Tangshan City Financial Investment In Infrastructure Projects Finance Supervision Regulations

Original Language Title: 唐山市财政性投资基本建设工程项目资金监督管理规定

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(December 7, 2005, Tangshan, Tangshan City, considered and passed by the 37th Executive meeting of December 19, 2005 the people's Government of the people's Government [2005] 2nd announcement as of February 1, 2006) first to strengthen financial management and financial oversight of investment funds capital works projects, and improve the efficiency in the use of funds, in accordance with the relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Provisions of this article apply to the administrative area of the city in the supervision and management of financial capital funding arrangements for project funding.
    National, provincial capital projects arranged by the supervision and management of funds, of the provisions of national, provincial, and from its provisions.
    Third financial capital construction funds included: (a) budgetary financial arrangements for the Fund, (ii) Government funds to arrange construction funds; (c) into the financial management of extrabudgetary funds to arrange construction funds; (d) the Government refinance the construction funds, secured financing arrangements (v) other government funds to arrange construction funds.
    Section IV financial departments at all levels are responsible for the financial investment items of basic construction financial management and supervision.
    Finance investment evaluation Center commissioned by the financial sector to finance capital investment projects of construction estimate, budget and assessment and review of the major changes in the construction process, and to review report issued by the Finance Department.
    Financial departments at all levels shall, in accordance with article v social development needs, financial situation, arrange financial capital capital budget. Sixth in the annual financial plan of investment in infrastructure projects, financial departments shall issue a funding arrangement.
    Emergency project that are not included in the annual capital plan, agreed by the Government, the financial sector should be in accordance with legal procedures, financial resources permitting, additional provisional budget or budget in the coming year. Article seventh financial capital construction fund management accounts. Financial capital arrangement of units of the Fund raised funds for infrastructure projects, project unit self-financing pay raise capital account.
    Capital construction projects except for self-financing part of fee waivers or put into service.
    Self-financing or did not deposit financial sector self-financing infrastructure accounts, the financial sector is not the infrastructure budget allocated funds. Eighth programme budget consists of units selected through bidding qualified social intermediary agencies submitted to the Finance Department.
    Unit submitted to the project budget should be accompanied by a project approval document, construction project planning permit, land use permits, fire drawing review submissions, construction, budget, construction organization design and other basic information.
    Nineth financial departments should be submitted to the budget review of the following: (a) based on construction of project budget line with the originally approved budget for and (b) no unauthorized expansion of investment and construction scale and (iii) there is no change in the main technical and economic indicators and the main equipment selection.
    Article tenth Government funds infrastructure projects, the project unit should be determined by tendering survey, design, construction and supervision of important equipment and materials and construction-related, such as procurement and supply units.
    Important public facility design should organize the demonstration. 11th during the construction of infrastructure projects needed to change the design, project, projects, departments should organize design units and project cost and project management, among others, the study identified, form review information.
    Finance investment evaluation Center audit confirmed, as a basis for construction of additional investment.
    Significant design change, shall be submitted to the Government for approval. 12th gate to the capital projects Fund of the Ministry of Treasury centralized payment.
    Projects should be covered by capital construction procedures, project progress and project supervisory units by type of construction sign engineering reports, completing the project plan examined by the project authorities after the Ministry of finance, the financial sector funds after verification. Project units must be allocated that the 5% settlement of the price quality margin liquidation after the completion of a year.
    Other provisions from the regulations of the State. 13th unit shall exercise supervision over the construction site of the project management. Acceptance of concealed work, work visas should be clearly true, schema, data integrity, accountability and project authorities, the engineer should sign on the visa form.
    Causes engineering construction cost increase or decrease visa should submit monthly financial investment evaluation Center of the record. 14th engineering construction management unit should be compiled monthly project progress and financial revenue and expenditure report before the 3rd of the next month sent the financial sector and the authorities.
    Financial departments should be submitted to the capital construction fund to the Government plan to implement on a quarterly analysis of key projects and progress in the disbursement of funds.
    Article 15th project should be completed within three months after final acceptance of works final financial settlement, the preparation of the accounts. After project completion and acceptance, the project unit should be the timely preparation of final financial settlement.
    Dumped financial settlement of capital construction projects should be completed profiles, projects and causes of the main factors that cause the adjustment of quantities and accounted for.
    Final financial settlement to the competent departments for examination and then the financial sector review. Project Unit should be reviewed by the financial sector, settlement completion final accounts.
    Completed prior to the approval of the financial accounts, the original institution may not revoke, project manager and financial officer shall not be transferred.
    Design, construction, supervision and shall cooperate with the project unit final financial settlement, the preparation of the accounts. 16th fiscal investment capital projects completion final accounts audit by the audit institutions.
    Audit of completion final accounts audit institutions do not charge fees, and requirements included in the budget at the same level.
    Article 17th financial-sector audit institutions should be based on the final financial accounts prepared by the unit in terms of audit decision approved final account. 18th article on construction cycle long, and investment big of basic construction project completed settlement of audit, by following provides handle: (a) law tender engineering, review engineering construction Hou of increases or decreases project and has dispute of content, tender contract part by original agreed implementation; (ii) single engineering of a a units engineering has dispute, or units engineering of a part has dispute of, other units or part engineering by original agreed implementation; (three) special engineering in part project (subheading) of budget fixed, and costs fixed using Shang has dispute of,
    Other units or parts of the works in accordance with the contract provisions.
    Article 19th unit should improve the level of construction cost management of the project, against overestimating risk calculation.
    Article 20th supervising units shall carry out supervision duties according to law, control of engineering construction investment, construction duration and quality of the project, construction contract management and coordination unit and the contractor relationship.
    Article 21st project management and supervising audit officers at the scene in the visa process negligence, malpractice due to quality problems or causes economic losses to the country, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of the persons concerned, suspected of a crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling.
                                                          22nd article of the regulations come into force on February 1, 2006.