Workplace Hazards In Qingdao City Report Investigating Award Pilot Scheme

Original Language Title: 青岛市安全生产隐患举报查处奖励试行办法

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(June 28, 2005, Qingdao municipal people's Government at the 18th Executive Meeting July 19, 2005 the people's Government of Qingdao 182th promulgated as of September 1, 2005) first to strengthen the supervision and administration of production safety, timely detection and treatment of workplace hazards, prevent and reduce workplace accidents, protect people's lives and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China Law on work safety and other relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the practical, these measures are formulated.
    II any units or individuals for potential accidents or safety violations, have the right to production safety supervision and management departments and other departments responsible for the respective responsibilities of the report or reports.
    Neighbourhood or village Committee found within its area of production and operation units in accidents or safety violation should be reported to the local people's Government or the relevant authorities.
    Safety hazard reporting system of incentives established in article, for workers to report workplace hazards or safety violations, in accordance with these regulations shall be awarded.
    Article fourth hidden danger reporting award funded by the Finance Department in accordance with the relevant provisions of the financial budget management of into the sector of production safety supervision and management departments at all levels budget and be allocated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the management of budget funds allocated.
    Workplace hazards reporting award funds shall be accounted for separately, earmarking.
    Fifth of municipal City North and South, the Quartet, licang four and Qingdao's enterprise reporting award funded by municipal financial commitments, other district (municipal) reporting award funded by local financial commitment. Sixth article safety hidden reported accepted range for: (a) production business units not has safety legal regulations and the national, and industry standard provides of safety conditions, personnel, and environment, and facilities, and equipment exists not security factors, may led to accident occurred, caused personnel casualties and major property loss of; (ii) production business units construction project of security facilities not by provides for review, and acceptance and starts construction and input production using of; (three) production business units production, and business, and transport, and store, and
    Use of hazardous substances or disposal of waste dangerous goods in breach of the laws, regulations and national and industry standards, could cause casualties and property losses, and (iv) production and business operation entity of fatal accidents of workers and undeclared; (v) other social, enterprise security, may lead to accidents and casualties and extensive property damage.
    Article production safety supervision and management departments at all levels should establish a reporting system, public telephone, mail or e-mail addresses, establish and improve the reporting network to receive reports on workplace hazards. Eighth report workplace hazards implementing real-name reporting.
    Whistleblower workplace hazards should be the place, time, nature, potential hazards and to report the names, contact information, and so on clearly described. Accepting units shall keep secret the informant about, not to be leaked whistleblower reporting units and social situation.
    To combat violations, retaliation, whistleblower, public security and supervision departments should investigate and punish constitutes a crime shall be transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Nineth of production safety supervision and management departments should establish risk report accepted, investigation, statistics and reporting system.
    After accepting the safety hazard report should fill out the safety hazard report form in a timely manner, to identify workplace hazards after the classification of site investigation; or in other departments, the transfer of responsibilities and Division of district (municipal) investigation. Responsible for the masses after investigation and verification, the hidden, written materials should form, signed by the heads of departments and supervise the implementation.
    Reported risks of corrective measures, the hidden unit is responsible for the implementation, and put in place corrective results reported to the investigation department.
    Hazard Investigation Department should be hazard investigation summary results file, published regularly informed. Article tenth of the verified report workplace hazards by the municipal, district (City) production safety supervision and management departments in accordance with the jurisdiction of the first whistleblower reward of workplace hazards.
    Award amount determined according to the risk hazard rating: municipal safety production expert group identified as extremely dangerous, and workplace hazards likely to cause heavy losses and casualties, 3000 and 10000 Yuan reward informants; others reported more than 100 Yuan, 3000 Yuan reward.
    Article 11th mass risks of various examinations, results, informants requested a response shall, after accepting the report in the 10th with a response.
    12th of production safety supervision and management departments in accordance with workplace hazards investigation site survey record, recognition of which hazard classes identified lines of rewards to informants, notification of an informer with valid ID to work safety supervision and management departments to collect bonuses; whistleblower confidentiality is required, you can pay through other means.
                                13th these measures shall come into force on September 1, 2005.