Administrative Measures On School Safety In Handan City

Original Language Title: 邯郸市学校安全管理办法

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(September 16, 2005, Handan people's Government the 38th Executive meeting November 8, 2005, 109th Handan people's Government promulgated as of December 1, 2005) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen safety management in schools to protect students ' personal safety, maintenance of the teaching order, prevent and manage school safety incidents, according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated. Second school mentioned in these measures refers to the administrative area of the city within the country and social forces held full-time higher education, specialized secondary (technical) schools, primary and secondary schools (including vocational schools, special education schools), kindergarten.
    Above shall apply these measures.
    Article security work in schools implementing the principle of people-oriented and safety first, prevention.
    Fourth city, County (city, district) and township (town) people's Governments shall perform their duties according to law, to create a favorable security environment to ensure school safety. The municipal educational administrative departments is the Department of school safety, school safety to guide and supervise the work in the city.
    The County (city, district) heads the Administrative Department of education in accordance with management permissions area of school safety management, school safety work within their respective jurisdictions to implement specific guidance and supervision.
    Secondary vocational school authorities are responsible for school safety management.
    Fifth public security, fire protection, culture, health, environment, business, construction, urban management, housing and other sectors within the scope of their respective duties for the campus and the surrounding environment and safety management, safety and create a good environment for the school. The sixth schools to strengthen safety management and safety education for students by law, management and protection.
    Students should accept the school's safety education and management, and abide by the school rules and regulations.
    Guardians of the student shall perform the duties of guardianship, cater for students ' safety education, school of management and conservation.
    The seventh school to build a safety management system, school safety is first responsible person of the legal representative of the school.
    Schools should be equipped with a registered safety officer, in charge of security work in schools, and the establishment of full-time or part-time security management team.
    Article eighth school on school safety management costs should be fully protected.
    Chapter II safety management of school facilities the Nineth school buildings and ancillary facilities should conform to national safety standards, no national safety standards of the City Department of education, in conjunction with planning, develop safety rules for the construction sector.
    Does not meet the safety standards or normative structures, facilities, not for use in educational activities. Tenth school to establish and perfect safety records. New schools or conversion of existing buildings for schools, shall, in accordance with project management procedures and regulations, through planning, fire protection, environmental protection Department and construction Administrative Department completed the record.
    Did not pass inspection and recordation with the municipal educational administrative departments shall not issue school license. 11th safety appraisal of school buildings should be carried out once every two years.
    Schools may be dangerous, you should immediately proceed to the security identification.
    Was identified as d-level buildings should be immediately removed.
    Housing safety evaluation agencies can cost of school safety appraisal based on school grant appropriate relief.
    12th school campus venues may not rent for any activities that may endanger the safety of students.
    13th school teaching facility at least once each semester examination, maintenance, inspection, maintenance and records.
    School laboratory skills, cultural, sporting and other facilities, equipment, and to carry out safety checks before each use. 14th public security Fire Department fire safety checks at the beginning of each semester for schools, boarding schools at least every six months to organize a fire inspection, strictly guard against and prevent fire.
    When there is a fire hazard, should take timely measures.
    15th administrative departments of education, jointly with relevant departments of radiation used for teaching materials, chemicals, biological agents, equipment and hazardous waste to establish special management system. Teaching use of radioactive materials, chemicals, biological agents, equipment, should be clearly identified and stored in a safe location, designate storage.
    Toxic and harmful waste on its uniform collection, classification, storage, and referred to the unit with the relevant qualifications, transport, treatment and disposal.
    The 16th school in accordance with the provisions of article medical staff, medicines and first aid equipment.
    Within the school district places prone to accidents such as collisions, slip, you should set up the highly visible security warning sign.
    17th school boilers in the region, such as special equipment, special training, equipment and other facilities and equipment must comply with the national provisions, establishment of a special management system.
    18th school owned or leased vehicles carrying students (hereinafter referred to as the school bus) must satisfy the following conditions: (a) comply with State safety standards, (ii) there is a clear sign on the school bus, (iii) installation of handrails, safety devices, (iv) has a triangular front seat belts.
    19th school should be assigned to a school bus carrying students to examine the situation, find an overload or other traffic violations, in time to stop it. Transfer student, school buses be equipped with more than one full-time managers, is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring students ' safety when getting on and off.
    School bus driver should have at least three years-good driving record.
    20th chapter school safety management schools and improve the safety management system, and ensure the safety of students.
    21st school staff should comply with the safety management system, and perform their duties in accordance with regulations. 22nd Monday of the last week of March each year for student safety education day.
    The first week of classes each semester for security education week. Safety education, safety education week, schools should take a variety of forms of safety education for students, the departments concerned should give support.
    Primary and secondary schools shall have safety education classes, school at least once per semester student life self-help exercises.
    Kindergarten and special schools to carry out regular, targeted safety education.
    Article 23rd may appoint a justice, public security and other relevant agencies, Vice President of professional school of law, carry on the rule of law, security, traffic, fire education, not less than twice per semester. 24th school guard system.
    Non-University Faculty, students enter the school without permission.
    Apart from the legal situation, may not be required for non-teaching of toxic, poisonous, flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods or animals, as well as firearms, subject to security control equipment into schools.
    25th except for emergency vehicles, without consent of the school, motor vehicles are not allowed in school areas and sports areas.
    Of vehicles allowed into school districts shall be in accordance with the provisions of the roads and limited speed and parked at designated sites.
    26th students should come to school and do not get to school, to inform students of the school guardian, guardian shall fulfil his duty of guardianship in a timely manner.
    27th students need early school leavers, it shall explain the reasons, the guardian agrees, and signatures of the head teacher or the principal specified.
    28th students in school, access to the school or accommodation area to ensure that learning, not blocking fire exits. Night-time close the front of the school, the school security personnel responsible for inspecting schools to ensure that schools are safe.
    School night-time inspections shall be not less than twice a day.
    29th schools organize large activities such as arts, sports, celebrations, should affirm the discipline, taking the necessary safety precautions, specifying the order of access to places and assigned to maintain order. Article 30th school physical education, race, shall adopt the necessary security measures.
    The teaching of swimming, diving, equipment projects, competitions, must be equipped with a sufficient number and capacity of professional rescue personnel on-site childcare. 31st student has a specific disease, idiosyncrasy or other abnormal physical or psychological condition of students or their guardians should inform the school.
    School records and take the necessary protective measures in the educational and teaching activities, privacy must be kept secret.
    School staff found in the educational activities of students ' physical or mental abnormality, in time to help and inform the student's guardian.
    32nd schools organize students to participate in extra-curricular activities, safety programmes should be developed, equipped with first aid medical supplies and arrange faculty according to at least two students per class level for the entire care and management.
    Schools or other unit may organize students to participate in commercial celebration activities. Article 33rd entrust other unit or organizing students to participate in extracurricular activities together with other units, should be entrusted with unit or the written agreement to the common organizational unit security.
    Entrusted with the unit or common organizational unit shall, in accordance with laws, rules and regulations and conventions, and to take effective measures to provide security.
    School inspection is commissioned units or common security measures of an organizational unit, staffing and transport conditions. 34th City Education Department teaching experiment safety rules.
    School experiment safety rules to be posted prominently in the laboratory. Experiment in class to explain to students before practice and considerations, and instruct students to safe operation.
    Students shall abide by the rules in the process.
    35th schools establishing health security system, providing food and drinking water to students shall comply with national health standards.
    Schools in accordance with the People's Republic of China provisions of the law on prevention of infectious diseases, strengthening infectious and chronic non-communicable disease prevention and control.
    Article 36th schools provide students with accommodations, accommodation management system should be established, with teachers or administrators responsible for managing the student dormitories to ensure students stay safe.
    Staff and temporary staff of the 37th article suffers from mental illness, infectious diseases or other circumstances may affect the safety of schools, departments and schools can take to adjust to work, post treatment, and the necessary security measures.
    City, County (district) departments of education and health in the fall of each year before the start of the school staff and temporary staff members undergo a medical examination.
    Fourth chapter school environmental safety management the 38th city, County (city, district) Governments should establish educational, public security, fire protection, culture, health, environment, business, construction, urban management, housing and other relevant departments and units in collaboration with heads of school safety management mechanism. 39th school building, set in the region around toxic, poisonous, flammable, explosive, or other dangerous goods, and high voltage electrical equipment shall be in accordance with State regulations and keep a safe distance from the school.
    Schools around the region waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise and emissions of contaminants such as radioactive substances shall meet the national standards.
    40th article school regional and school around regional of mountain, and flow on school buildings, and activities places, and channel, exists security hidden of, planning, and land or water competent sector should for regularly evaluation, and according to evaluation results to about sector or school issued ban using, and passage or deadline rectification, and set protection facilities of notification, about sector or school should according to notification set effective of protection facilities, and corresponding set disabled or ban line, and ban near, warning logo.
    41st school in peripheral areas may not set up Internet cafes, video game sites.
    Schools surrounding the establishment of the commercial dance halls and other entertainment facilities shall comply with the relevant provisions must not interfere with the normal teaching order.
    42nd public security traffic administrative departments should set up near schools school signs and set up related road traffic signs, road markings in front of the school.
    In conditions of schooling for school or kindergarten setting, school period temporary parking, student parking.
    Article 43rd in the student to and from school, the public security organs should be strengthened patrols around the school and traffic management.
    School and surrounded by extortion, blackmail students or other illegal acts, the public security organs should carry out the responsibility system for project personnel time, regulation. 44th school or the Education Department found school districts or schools harm students ' personal safety in the region around or a major safety hazard, should immediately take effective preventive measures and report to the relevant departments.
    Local people's Governments and relevant departments shall deal with and eliminate security risks.
    The fifth chapter emergency rescue, investigation and handling the 45th Education Department on school emergency response mechanisms. Schools should be setting fires, meteorological disasters, and other emergencies of public health emergency preparedness, responsible member of staff in advance.
    When an emergency occurs, it should deal with, salvage, and notify the student's guardian, and within 2 hours of the municipal or County (city, district) Department and the Administrative Department of education report and assist the relevant administrative departments to take preventive and control measures. Schools should be set up to police, emergency equipment and safe passage, and ensure that it is safe and effective.
    Received the relevant police departments should be promptly dealt with.
    46th students in educational and teaching activities in the sudden illness or personal injury, the school should take timely rescue measures to prevent accidents expanded, and promptly notify the student's guardian.
    47th schools shall purchase student school liability insurance for personal injury, Government-run compulsory school students from city, County (city, district) financial burden and social forces to run schools, paid for by the organizers.
    School students encourages and advocated voluntary accident insurance.
    Of an insured, the insurer shall be claims in full and on time. 48th article students ' personal injury compensation, the parties can be resolved through consultation or apply for mediation to the education sector.
    Apply for mediation to the education sector, the education sector should be accepted in a timely manner, and mediation comments made in the 20th.
    Negotiation or mediation are unsuccessful, may initiate litigation to the people's Court; the party may also directly bring a lawsuit.
    Sixth chapter legal liability article 49th education, public security, fire fighting, culture, health, environment, business, construction, urban management, housing management and other departments and their staff, violation of the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, failure to comply with safety education, management and protection responsibilities, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    50th article school violation about legal, and regulations and regulations of provides, not perform security education, and management and protection duties of, by education sector or corresponding of administrative competent sector be warning, ordered deadline corrected; refused to corrected of, by education sector or corresponding of administrative competent sector be informed criticism, and by Ministry of education door Government held of school of principal give administrative sanctions; on exists major security hidden of school, by education sector ordered closed. Schools failing to fulfil safety education, management and protection responsibilities, resulting in heavy, serious casualties, the Government-run school principals, as well as the other persons should be removed, expelled; private school cooperation or the sponsor of the school, school security or other persons may not engage in school management services within five years.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    51st to students ' injury accidents, school is in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations set out in the students ' safety education, management and protection responsibilities, is not liable, except as otherwise provided by law.
    52nd insults, beatings of students, faculty, school teaching order of interference, dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 53rd around the school area refers to national and local regulations should be kept a safe distance, not provided, located within 200 metres of the red line of the school area.
    The 54th school liability insurance refers by the schools fault student and faculty personal injury coverage.
    55th of municipal educational administrative departments in accordance with this approach, to develop the implementation details.
                                                                                56th article of the measures shall take effect on December 1, 2005.