Shantou Ready-Mixed Concrete Management Regulation

Original Language Title: 汕头市商品混凝土管理规定

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(September 7, 2005 Shantou Government 42nd times Executive Conference considered through September 13, 2005 Shantou Government makes 82nd, announced since November 1, 2005 up purposes) first article for strengthening commodity concrete management, reduced city noise and dust pollution, improved city environment, improve construction engineering quality, according to Guangdong Province bulk cement management provides and Shantou special economic zone environment noise pollution control Ordinance, about provides, combined this city actual, developed this provides.
    Article within the administrative area of the city to engage in commodity concrete production, sales, use, supervision and management of the units and individuals shall abide by these provisions.
    Article of ready-mixed concrete in these rules (also known as ready-mixed concrete), refers to cement, aggregate, water, and for mixing additives or admixtures and other ingredients according to a certain proportion, central metering after mixing within stipulated time through special vehicles shipped to the construction site of the concrete mix. Fourth of municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and control of commercial concrete in the city, and is responsible for implementation of this provision.
    Districts and construction Administrative Department in accordance with administrative privileges, are responsible for the supervision and control of commercial concrete in their jurisdiction.
    Engineering quality supervision institutions at all levels (hereinafter supervisory authority) commissioned by the construction administrative departments at the same level, for the supervision of construction projects of ready-mixed concrete quality and supervise the implementation.
    Levels, city administration of industry and commerce, public security traffic management, planning, land and environmental protection departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to assist in management of commercial concrete work.
    Fifth from the date of implementation of these provisions, urban, Jinping district, longhu and haojiang district-wide construction project, you must use a ready mixed concrete.
    Urban, chenghai, Chaoyang chaonan district and shall, within one year after the implementation of these provisions in their respective areas within the scope of the seat of Government for promoting the use of concrete, and gradually extended to the center of town, and the specific measures formulated by the district construction Administrative Department and organization.
    Municipal construction administrative departments according to practical needs of urban development, adjust the range use ready-mixed concrete and construction projects in the region.
    Construction projects in these rules refers to industrial and civil buildings, municipal facilities, transportation, water conservancy, civil air defense projects. Sixth article must using commodity concrete of construction project, has following case one of, cannot using commodity concrete of, by units and construction units to project where district construction administrative competent sector proposed written application, by District construction administrative competent sector proposed trial views, reported city construction administrative competent sector audit agreed Hou, can in construction site mixing concrete: (a) concrete once dosage insufficient 10 cubic metres of; (ii) by traffic conditions limit,
    Special car for transport to reach the construction site of ready-mixed concrete (iii) is a special type of concrete, ready-mixed concrete manufacturers could not supply.
    Construction administrative departments shall be made within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the application for preliminary review opinions; municipal construction Administrative Department shall, within 5 working days from the date of receipt of preliminary review opinions written examination and decision.
    Article seventh ready-mixed concrete manufacturers (including concrete mixing station, the same below) setting, shall conform to the development planning of urban construction planning, construction and environmental protection requirements.
    Eighth ready-mixed concrete production enterprise shall obtain the relevant qualification certificates, and handle the relevant approval procedures, production and supply of ready mixed concrete.
    Nineth ready-mixed concrete production enterprise shall establish a sound management system and quality assurance system, in strict accordance with national standards and specifications to organize production and ensure the quality of concrete, and accept the supervision and quality supervision agencies according to law.
    Tenth of commodity concrete production enterprises should be configured using bulk cement facilities and use of bulk cement special circumstances require the use of bags of cement, should be reported to the approval of the municipal construction Administrative Department and pay a bulk cement special funds for development in accordance with the relevant regulations. 11th concrete both parties shall sign a written purchase and sale contract.
    Contracts shall specify the concrete delivery time, technical requirements, quality and number of confirmation approaches, means to settle disputes, and more.
    Ready-mixed concrete production enterprises should be disclosed to the purchaser of commodity concrete grade, type, intensity, ratio and quality standards, and provide product usage manual.
    Municipal construction administrative departments may in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial, development of ready-mixed concrete supply contract demonstration text and monitor its implementation.
    When the 12th ready mixed concrete delivered to the construction site, the Parties shall jointly submit the records of supply and demand, and regulatory requirements by construction enterprises produce blocks, as a basis for concrete strength evaluation.
    13th ready-mixed concrete production enterprise shall not refuse to supply small quantities of commodity concrete. 14th price of ready-mixed concrete in accordance with the fixed standard approved price.
    Construction project cost management should regularly publish reference prices of commodity concrete. 15th mixed concrete production and transport should meet the requirements of environmental protection and environmental health. Concrete should be used for transport of goods vehicle comply with the traffic regulations, ensure the good condition, vehicle appearance neat, prevent leakage and take measures to prevent spilled along the drain.
    Wash concrete transportation of vehicles is prohibited. 16th ready-mixed concrete manufacturers use special transport vehicles, traffic management departments should be considered the same project management of special vehicles.
    Ready-mixed concrete special transport vehicles in General accident en route to deliver concrete, public security traffic Administrative Department shall post processing. 17th you must use concrete construction, which should be expressly agreed upon the use of concrete in construction contract and by using concrete preparation of budget estimates, budget and accounts; a tender works, using concrete of its tender documents for instructions.
    Employer shall not limit, stand construction using concrete.
    Article 18th commercial concrete construction site, construction site access should be guaranteed, and sets the appropriate facilities such as water supply, lighting and parking, and supply the necessary precondition for the transport of concrete, use.
    Fifth article 19th in violation of these provisions, without mixing concrete at the construction site itself by building rectification by the Administrative Department, and according to the actual mixing of concrete used in construction site impose a fine of 100 yuan per cubic meter, but shall not exceed a maximum of 10,000 yuan in serious cases, its construction permits can be revoked.
    20th in violation of the provisions of article eighth, not commodity concrete production enterprise qualification certificate of production of ready-mixed concrete, construction administrative departments shall be ordered to stop production, and be punished according to relevant laws and regulations of the enterprise quality management.
    21st in violation of the provisions of article tenth, of unauthorized use of bagged cement in ready-mixed concrete production enterprises, the construction Administrative Department shall order to stop using, and required to pay bulk cement special funds for development, and punishable by up to 100 per cubic meter concrete or bagged cement fine of 300 yuan per ton, but shall not exceed a maximum 30,000 yuan.
    22nd in violation of the provisions of article 13th, ready-mixed concrete production companies refuse to supply small quantities of commodity concrete and construction Administrative Department ordered corrective action and the circumstances are serious, fined 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine. 23rd party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    Party fails to apply for reconsideration or bring a lawsuit, nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, sectors administrative punishment decision may apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.
    Article 24th-related administrative departments and staff of the supervisory authority in the management of commercial concrete dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in from their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    25th Nan ' ao County may refer to the provisions step by promoting the use of concrete.
                        26th article of the regulations come into force on November 1, 2005.