Urban Heating In Lanzhou City Regulations Implementing Measures

Original Language Title: 兰州市城市供热管理条例实施办法

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(June 8, 2005, Lanzhou municipal people's Government at the 11th Executive meeting on June 23, 2005, Lanzhou municipal people's Government [2005] 4th release as of August 1, 2005) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of urban heating, maintenance of heating units and the legal rights of users, according to the Lanzhou heating regulation, these measures are formulated.
    Second city heating body within the administrative area of the city planning, construction, management, business units and users shall abide by these measures.
    Article construction administrative departments in charge of the city, urban heating, heat management is responsible for the day-to-day management of urban heating in the city.
    Article fourth urban heating and progressive introduction of natural gas and other clean energy sources for heating and household measurement heat.
    Municipal construction Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments, the implementation of clean energy heating and household measurement heat-planning and implementation of specific programmes, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.
    Fifth City chapter planning and construction heat source and heat supply network construction should be carried out strictly in accordance with the urban heating plan.
    Construction of urban heat source shall conform to the requirements of central heating, support centralized heat supply of the following items: (a) combined heat and power and the supporting network infrastructure, (ii) heating capacity of 1 million square meters of facilities supporting district heating plants and pipe network.
    Already planning the implementation of central heating in the region do not use household gas furnace heating.
    Article sixth building, rebuilding, expansion, and updates the heating boiler houses, heat networks and other thermal facilities construction, land, buildings should be planned area, type of building, heat source scheme and fund plan, reported to the heat after an administrative review bodies, according to prescribed procedures for construction approval procedures.
    Article seventh and yongdeng, gaolan, yuzhong County, town in honggu district building, rebuilding, expansion, and updates more than 7MW single heating projects, should be submitted to the municipal heat supply management agency records.
    Eighth in new buildings the heating system shall, in accordance with individual controllable metering requirements for design.
    Heating programme for construction of units shall be submitted to the municipal heat supply management agency review, approval and construction.
    After completion of the Nineth district heating, heating units shall be completed information management agency records.
    Tenth heat supply unit wall outer heat users 1.5 m plumbing and other heating devices, by users on their own investment and construction, property rights to all users. Pipe network construction listed in the preceding paragraph shall conform to the heating network technical specifications and technical standards.
    Network managed by the property owner, property owners may also appoint heating units.
    Chapter heating quality management article 11th city heating introduction of franchising system.
    Qualified heating heating units with national requirements, obtained in accordance with the procedure provided for after the heat franchise, heating operation can be done.
    Achieved qualification standards, and franchising franchise and its management practices, in accordance with the National Ministry of construction of the municipal utilities franchising management measures (126th order of Ministry of construction) regulations.
    12th heating units of the franchise made the unauthorized transfer, lease, franchise, or because of poor management of city heat supply is not assured, municipal heat management should a rectification; fails to correct or reform still does not meet the required conditions, municipal construction Administrative Department shall, cancel its franchise, and was temporarily taken over by the municipal heat management bodies.
    13th heating units should be obtained in accordance with the procedure provided for heating certificate.
    Apply heating units heating certificate shall submit the following information: (a) urban heating unit declaration form of qualification, (ii) certificate of project assets, property rights; (c) the project approval documents, configuration of equipment breakdown, acceptance of information; (d) heating unit position of the legal representative certificate, security, technology, head of finance job title certificates; (v) other relevant documents.
    Article 14th, heating, heat qualification certificate by the authority within the period specified in the first instance, municipal construction Administrative Department within the prescribed time limit after the organizations audited, in accordance with the procedures laid down in national issues.
    Municipal construction Administrative Department shall heating heating units for the certificate of qualification will be made available to the community.
    15th prohibition of forgery, alteration, lease, use, transfer and sale of heating certificate.
    16th heating unit was established, merging, termination or change of legal representative, shall, on the establishment, merger or termination of or change in the 30th before heating Management Agency to apply changes, cancellations, registration procedures.
    Fourth chapter heating with thermal management 17th municipal construction Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to relevant regulations of the State in formulating the heating energy consumption index and published on a regular basis.
    18th heating unit in front of the extended heating area, increase the heat, should declare a heat source to the heat management bodies and programmes and capacity expansion, after review by the management of heating bodies agreed, in accordance with the provisions for thermal network.
    Heating units needed in the existing network added loads or touch the pipeline, you must agree to consent of the network property unit.
    Users really necessary in the existing network added loads or touch the pipeline, you must agree to consent of the heating unit. 19th heating unit should heat format used for contract with the user.
    Standard contract demonstration text managed by the urban heating sector.
    For heat format of the contract shall include the following information: (a) the date, stop global warming, (ii) heating parameters; (c) indoor temperature and (iv) accidents and maintenance; (v) charges, payment and settlement methods; (f) breach of contract and the Parties shall comply with the other provisions; (g) other matters necessary to agree upon.
    20th heating unit should ensure quality.
    Non paged area customers with household heat metering room temperature rate not lower than 97%, the indoor temperature is not less than 18 degrees day and night, but except in the following circumstances: (a) user tampering Interior heating pipes and wall structure, or packaging of heating facilities, (ii) heat user heating systems design, installation not in accordance with national regulations and have a substantial impact on quality.
    Circumstances listed in the preceding paragraph shall be verified by the heat management. 21st heating unit heat at room temperature should be measured.
    Room temperature sensor should be used by legal metrology and testing agencies qualified measurement instruments, in line with standard temperature measurement methods.
    Heating units should be monthly random users of total heating area 1.5%-3% at room temperature, calculated at 60 square meters per household, the measurement results signed by the user, as an evidence of room temperature sensor. User room temperature measurement results disagree, you can retest application to heat management.
    Heat management institution shall, within the period specified in the Organization has a measurement qualification and units of equipment technique condition to retest.
    Heat user heating regulators can sample measurement at room temperature, user shall provide cooperation.
    22nd user due to heating units the responsibility more than 24 hours of quality standards and not verified by the heating regulators, below eligibility criteria 2 ℃, heat user heating units according to the day of return and low temperature heat half cost; below eligibility criteria 2 c above, heat user heating units according to the day of return and low temperature heat cost in full.
    23rd due to heat source responsible operating unit heating heating pipe network of substandard, by heating the unit returned to heat user heating cost in accordance with this approach, but the fever of cost compensation 50% borne by the heat source and heating units.
    24th due to water, electricity and other force majeure causes stop warming, heating units warm measures should promptly notify users, and reported to the record heat management; stopped warming time more than 3rd, return beyond the time of heating cost by the day.
    Heating unit runs heat user heating damage caused by accidents, the heating units are responsible for timely repair and not subject to user charges.
    25th heating units should be within the 30th of each year after the beginning of the heating period, the heating of the heating period area, number of heat user heating regulators; at the end of the heating period in the 30th each year, this heating season management of heating this heating bodies.
    26th by users to manage outdoor pipe network and other heating equipment needs to be replaced or fails when a repair is needed, heating units shall be replacement or repair, the cost borne by the user.
    The fifth chapter 27th hot heat cost management Government priced the cost price.
    The municipal construction administrative departments and municipal pricing administrative authorities shall regularly publicize the heat cost price and its cost structure and thermal users billing solution.
    28th to users should be in accordance with the following provisions, classified according to their nature of charge: (a) the first for residential, (ii) the second Office, teaching, hospitals; (c) the third-class hotels, restaurants, guest houses and (iv) the fourth category for commercial business premises, plant, workshop.
    Article 29th heating charge license system for the time being.
    Heat cost heating units or part thereof, shall be subject to heat management review, price administrative departments to apply administrative fees license, financial departments administrative fees paper format which, in accordance with the approved criteria, receive heating cost.
    Heat cost temporary management of extrabudgetary funds.
    Article 30th heat metering area for the user to charge fees to the heating unit.
    Heat metering of users in accordance with the actual amount paid to the heating unit.
    31st secondary conversion of heat exchange system is configured independently run exclusively for high-rise buildings, converted by the buildings management account two times operating costs, according to prescribed procedures approval of the price administrative departments.
    Secondary conversion is intended for users to charge price shall, in accordance with standards approved by the administrative departments. Article 32nd users shall, within the period specified in accordance with the provisions of the standard heat cost is paid in full to the heating unit may not or refused to pay arrears.

    Within the period specified in the units and individuals don't pay the heating cost, heating units can be in a certain range announcement reminder, and shall inform the competent departments and units.
    Units and individuals who refused to pay and defaulted heat cost, heating units can stop heating, stop heating losses borne by the arrearage; their outstanding heat cost, heating units shall recover.
    Heat cost for that year is paid in full before the heating unit and individual heating units can be given some concessions.
    Article 33rd without heating the house owners, should be submitted on the 30th before heating to heating units removed, locking with heating facilities and a written application. Heating units in received housing ownership people of written application Hou, should in 10th within be audit; for not against other hot user with hot interests, and not effect heating units normal heating of, should be agreed and by heating units demolition, and lock closed its with hot facilities, for demolition, and lock closed with hot facilities by occurred of costs by housing ownership people bear; for may on other hot user with hot interests and heating units of normal heating caused damage or damage threat of, not agreed and written told reason, its with hot facilities shall not demolition
    , Locking, house owner shall pay the heating cost.
    Was demolition, and lock closed its with hot facilities of housing ownership people in heating period within, should by total hot cost of 10% to heating units paid households between heat transfer hot cost, but by home sector awarded card of low policy holders and labor guarantees sector awarded card of laid off personnel, difficult masses except; was demolition, and lock closed its with hot facilities of housing ownership people again with hot Shi, should and heating units again handle for, and with hot procedures, again installation, and opened its with hot facilities by occurred of costs by housing ownership people bear.
    Article 34th city, County and district governments should establish urban heating system, an urban heating guarantee fund to ensure people winter heating.
    Municipal construction administrative departments and the municipal finance department shall, jointly with relevant departments, establish urban heat-supply system and the establishment of a specific programme of urban heating benefits, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.
    Sixth chapter legal responsibility 35th article violation this approach provides of following behavior, by city heating management institutions ordered deadline corrected and replacement procedures; late not corrected of, by city construction administrative competent sector sentenced 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine: (a) not handle heating qualification certificate testing procedures or not made heating qualification certificate, engaged in city heating activities of; (ii) heating units established, and merged, and terminated or change statutory representative people, not again handle heating qualification certificate change procedures, engaged in heating activities of;
    (C) forge, alter, rent, borrow, transfer and sale of heating certificates; (d) beyond the heating of certificate of qualification under heating activities.
    36th heating unit staff in the measurement of indoor temperature, approved, receive heat using Fermat's work in fraud, deception, against the legitimate interests of the consumer, be investigated and prosecuted by the heating management bodies causing heat loss and ordered to pay damages.
    37th without consent of the heating unit, users added in both network load without authorization or touch line, managed by heating bodies rectification; fails, hot area in accordance with the new standard fines of 10 yuan per square meter per day.
    Not heat user heating does not apply for demolition, locking heating hot and these measures are not in accordance with the provisions of the cost, by heat supply regulatory agency ordered to pay heating units shall recover in full heat cost, and can be charged by the day 3 of the late fee.
    Article 38th construction Administrative Department of agency workers in the heating and heat management in the management of the falsification, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority, who, according to law by his entity or his upper level organs penalties if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, the attention of the judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability.
    39th heating units and users apply the relevant approval procedures, and administrative departments is not made within the stipulated period does not reply or neither approve nor justified, and punished the party of construction Administrative Department and heat supply agencies based on the measures for the administration of administrative punishments is dissatisfied, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit. The seventh chapter by-laws 40th these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2005.
        The management measures of urban heating in Lanzhou (lanzheng [, 1994]27) repealed simultaneously.