector should ordered its corrected; plot serious of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) on meet financial notes apply for conditions of application not accepted, or not timely issued financial notes, bungle work of; (ii) not perform financial notes of audit supervision duties, and
    Not timely verification by the financial instruments; (c) without justifiable reason not to accept reports of citizens, legal persons, do not investigate and deal with cases of illegal financial instruments in a timely manner. The seventh chapter by-laws

    25th article issued by Qinghai provincial civil affairs departments, social groups the uniform receipt of contributions management and use, in accordance with the measures implemented.
  26th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2005.

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