Shenyang In Proportion To The Disabled Employment Schemes

Original Language Title: 沈阳市按比例安置残疾人就业办法

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(October 24, 2005, Shenyang city people's Government, the 46th Executive meeting on December 16, 2005, Shenyang city people's Government released 50th come into force on January 1, 2006) first to protect the labour rights of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of persons with disabilities implementation of Liaoning province, and the People's Republic of China measures for the protection of disabled persons Act, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Employment of persons with disabilities in these measures in article, refers to the urban permanent residence and hold persons with disabilities made by the China disabled persons ' Federation certificate, consistent with the legal age for employment, have a certain ability to work, employment requirements of the citizens.
    Article within the administrative area of the city government offices, institutions, social organizations, enterprises and private non-enterprise units (hereinafter referred to as units), have an obligation to place employment for persons with disabilities.
    Sino-foreign joint ventures, cooperative enterprises in China shares, proportion of disabled employment obligations assumed, but wholly foreign-owned enterprises are excluded. Fourth placed proportionately Coordination Committee for the employment of persons with disabilities persons with disabilities by the city government coordination and oversight.
    City, district and County (City) Federation of the disabled handicapped labor service agencies for implementation.
    Planning Commission, economic and Trade Commission, finance, taxation, labor, business, civil and statistical departments shall, in accordance with their respective areas of responsibility, with the disabled persons ' Federation, in proportion to the disabled employment.
    Fifth unit shall not be lower than the average number of employees total number of units the previous year (including contract, temporary, unscheduled) 1.7% proportion of disabled employment. Fewer than 50 units, should in principle be placed 1 employment for persons with disabilities.
    Place 1 visually disabled or severely disabled people (severe loss of human movement system function more than two physically disabled persons) employment can be calculated by 2 people.
    Sixth unit in hiring plans, should be submitted according to 1.7% ratio of the number of poor recruiting employees with disabilities scheme introduced by the handicapped labor service agencies, and is responsible for employing unit, conclude a labor contract according to law.
    Article seventh place persons with disabilities did not reach the required percentage of units under the annual difference between number and pay annual average wage of workers in the city of 50% on employment benefits.
    State organs, institutions, social organizations, disabled persons in paid employment benefits in the budget would be covered by enterprises and privately-run non-enterprise units, to be paid by persons with disabilities employment security fund before income tax expenses, no relief.
    Eighth full financial allocations from the administrative organs and institutions, by financial departments at daikou employment benefits.
    Operating income as the main sources of expenditures of institutions, social organizations, enterprises and private non-enterprise units, by the local tax authorities in accordance with the principle of territoriality and the current tax system unified tax benefits. Article Nineth annual levy of employment security fund, paid on a regular basis. Units should be required to fill the provincial disabled persons ' Federation and the provincial Statistics Department issued annual audit manual, and to provide supporting evidence. Handicapped labor service units should be approved by the body responsible for paying disability employment security fund amount, and provided to the financial sector and the local tax authorities, as a basis for withholding tax.
    Did not participate in the annual inspection of units is calculated by non-disabled employees.
    Tenth Article disabled employment guarantees gold of using range: (a) subsidies disabled career training costs; (ii) paid support disabled collective practitioners, and individual business; (three) by sibling financial sector approved, appropriate grants disabled labor service institutions funding expenditure; (four) by sibling financial sector approved, directly for disabled employment work of other expenditure; (five) award Super proportion placed disabled employment of units and the for arrangements disabled employment made significantly results of units.
    11th disabled employment security fund must be in accordance with the provisions of article purpose, earmarked no Department shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    12th handicapped labor service agencies must be strictly in accordance with relevant regulations of the State management and the use of persons with disabilities employment security fund, and accept supervision by the financial and auditing departments and inspection according to law.
    13th of disabled employment exceeding the prescribed proportion of units and for the employment of disabled persons units and individuals that have achieved outstanding successes, handicapped labor service agencies approved by the municipal, district and County (City) Government recognizes and rewards from the Commission for the coordination of work of persons with disabilities.
    14th for failure to pay employment security fund for disabled persons, by withholding tax departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the punishment.
    15th article violation this approach has following behavior one of of, by competent sector ordered its deadline corrected, late not corrected of, fill make should paid of disabled employment guarantees gold, late paid part by day added received 5 ‰ of late fees: (a) refused to by proportion placed disabled employment or paid disabled employment guarantees gold of; (ii) no due reason arrears paid disabled employment guarantees gold of; (three) lied about or false units on-the-job workers total and disability workers number of. 16th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2006.
                                    September 15, 1997 issued by the people's Government of Shenyang, Shenyang city in proportion to arrange employment measures for persons with disabilities (Decree Shen [1997]19) repealed simultaneously.