Wuhan To Help Persons With Disabilities A Number Of Provisions

Original Language Title: 武汉市扶助残疾人若干规定

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(November 7, 2005, Wuhan municipal people's Government at the 35th Executive meeting announced on November 26, 2005, Wuhan municipal people's Government, the 168th, since as of January 1, 2006) first in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of persons with disabilities and promote their equal participation in social life and share the fruits of social progress in material culture, in accordance with the People's Republic of China laws and regulations such as the protection of disabled persons Act, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Second City holds the People's Republic of China disability certificate (hereinafter referred to as certificates of persons with disabilities) the public, in accordance with these provisions enjoy support related to the treatment.
    Third persons with disabilities in compliance with the provisions of the Ordinance for rural five-guarantee conditions, as I proposed, the township (town) people's Governments and subdistrict offices to cope with its centralized support.
    Fourth family member of persons with disabilities consistent with the implementation measures for the subsistence allowances for urban residents of Wuhan, Wuhan City, or the conditions of rural resident's minimum living standard security measures for the implementation of the provisions of, the civil affairs departments to ensure treatment should be given. Article fifth family temporary, unexpected problems in life, after I move, Federation of the disabled should be given temporary relief.
    For the enjoyment of urban and rural minimum living guarantee of serious dysfunction in persons with disabilities, be fixed living allowance by the disabled persons ' Federation.
    Sixth section units shall provide persons with disabilities adapt to the characteristics of its work force, working conditions and labour protection and technical training; because of operational difficulties or restructuring, reform of economic retrenchment, and shall not arrange its first layoffs.
    State-owned enterprises within 5 years from the legal retirement age workers with disabilities, may voluntarily apply for leave tuiyang; post tuiyang by the enterprises shall distribute living expenses during the period, and shall continue in accordance with the provisions of the agreement in full and pay social insurance fees, again when it reaches the statutory retirement age for retirement procedures.
    Policy-mandated bankruptcy of enterprises of self-employed workers with disabilities and workers last year, according to the city's average wage income of 3 times extracted placement fees and one-time according to state regulations to himself.
    Article at all levels of personnel, labor and social security departments and the disabled persons Federation of public employment services should be provided to persons with disabilities, free of charge employment agencies, vocational guidance, employment training, personnel file maintenance services.
    Subdistrict office and community should actively offer employment positions for persons with disabilities, operating parking lots, newsstand, telephone kiosks, public toilets, massage places and clean sanitation, green jobs, and where appropriate employment position shall give priority to persons with disabilities in employment.
    Opening of new markets, encouraging organizers gave preferential treatment to persons with disabilities to apply for stalls in the market.
    Article eighth apply for self-employed persons with disabilities, industry and Commerce Administration Department as one of its priority for REGISTRATION procedures, and in payment of registration fees and other fees for proper care.
    Personal services provided by persons with disabilities, approved by the Inland Revenue Department, exempting; months engaged in business operations with sales of less than 5000 Yuan, approved by the Inland Revenue Department, shall be exempt from VAT; in other industries are exempt from the sales tax, according to the relevant State provisions. Nineth into the scope of minimum life guarantee of disabled children, children with disabilities attending schools in the Government's compulsory placement, waive fees, grant books, including boarding subsidies of living; public high schools, according to the mandatory admissions, according to the standard tuition fee relief attended municipal schools of higher education, giving priority to their financial aid and student loans.
    Schools reduce, waive or cost of living allowance, for aiding students of the district and the administrative departments of education to establish special funds or other capital expenditures.
    The tenth municipal higher education, specialized secondary schools, technical schools, and high schools and adult education institutions to disabled candidates meet the admission standards set by the State, shall be admitted.
    Candidates with disabilities and enrollment of students with disabilities in school sports, and not lower than the when candidates or students average sports scores counted towards the exam score; the hearing disabled candidates in cm to be listening, its achievement in accordance with relevant regulations of Ministry of education.
    11th Federation of persons with disabilities to obtain a secondary school and University and into the scope of minimum living guarantee of disabled children and students with disabilities, provide tuition each year, specific subsidies, developed by the municipal disabled persons ' Federation.
    12th, Wuhan City, disabled persons and members of their families in accordance with the conditions of poor people Medicaid regulations, the departments concerned should give medical assistance in accordance with the provisions.
    Poor persons with disabilities participate in the cooperative medical care in rural areas, there is difficulty in paying the burden of rural cooperation medical system Fund, the district people's Government should be financing solution.
    City and district is more than two (including two) public medical institutions should be established in the outpatient medical guide, guided visits of persons with disabilities, on registration, pricing, fees, medicine, function tests and other services window to set up the "persons with disabilities priority" flag and priority registration, attendance, fees, medicine and other services.
    Encourage non-public medical institutions in accordance with the third paragraph of this article giving medical assistance to persons with disabilities.
    13th National disabled persons rehabilitation planning cataract surgery, prosthetics and training for deaf and other disabled persons rehabilitation of genuine economic difficulties, specified by the Federation of the disabled rehabilitation agencies provide free eye lens, prostheses, hearing aids and other appliances, supplies, relief relating to the operation, installation and training costs. 14th by persons with disabilities the tour to visit the place to permit access to non-commercial investment free tickets.
    Among them, blind, disability of lower limbs and severe mental disabilities, mentally ill persons with disabilities enter the place allowed an attendant or guardian enter for free.
    Blind people, and people with disabilities, public transport and rail traffic management sector issued by the disabled free cars (ship) card, free travel on local bus (electric) cars (including bus, except for tours) and ferry, light rail, Metro and other public transport.
    Public parking car parking fees waived for persons with disabilities.
    Persons with disabilities to use public toilets in the city should be free.
    15th by ordinary mail delivery of the postal sector's books for the blind free of charge delivery fees.
    16th building, rebuilding, expansion, the District Government and the Department of public service window and shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, airports, ports, railway stations, parks, various cultural, sports and entertainment venues, plazas, public toilets, as well as roads, bridges, tunnels and other, shall, in accordance with the regulations for barrier-free design and construction, and the establishment of the barrier free logo.
    Public transport in the city shall establish a special seating for persons with disabilities.
    Public libraries should gradually open up audio book library for the blind.
    17th legal aid to eligible persons with disabilities should be organized legal services and legal services staff to provide assistance services, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, according to the specific circumstances in accordance with the provisions reduce or waive fees.
    Promote and encourage legal services and legal services staff because of financial difficulties or other special difficulties for persons with disabilities to provide free legal services. 18th lawfully demolished houses of persons with disabilities, the demolition of units should be in line with the principle of life, provide proper rehousing and compensation for persons with disabilities.
    Demolition units in paying moving fee, included in the scope of urban minimum living guarantee for persons with disabilities, than standard and 50% into the scope of minimum life guarantee the transition necessary for life with rooms for the disabled, should be addressed.
    Families of disabled persons in the housing sector to meet the required conditions, shall give priority to rehousing rental or rent subsidies.
    19th by persons with disabilities certificate installed fixed telephone, application installation and account location, accepting units shall give preferential.
    On the enjoyment of urban and rural minimum living standard security for persons with disabilities in the application install cable television, 50% charge a setup fee for accepting unit shall, in accordance with the standards.
    20th in violation of this provision, persons with disabilities should be given support and not paid, a rectification by relevant administrative departments, it fails, directly responsible for unit managers and other persons in accordance with the regulations on preferential treatment of persons with disabilities be addressed in Hubei province.
    Violations of the legitimate rights and interests of persons with disabilities, by the relevant authorities in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of disabled persons, such as laws and regulations of Hubei Province, and the preferential treatment of persons with disabilities regulations, be dealt with according to law.
    The 21st Federation of the disabled on units and individuals in violation of these provisions, to the relevant administrative departments, units and the competent authorities to make a report and make recommendations for administrative penalties or administrative sanctions, the competent departments shall deal with and inform the result to the Federation of the disabled. 22nd article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2006. Before the implementation of the provisions of the city administration and other organizations in the development of policy provisions to help persons with disabilities, which is lower than the present provisions according to these provisions.
                                                                                                        National, provincial and relevant departments and units with persons with disabilities and policy provisions, according to their regulations.