Shenyang Passenger Vehicles Under Lease Management

Original Language Title: 沈阳市客运车辆租赁管理规定

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(October 24, 2005, Shenyang city people's Government, the 46th Executive Conference review on November 16, 2005, Shenyang city people's Government, the 46th release come into force on January 1, 2006) first to strengthen the city's passenger vehicle leasing market, management, standard passenger vehicle leasing business, protect the legitimate rights and interests of operators and lessees, according to the Shenyang passenger transportation market management Ordinance enacted in this regulation.
    Second lease of passenger vehicles in these rules refers to passenger vehicle rental operator to the lessee for rent are not equipped with the driver's passenger vehicles, to lease access to time vehicles for business objects and means of profit, chronologically to a rental charge mode of operation.
    Article where I engaged in the rental of passenger vehicles within the administrative area of the city enterprises and the tenant must comply with the regulations.
    Article fourth passenger vehicle rental industry and manpower planning and coordinated development, more than management, unified management.
    Fifth of municipal transportation Bureau is the city of passenger vehicle lease industry administrative departments, urban passenger transport management of its departments, in accordance with specific responsibility for the day-to-day management.
    Other relevant departments according to their respective functions, good management of rental of passenger vehicles.
    Sixth article enterprise engaged in passenger vehicles rental must has following conditions: (a) for rental of passenger vehicles must has must scale, models for new car or reached a level condition grade of in with car; (ii) except fixed assets outside, must has many Yu vehicles value 5% of liquidity; (three) has corresponding of parking by and maintenance maintenance capacity; (four) has complete of organization articles, and management system and the and business scale phase adapted of office facilities.
    Seventh article enterprise engaged in passenger vehicles rental must perform following approval program: (a) holding about proved, and information and the written applications, to city passenger traffic management sector for funding trial; (ii) funding trial qualified Hou, to business, and tax, and vehicles allocation and police sector handle about card as and procedures; (three) made above card as Hou, by city passenger traffic management sector issued passenger rental vehicles associate shipped card and the operating notes, granted operating.
    Article eighth rental operators out of business, update or resale of vehicles should be in 7th, 30th closed prior to urban passenger transport management Department, in accordance with regulations going through corresponding formalities to the relevant departments.
    Nineth article passenger vehicles rental enterprise must comply with following provides: (a) according to city passenger traffic management sector approved, and business administrative competent sector approved of business range business; (ii) according to city prices sector approved of standard charges; (three) using city tax sector unified printed of notes; (four) by provides to city passenger traffic management sector filled vehicles rental statistics report, and by provides to about sector paid tax, and transport management fee and the other should paid of costs; (five) shall not to rental for name financing sales, disguised sold car;
    (Vi) shall install the meter and light shall not be engaged in the taxi business.
    Article tenth passenger rental vehicles must be organized regularly participated in the urban passenger transport management of technical vehicle operating conditions testing and operating license application, not be put into operation without testing or verification failed.
    11th lease is required for maintenance of passenger vehicles, to mechanical properties in good condition, clean body, compartment and the trunk, operating certificates are complete and valid, and use the special licence, in charge of vehicles leased.
    12th leased passenger vehicles, are required to submit the following documents: (a) organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions submit the certificate of legal persons or units, (ii) provide citizens with ID cards and People's Republic of China effective motor vehicle driver's license, and (iii) other relevant certificates or certificates.
    Except as provided in the preceding paragraph, lease of passenger vehicles may require the lessee to provide appropriate financial collateral or a compensatory ability of staff to provide appropriate financial security.
    13th after vehicle leasing are not allowed to sublet without approval of the departments concerned, may engage in other activities.
    Article 14th leased passenger vehicles, operators and lessees shall be in accordance with the laws and regulations of relevant provisions of lease contracts entered into, and accepted industry Management Department and other related administrative law enforcement supervision and inspection. 15th article on violation this provides of following behavior by city traffic administrative competent sector by about provides be punishment: (a) without approved unauthorized engaged in passenger vehicles rental business of, except confiscated its illicitly acquired outside, and sentenced 10,000 yuan above 20,000 yuan following of fine; (ii) vehicles tenant Hou unauthorized sublet or using its rental vehicles engaged in operating activities of, except ordered its stop business activities outside, and sentenced 1000 Yuan above 3000 Yuan following of fine; (three) without approved beyond business range, and Operating card as not regular accept testing of, sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following of fine; (four) not by provides rental vehicles of, sentenced 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following of fine; (five) not by provides maintenance vehicles, and detection not qualified continues to input operating, and not by provides handle closed, and closed, and update and sold procedures of, sentenced 1000 Yuan fine; (six) not by provides filled vehicles rental service statistics, and using unified printed of notes and vehicle appearance car looks not whole of,
    A fine of 100 Yuan and 300 yuan fines; (VII) does not pay the relevant fees, and in addition ordered to pay out, and on a daily basis 1% assessment will be charged a late fee.
    16th violations of the provisions of this article if the circumstances are serious, in addition to fines, ordered closed by the regulation, but temporarily until the cancellation of the passenger car rental transportation permit.
    Article 17th sanctions for violations, should be consistent with the People's Republic of China administrative penalty procedure under the law, has no legal basis or in compliance with legal procedures, administrative penalty is not valid. 18th urban passenger traffic management personnel should carry out their duties, strictly adhere to the requirements.
    On the abuse of power, bribe, used his position to favoritism and neglectful of administrative sanctions by their work units or by the competent departments constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. 19th party not satisfied with the decision may apply for reconsideration, or directly to a people's Court according to law.
    Fails to apply for reconsideration or bring a lawsuit, nor performs the decision on punishment, made the decision to apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
                                                                20th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2006, the original of the Shenyang passenger vehicles under lease management (municipal government in 1998, 22nd) repealed simultaneously.