Interim Measures On The Management In Gold Industry In Datong City

Original Language Title: 大同市黄金行业管理暂行办法

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(October 10, 2005, Datong city, the people's Government of the 29th Executive meeting on October 10, 2005, Datong City Government released 52nd come into force on the date of promulgation) first to strengthen the industry's management, rational development and use of mineral resources of gold, according to the People's Republic of China Law on mineral resources, the People's Republic of China regulations on the management of gold and silver, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city engaged in gold exploration, mining, mineral processing, smelting and processing units shall comply with these measures.
    Article gold mining is a national conservation of specified minerals mining, should uphold the principle of planned exploration, conservation and protection, to ensure sustained, stable and coordinated development of gold production, gold production in national economic and social development plans.
    Fourth Golden industry management is the administrative area of the city of gold in mineral exploration, development and production management of various gold mines, the use of legal, economic and administrative means to carry out planning, coordination, servicing and supervision.
    Fifth gold, non-ferrous metal Department is a municipal management in gold industry departments, responsible for management in gold industry within the administrative area of the city.
    Management in gold industry sector representatives and County within the jurisdiction of the County management in gold industry terms according to the law.
    Without a gold industry administrative departments of the County, county governments should specify a function took the gold industry management terms of reference.
    Land and natural resources, industry and commerce, public security, the people's Bank, tax, and environmental protection departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions and collaborative management in gold industry.
    Sixth of municipal, County and industry management's main responsibilities are: (a) to carry out national and provincial gold administration law and relevant rules and regulations.
    (B) to unified planning, rational development of the gold resource; review and report all exploration, production plan and annual plan; based on the gold industry Administration issued the annual production plan, given to the gold business step by step, and inspections, monitoring implementation of the plan.
    (C) the approval authority, responsible for the review and approval of new gold enterprise project creation, application run reports, feasibility studies, preliminary design work and gold business transformation projects.
    (D) charge gold industry statistical reporting summaries, work, check the safety of gold enterprises, resource management, product management, environmental protection, mining law and order and other special implementation of the laws, rules and regulations.
    (E) strengthening the management of gold mineral and gold mineral cooperating with authorities determined to suppress and combat smuggling, bootlegging activities. Seventh article in this city administrative within opened gold mining, and dressing, and smelting and processing of units and enterprise, should has following conditions: (a) has statutory representative people and technology head; (ii) has by about sector approved of geological reserves information, that has and scale phase adapted of must of geological reserves or necessary of mineral source; (three) has must of mining range, mine territories clear, with o mine no ownership dispute; (four) has mining programme or design drawings; (five) has more advanced of production process,
    Meet the safety requirements and environmental protection measures, (f) and mine building to adapt to the size of the funds, equipment, and engineering and technical personnel; (VII) regulations and the management system of enterprises.
    Article eighth of national poverty should not be mined mining areas or scattered gold mineral resources management in gold industry by the city authorities and the Municipal Department of land and resource management planning, by County and township (town) people's Government or the gold, non-ferrous metal company in accordance with the conditions laid down in article seventh, organizations collective, joint-stock enterprises or other forms of economic organization in mining, mineral processing, smelting and processing.
    Prohibition of individual mining and smelting of gold resource.
    Nineth applications for operating gold mines unit, meet the requirements, should be required to land and resource management Department and the Administrative Department for industry and Commerce of the mining permit and business license procedures, to the gold industry Management Department.
    Tenth of municipal, County and industry administrative departments should strengthen the management and supervision of gold enterprises, guarantee higher gold industry Management Department of the plan.
    Gold enterprises should go through the gold industry management and supervision, complete the gold industry management plan in a timely manner.
    Scope's 11th gold production management: (a) production planning and scheduling, (ii) mining plan, (iii) resource exploration plans; (iv) safety and environmental protection; (v) scientific research, technical innovation project plans; (vi) management of energy measurement. 12th Golden production of pyrotechnics, cyanide and mercury, according to state regulations, designated by the public security department unit to buy.
    Prohibition of the illegal trade in other departments, units and individuals.
    13th Golden manufacturers should be required to report gold management in gold industry production, sell, submitted to the land and resource management of mineral resources development and utilization statistics.
    14th gold production of finished gold should be sold to the local people's Bank, not allowed to retain or private transactions. 15th article gold fine mine, and ore and other containing gold material of sales, and processing, by following provides handle allocated procedures Hou, party can shipped: (a) in this city administrative within sales, and processing of, by gold production enterprise location of County gold industry management sector and city gold industry management sector according to province gold industry management sector of provides handle allocated procedures; (ii) sold this city administrative yiwai national specified of smelting factory of, by gold production enterprise with smelting factory signed marketing contract,
    Municipal management in gold Industry Department in accordance with the provisions of allocation procedures of the provincial gold administration.
    Prohibit unauthorized sale of concentrates, ores of gold and other gold-bearing material.
    16th article has following case one of of units or personal, city, and County Government should give recognition or award: (a) seriously implementation national about gold industry management of legal, and regulations and this approach, in gold mineral resources protection and baokuang, and prospecting, and sales in the made significantly results of; (ii) protection gold mineral, with smuggling, violations do struggle results highlight of; (three) active report remains, and hiding, and privately smelting and processing finished gold, violations of.
    17th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, city gold industry management sector can give warning, ordered deadline corrected; plot serious or refused to corrected of, city gold industry management sector can recommends related sector revoked about documents: (a) Gold production enterprise not by provides timely reported gold production, and sold situation of; (ii) Gold production enterprise gold sold volume obviously less than production of; (three) Gold production enterprise refused to accept gold industry management sector supervision check of.
    18th article on following violations, by land resources, and police, and people Bank, and business administration, and tax, and gold industry management, sector law give punishment; constitute crime of, by judicial organ law held criminal: (a) unauthorized into gold mine, and occurrences, and vision planning district range mining gold of; (ii) sale, and rental or to other form transfer gold mineral resources, or will mining right as mortgage and reselling profit of; (three) pricing using, and remains, and illegal smelting and illegal processing gold mineral of;
    (D) unauthorized gold needed to produce explosive materials such as mercury, cyanide and traded; (v) smuggling, selling and exchange of gold minerals (vi) provides a facility for gold smuggling, speculation and Exchange minerals; (VII) is not provided for by the State pay the relevant taxes and fees.
    19th article this municipality for Administration of non-ferrous metals industry in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                                                      20th purposes herein from the date of publication.