Zhuhai City Building Safety Regulations

Original Language Title: 珠海市房屋安全管理规定

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(August 12, 2005, Zhuhai city people's Government Executive meeting of the 14th through September 8, 2005, Zhuhai city people's Government, the 49th release as of November 1, 2005) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen safety management of urban housing, guaranteed the security of living and housing, and promoting effective use of housing, according to State and provincial laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Provisions of this article apply to the administrative area of the city has been built and put into use in safety management of the various types of housing and ancillary facilities.
    Article III safety management for housing in these rules refers to ensure housing safety, housing and ancillary facilities to conduct security checks, identification and risk management activities, including a comprehensive housing.
    Security checks in these rules refers to the subject of housing construction, decoration and ancillary facilities to the safety and reliability of the survey.
    Dangerous houses in these rules refers to structure has been severely damaged or dangerous components of bearing, and may lose their stability and bearing capacity of structure at any time, cannot guarantee the residents and the use of safe houses.
    Safety assessment in these rules refers to housing security and identification of bodies established by law, for structure identification, assessment of the security situation.
    Security accreditation bodies in these rules refers to legally set up by the municipal people's Government is responsible for the security of the identification of bodies.
    Fourth housing safety management should follow prevention, regular inspection, identification, comprehensive scientific principles.
    Fifth of municipal, district, housing, real estate administrative departments are the safety management Department, responsible for the implementation of this provision.
    Related departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, cooperative housing security management.
    Chapter II security responsibility for housing the sixth security houses all those responsible for housing.
    Shared housing, its shared-ownership housing security responsibility.
    House ownership is not clear, and housing uses the Security responsible for housing.
    Adjoined the House, adjoined parts of the property rights owners the Security responsible for housing, housing security responsibilities according to the adjoined buildings regulations Division of the city.
    In the seventh House person found housing safety concerns or the housing has been identified as a risk House, it shall promptly inform the house owner in writing.
    Article eighth unit, the legal representative or person in charge of safety responsibility for this unit.
    Chapter housing use safety management article Nineth housing security responsibilities should be reasonable use of housing by housing design use to safeguard housing power supply, gas supply, water supply, drainage, fire protection, communications, lightning protection, safe use of elevators and other common facilities.
    Tenth House in use, shall not be any of the following acts: (a) altering the living functions, structure, without overload.
    (B) the occupation and public parts of the damages of houses and public facilities.
    (C) in the external wall or using cantilever structure built balconies and other types of construction facilities.
    (D) kept in the residential management of acid, alkali, corrosive and flammable, explosive and other dangerous substances.
    (E) possible adjoined and adjacent houses pose a security risk.
    (Vi) other buildings safe and proper use.
    11th security responsibilities shall be to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of housing, repairs the calendar year records, found to have safety problems, shall promptly report real estate administrative departments, and entrusted the security accreditation body for security identification. The implementation of property management of housing, Realty Management enterprises shall regularly organize on housing the main structure and public parts checked, establish and improve the Security Archive.
    Security risks are found, shall notify the owner and report real estate administrative departments.
    12th Typhoon and storm season, security responsibility for housing people should remove danger dangerous preparations; when the emergency occurred, it shall promptly remove danger the crisis measures taken.
    13th real estate administrative departments should establish the city's dangerous dynamic information management system for housing, governance and loss of control, verification of dangerous buildings, build dangerous houses, cancellation of registration systems.
    14th real estate administrative departments shall organize the relevant departments to schools, kindergartens, government agencies, hospitals, stadiums, theaters, shopping malls, entertainment venues and other public housing censuses or the security checks.
    15th for underground pipeline construction, pile foundation construction in deep Foundation pit construction, demolition and construction projects and lowering the underground water level, which can damage works around the House, building, construction units concerned should adopt effective security measures as required.
    16th medium and large public buildings and high-rise buildings should be set structure observation system design should have instruments and lines of position.
    Article 17th when the housing when the design life is reached, design units shall inform the owner.
    Met or exceeded design life, housing security responsibilities should be based on House safety appraisal report, take measures to ensure housing safety before use.
    The fourth chapter House safety appraisal management article 18th, one of the following circumstances, housing security responsibility should be to the safety appraisal of housing security accreditation bodies apply for housing: (a) base, structure or other load-bearing elements are significant subsidence, cracks, deformation, corrosion, etc.
    (B) housing met or exceeded design life.
    (C) natural disasters or accidents such as explosions, fire-ravaged.
    (D) construction, manufacturing may endanger the safety of surrounding houses.
    (E) other identification might jeopardise the security needs for housing.
    Object containing water towers, smokestacks, above pools, retaining walls and other structures.
    Public buildings and ancillary facilities should be every 5 years for security identification.
    19th article on exists security hidden of housing, housing security responsibility people as not active application housing security identification, adjacent party, and housing using people, and property management enterprise, interest relationship people can application housing security identification, if identification exists security hidden of, identification fee by caused housing security hidden of housing security responsibility people bear; if identification not exists security hidden of, identification fee by application people bear.
    20th House safety appraisal agencies made conclusions, is that the housing according to the security situation.
    Article 21st staff safety identification shall meet the statutory requirements for housing and training, after obtaining the safety certificate, before engaging in the House safety appraisal work. Housing safety appraisal of housing security and authentication institution, should have the participation of two or more Appraisers.
    Identification of personnel identification at the scene should hold the housing safety assessment qualification.
    No unit or individual may obstruct regular House safety appraisal appraiser.
    22nd housing safety evaluation agencies should be strictly in accordance with national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations and technical specifications, procedures, requires survey and detection, identification of the housing. Housing safety evaluation institution shall, on the date of receipt of application within 30 working days from issue identification report.
    Identification of technically complex projects, approved by the head of House safety appraisal Agency, can be extended by 30 days. Was identified as a risk House, shall give notice of danger within 24 hours and report real estate administrative departments.
    Were identified as non-dangerous housing, housing must be shown in its report a time limit under normal conditions of use.
    23rd housing safety accreditation body standards receive accreditation fee shall be approved by the commodity price departments. On House safety appraisal of the article 24th expert disagrees with the conclusion, 15th days after receipt of the housing safety evaluation report, to the security accreditation bodies apply for review.
    During the review, security expert conclusion is still valid.
    Administrative article 25th of the fifth chapter of dangerous buildings safety accreditation body-mapping and identification of dangerous housing shall be approved by the Housing Authority, to be confirmed. Article 26th has been identified as a risk House, housing security responsibilities should be dealt with in accordance with the report of treatment in a timely manner, in the absence of prior to the crisis, shall not be used on their own or rent, transfers, mortgages and insurance.
    Dangerous buildings adjoined the homeowners should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and fulfil their governance responsibilities.
    27th was identified as dangerous housing, housing security responsibilities or use shall clear dangerous signs cannot remove danger risk of crisis housing, should also adopt effective security measures.
    28th following one of the structural safety of housing, housing security responsibilities shall immediately report the property administrative departments, control settlement risk and take security measures: (a) sustained accidents such as fire, explosion, collision damage.
    (B) suffer from storms, floods, earthquakes, landslides and natural disasters such as landslides, subsidence, ground fissures.
    (C) there are other significant security risks. 29th housing safety responsible for delayed or refused compliance with governance responsibilities for housing, real estate administrative departments shall issue a written notice of the time limit.
    Overdue refused to governance, real estate administrative departments have the right to specify the unit repair, strengthening, alteration, hedge necessary remove danger such as evacuation, temporary relocation and removal of the crisis measures, the charges incurred will be borne by the person responsible.
    Article 30th housing security responsibility the governance of hazardous housing, renter, use people, adjacent and related personnel shall cooperate, not an excuse to obstruct.
    Article 31st of any units or individuals found to be housing when there is a security risk, you can reflect to the relevant departments. 32nd sixth chapter legal liability for breach of the provisions of article tenth by municipal administration Department, in charge of construction sector and other related administrative departments according to law shall be ordered to correct and punish according to law.

    33rd article violation this provides 18th article provides, housing security responsibility people or units not timely application housing security identification of, by property administrative competent sector deadline requirements its proposed application; late still not proposed application of, by property administrative competent sector delegate housing security identification institutions for identification, identification costs by related responsibility people bear, on citizens can and at 500 Yuan following of fine; on corporate, and units, and other organization can and at 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following of fine.
    Article 34th in violation of the provisions of article 29th, housing security responsible for delays or refuses to perform the risk management responsibility for housing, the Department of real estate administration penalty of 500 Yuan for citizens; legal persons, and other organizations, a fine of 2000 more than 10000 Yuan fine, resulting in serious consequences shall be investigated for criminal liability.
    35th security responsibility for housing people refuse or obstruct the property Administrative Department staff carry out their duties by the public security organs in accordance with the punishment, constitute a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.
    36th security accreditation bodies shall have any of the following circumstances, damaging consequences, be ordered by the competent administrative departments according to the degree of loss of property damages: (a) with the intent to damage caused by non-dangerous buildings identified as dangerous housing.
    (B) the mixing of dangerous buildings identified as housing and a time limit in the accident.
    (C) accidents due to time delay identification.
    37th real estate administrative departments and housing security and authentication institution for dereliction of malpractices for personal gain, by their work units or administrative department at a higher level the administrative liability of those constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their. 38th a party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty, it may apply for reconsideration or litigation.
    Review or during the prosecution, administrative penalties decided not to stop the execution, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 39th security identification of basic municipal infrastructure such as roads and bridges management with reference to these provisions.
                                                                                                40th article of the regulations come into force on November 1, 2005.