Under Rural Fire Management In Guizhou Province

Original Language Title: 贵州省农村消防管理规定

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(December 16, 2005 Guizhou Province Government 36th times Executive Conference considered through December 27, 2005 Guizhou Province Government makes 90th, announced since March 1, 2006 up purposes) first chapter General first article to prevention, and reduced and effective saves rural fire, maintenance rural security and social stable, according to People's Republic of China fire method, and Guizhou province fire Ordinance, about legal, and regulations of provides, combined this province actual, developed this provides.
    Second rural fire management policy of putting prevention first and combining prevention, adhere to both governance and integrated management, principles of prevention, self help themselves.
    The third local government rural fire protection should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan, the necessary funds strengthened fire infrastructure construction in rural areas, improve the fire safety conditions, protect the rural fire service and the coordinated development of economic construction and other social undertakings.
    Fourth to encourage rural collective economic organizations and rural villagers to build fire-fighting infrastructure in rural areas.
    Encourages units and individuals to make voluntary contributions in support of rural fire service.
    Article fifth rural fire protection management responsibility system for Governments at all levels of accountability and supervision supervision.
    All local people's Governments signed responsibility of fire prevention should be step by step, quantified targets for rural fire service and responsibility to implement inspection, evaluation, and reward and punishment.
    Sixth public security fire control institutions, police stations are responsible for the operational guidance for rural fire service and exercising supervision and management. Departments of education, labor and social security should be the fire of knowledge into relevant teaching and training content.
    Relating to radio and television news departments have an obligation to rural fire safety publicity and education.
    Other departments concerned shall, within the terms of reference and make rural fire service.
    Seventh article of any unit and individual have the maintenance of rural fire safety, rural fire protection facilities, obligation to report fires; any unit and adult citizens have the obligation to take part in organized fire fighting and rescue work.
    Any unit or individual actions against fire safety right to stop, report and complaint. Rural fire service organizations chapter II article eighth County (city, district) and township (town) people's Government rural fire safety Committee should be set up and clear a government leadership as principal in charge.
    Villagers ' committees should be set up in the security team, and chaired by the Director of the village Committee Chief.
    Nineth article rural fire Security Committee, and fire security group bear following fire security responsibility: (a) implement fire legal, and regulations and regulations, implementation fire work measures; (ii) carried out regular of rural fire security publicity education; (three) developed rural fire work management system; (four) Organization carried out rural fire work check, rectification fire hidden; (five) carried out rural fire work investigation, developed countermeasures measures; (six) Organization carried out fire saves work. Tenth the County (city, district) and township (town) people's Governments and village volunteer fire brigade should be established.
    County volunteer fire brigade number less than 100, the township (town) volunteer fire brigade no fewer than 50 people, village volunteer fire brigade number of 15% of adult citizens.
    11th fire station was not yet established County (city, district) and township (town), should be adapted to local conditions to establish their own, joint, voluntary, contractual and other (and) professional fire brigade.
    12th article obligations fire team, and designed (and) vocational fire brigade should master fire legal regulations, and fire common sense and fire, and fire skills, equipped with necessary of fire equipment, and bear following fire security responsibility: (a) developed fire, and evacuation plans and regularly organization walkthrough; (ii) carried out fire business training; (three) established duty combat readiness order; (four) for fire saves; (five) carried out fire security check and inspections; (six) maintenance, and maintenance fire equipment facilities.
    Rural fire safety management chapter 13th local people's Governments shall arrange to carry out fire propaganda and education in rural areas; in major festivals and the fire season may focus on awareness-raising activities.
    Schools and kindergartens should fire general knowledge education for students, children.
    14th local people's Governments shall, according to the needs of rural fire safety, according to the fire safety standards, plans to guide implementation in rural houses, thatched room renovation and alteration of power stoves, electrical wiring, advocate and promote the use of fire-resistant building materials, improve the fire resistance rating of buildings, improve use of fire, electricity, air conditions, regulate the use of fire, electricity, gas. 15th the County (city, district) and township (town) people and villagers ' committees shall organize rural fire protection inspection, registration, track reviews.
    During major festivals, events and agricultural harvest season, should be implemented key checks.
    Fire risk of holding large scale mass activities, the organizers should make fire-fighting, evacuation plans, implementation of fire safety measures and report to the public security fire control institutions, inspected before they can hold. 16th village committees should be set up village fire files, clear personal custody, record and report to the local police station.
    Village fire archives should including following content: (a) village basic situation; (ii) fire organization basic situation; (three) village plane figure, and road traffic water figure,; (four) fire training, and walkthrough and the fire equipment, and equipment, and facilities situation; (five) fire illegal behavior and fire accident processing situation; (six) fire work deployment, and fire security system, and fire check inspections, and fire hidden rectification, and fire publicity training and the fire, and electric, and gas, and oil management using, situation.
    Article 17th villagers ' committees shall organize and develop rural fire prevention safety Convention and encourage villagers to participate in personal and property insurance.
    Article 18th places, heritage protection and ethnic cultural villages and tourist areas (points) the development, construction, protection, rehabilitation and maintenance, shall comply with the technical regulations for fire safety planning and fire safety.
    19th without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to move, occupy, submerged, destroy, dismantle and stop use fire-fighting equipment, facilities, and fire signs are not allowed to set up temporary buildings (structures), and appropriate fire separation in space or block fire control passageway.
    Article 20th village of palletized storage of flammable and combustible materials, shall maintain a safe distance with the House or fire.
    Prohibits the violation of fire safety regulations in the production, Stockpiling, sale flammable, hazardous chemicals and illegal use of electrical equipment, gas appliances is prohibited in places with fire and explosion hazard use an open flame.
    21st public security fire control institutions shall set forth the township (town) in charge of fire service leaders in Government, public security police, the rural fire service fire safety training of key members of the organization.
    Police station area should be systematically organized units and rural volunteer fire fighters, fire safety management training.
    22nd police stations should always carry out districts units, villages of fire supervision and inspection.
    Public security fire control institutions shall focus on the township (town) or more than 50 villages, ethnic cultural villages and rural tourism village of spot checks of fire prevention.
    Article 23rd Township (town) or village should be conspicuous fire Bulletin Board and fixed billboards, establishment of fire signs.
    Fourth chapter fire infrastructure construction 24th local people's Governments shall organize the relevant departments to rural fire protection infrastructure for scientific planning and feasibility studies, rural fire protection infrastructure for monitoring, inspection and acceptance, clear rural fire protection infrastructure and maintenance responsibilities. 25th town planning villages and towns and building layout should be in conformity with the requirements of the code for fire protection design of buildings.
    Wooden structure, housing populated villages in rural areas should be opened up fire lines, each fire compartment should be controlled within 30 villagers, fire separation of not less than 12 m.
    Ladder of villagers ' houses the layout of the village should be longitudinal opening fire line along the slope; open fire line there is difficulty in villages, building of high buildings should be 0.5 m above the firewall. Article 26th diversion into village projects, should be the same fire-fighting water supply facilities. 30 per cent of villages should set the fire hydrant and fire water tank, equipped with fire hoses, nozzles.
    Each fire hydrant spacing shall not be greater than 80 meters, water tank capacity shall ensure that fire hydrant system water needs.
    Villages should be supporting the construction of fire water tank or reservoir; more than 50 villages shall be equipped with fire pumps.
    Villages shall be equipped with rake, fire flowers, axe, ladders, ropes and other fire-fighting and rescue tools.
    The fifth chapter training drills and fire-fighting and rescue article 27th volunteer fire brigade, rural (and) Professional Fire Department should conduct regular fire service training, and organizing fire-fighting exercises.
    Adjacent to the village of fire-fighting linkage mechanism should be established and carry out joint exercises. Obligations under article 28th Brigade and the rural (and) professional fire brigade shall keep the fire-fighting equipment clearly a special library facilities.
    Inadequate or damaged equipment should be equipped and updates in a timely manner. Article 29th Township (town) or village fire prevention planning should be developed.
    Fire plans including following content: (a) Xiang (town), and village basic situation; (ii) rural obligations fire team, and rescue mobile team, and medical treatment team, organization situation; (three) fire based facilities set, and distribution situation; (four) alarm and received police disposal program; (five) saves fire, and broken split housing of measures, and task, and Division and program; (six) communications contact, and security ambulance of program and task.
    Article 30th rural fire fighting implement based on self-help, ensuring focus, save the first guideline, quick response, organizations, fire destroyed, fire plug, using local materials, the principle of unity of command. 31st rural fire, fire units or village shall immediately organize the rural fire service organizations to fight the blaze; local governments shall organize a rescue mobile team and the relevant departments rushed to the scene to carry out rescue and relief work; public security fire control institutions or the police station after receiving the alarm, it should be immediately rushed to the scene, organizing rescue people, put out the fire.

    Article 32nd organization of extinguishing fires, fire commander shall have the right to mobilize in case of emergency water supply, electricity, medical care, transportation and other assistance.
    In order to avoid significant loss, fire commander shall have the right to decide to dismantle the adjacent buildings (structures), and delimit warning range, such as emergency measures.
    Article 33rd after a fire is extinguished, units or village shall protect the scene of the fire, and truthfully provide fire, for accident investigation. Or police station under 34th public security fire control institutions closed the scene of the fire.
    Without the consent of public security fire control institutions or police stations, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to clean up the scene of the fire. Rural, fire investigation by public security fire control institutions responsible, and according to the needs of fire accident investigation, supervision and administration of production safety, supervision and technical experts to participate in; General responsible for fire investigations by the local police station, and to investigate reports of local public security fire control institutions.
    Fires after the end of the investigation, public security fire control institutions shall promptly provide the fire accident investigation report or a police station, fire losses in the statistics, responsible for the responsibility for the accident and put forward opinions and suggestions.
    35th heavy, big fire, city and county-level Governments should publish news.
    Step by step against weight, a serious fire reporting system, the local Government should be heavy, basic conditions of catastrophic fire, major lessons, improve measures, accountability report to the higher people's Government.
    36th sixth chapter legal liability for breach of article 18th, by public security fire control institutions ordered to rectify or police station; it fails on individual disciplinary warning or fined a maximum of 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan, the unit shall be fined a maximum of between 1000 Yuan and 200 Yuan.
    37th article state staff has following behavior one of, yet constitute crime of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel or other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions: (a) not perform this provides of fire security duties, dereliction of malfeasance, and negligence, and bungle work and caused must consequences of; (ii) violation about fire security management provides or for fault, led to fire accident or effect fire saves work, yet caused serious loss of.
    Article 38th in violation of these provisions, in accordance with the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Guizhou Provincial fire regulations and other relevant laws and regulations should be given administrative punishment or administrative punishment, from its provisions.
                        Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 39th these provisions come into force on March 1, 2006.