Taiyuan City Affordable Housing Management

Original Language Title: 太原市经济适用住房管理办法

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(November 17, 2005 Taiyuan City Government 21st times Executive Conference considered through November 28, 2005 Taiyuan City Government makes 51st, announced since January 1, 2006 up purposes) first chapter General first article for established to town in the low-income family for object, has social security nature of economic applies housing supply system, solution town in the low-income family of housing needs, specification economic applies housing construction, and trading and management behavior, protection party of lawful rights and interests of, according to about provides
    , Combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Affordable housing in these measures in article, is that the Government provides preferential policies, the qualified construction standards, supply and price, has a security policy in the nature of commodity housing.
    Housing the needy more industrial and mining areas and enterprises, using their own allotted land financing of affordable housing, cooperative housing must be in accordance with the strict implementation of the relevant provisions.
    Article on State-owned land within the city limits of economically affordable housing construction, trade, implementation of the affordable housing management, these measures shall apply.
    Article fourth purchase economic housing application, approval and publication.
    Fifth of municipal real estate administration (hereinafter referred to as the municipal housing Bureau) is the city's affordable housing Administrative Department, responsible for the implementation and management of affordable housing.
    City development, construction management, land, planning, finance, commodity prices and other financial institutions, according to their respective duties, is responsible for the relevant work on affordable housing.
    Sixth article construction, transaction and management of affordable housing, you must adhere to the principle of open, fair, equitable.
    No unit or individual shall have the right to affordable housing construction, transaction and management submit complaints of violations in the activity report.
    Chapter development seventh economical and applicable housing construction should be consistent with the overall urban planning, rational distribution, mainly to inspections. Eighth article in accordance with the Organization and coordination of the Government, the principle of operation of the enterprise market, implementation project legal person bidding system.
    Real estate development and management company involved in the bidding must have the appropriate qualifications, capital development, good performance and social reputation. Municipal housing and land under annual affordable housing construction plans and the notification of planning and design criteria, meet legal bidding of project of economical and applicable housing construction project after the publication in the media of public tenders.
    All relevant departments according to the bidding result according to prescribed procedures for the winning bidder to handle affordable housing project planning, land use, engineering, construction and other related procedures.
    Affordable housing project design, construction, supervision and management should be introduced for the bidding. Nineth economical and applicable housing construction projects must be strictly controlled type standard to middle and small family-oriented, strict control of large scale.
    For 60-80 meters of middle and small family housing area shall not be less than 70%, covers an area of about 100 square meters of housing units shall not exceed 20%, large area of 140 square meters of housing shall not be more than 10%. Project Unit standard (type size and proportion type) reviewed by the municipal housing and land.
    Development and construction unit shall, before construction of affordable housing units, area information, submitted to the municipal housing and land records. Tenth economical and applicable housing construction management contract management system.
    Construction of affordable housing units to the same municipal housing authority of the city of economical and applicable housing construction project contract and construction units should be strictly in accordance with the contract deadline, quality standards, construction requirements, such as provisions for construction. 11th economical and applicable housing construction project the implementation of the manual on real estate project management system.
    Real estate development enterprises in the process of development and construction of affordable housing should be of major events recorded in the manual on real estate projects, according to monthly Bureau of premises inspection. Chapter three preferential policies 12th economical and applicable housing construction sites according to the requirements of general land use planning and urban planning, rational distribution, administrative allocation of supplies.
    According to affordable housing by the city land Bureau annual construction plans, project reserves included in the annual land use plan application to the provincial land Department, through the integration of pre and land conversion, land formalities applied for by the owner.
    Is strictly prohibited under the name affordable housing for allotted land, changes in land use, disguised real estate development and sales.
    13th article economic applies housing construction can enjoy following offers policy: 1, and belongs to construction and business in the of administrative career sex charges of, halved levy; belongs to service costs of, by low limited charged; belongs to margin, and deposit nature of, are from make; 2, and economic applies housing project community outside of based facilities construction costs, by Government bear, and synchronization planning and construction; 3, and business tax, tax of relief according to national about provides implementation. 14th economical and applicable housing construction a paid registration card system. The charging units when to charge affordable housing units, should fill out the registration of real estate development enterprises to pay card. Fees departments and units must be completed in accordance with the regulations of fees, standard, premium basis, practice unit and other content, and seal.
    Refusing to fill out or is not required by the regulation, real estate development and management company has the right to refuse to pay, and to report to the Bureau.
    Fourth chapter determination of prices and publicity 15th affordable housing selling price should be based on the principle of guaranteed profit, its sales price and margin in accordance with the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of construction of the affordable housing price control measures and affordable housing prices in Shanxi province and the management measures for the implementation of provisions of the cost structure, approval procedures to determine prices, and to the public.
    16th real estate development enterprises should be in affordable housing pin (pre) pre-account housing costs and proposed pricing applications in writing, submitted to the municipal price Bureau.
    17th municipal price Bureau together with the municipal construction Committee and approved by the municipal housing and land projects affordable housing prices.
    Bureau after the pricing of real estate enterprise applications received, shall, together with the municipal construction Committee, Municipal Council review of premises costs, approved pin (pre) benchmark price for sale. 18th system of economical and applicable housing sales price.
    Sale price must not exceed the benchmark prices and the floating range of publicity, not not marked by any costs beyond the price charged.
    Affordable housing development project construction in sale places prominently publicized and approval determine affordable housing price and approval number, subject to public supervision. The fifth chapter deals and after-sale management article 19th construction of affordable housing units to apply for municipal housing and land distribution (pre) registration procedures for sale and distribution (pre) selling housing units to receive the Taiyuan municipal affordable housing purchase on the examination table.
    Municipal housing and land are to be registered for the record of affordable housing projects are located, number, size and other information to the public.
    20th article application purchase economic applies housing of in the low-income housing difficult family, should meet following conditions: (a) has local town account (containing meet local placed conditions of army personnel) or City Government determine of supply object; (ii) no room or now housing area below Municipal Government provides standard of housing difficult family; (three) family income below 40,000 yuan, or family income below County (City) Government delineation of income line standard of; (four) City Government provides of other conditions.
    Apply for affordable housing dwelling area shall meet the requirements of the national and provincial standards.
    21st buy economical housing applicants are required to submit a family register, identity card, issued by units or neighborhood offices of family income, housing certificates and other relevant documents to the affordable housing project construction unit to get affordable housing, Taiyuan, and fill in the application checklist. 22nd construction should be resumed in the affordable housing project in Taiyuan checklist for affordable housing application submitted to the municipal housing and land. Municipal Housing Bureau in verification within 7 working days. Does not meet the criteria, and should be reason to explain to applicants will not buy; qualified, by the applicant or their subordinate residents ' Committee for public notification, publicity by no less than 15 working days.
    After publicity, there are complaints, the municipal housing Bureau and other departments concerned to investigate, verify; no complaint or verified complaints of inaccuracy, approval of its purchase and issue of the affordable housing purchasing permit. Article 23rd affordable housing pin (pre) implementation of contract for sale online filing system.
    After the eligible applicants to purchase economic housing, affordable housing development and construction should record rates in real estate information systems, to the public, and accept their supervision.
    After 24th affordable housing to acquire building ownership certificates traded by paying taxes and land leasing, whose personal; affordable housing land transfer of listed 1% of unified payment transaction price, adjusted to 70-year land-use period; when purchasing affordable housing is publicly traded business tax, individual income tax relief, according to the relevant State provisions.
    Individuals to purchase affordable housing without Government pay land before, and may not be used for rental business.
    25th affordable housing to buy one after the sale of affordable housing to the market price, shall not apply for the purchase of affordable housing; if you need to swap must then sell affordable housing prices after deducting the depreciation to make home affordable housing qualifications before they can apply again.
    Sixth chapter penalty provisions article 26th Taiyuan City, not in accordance with the agreed terms of affordable housing construction project contract execution, right to the unauthorized transfer, do not fill out the manual on real estate projects, the Department of economical and practical housing administration fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine. 27th change project type area type and ratio, per household by the Administrative Department for affordable housing of less than 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.

    28th article unauthorized to not made qualification of family sold, and rental economic applies housing or organization not made qualification of family fund-raising, and cooperation building of, by economic applies housing competent sector ordered units deadline recovered; cannot recovered of, by units fill paid with lots economic applies housing or fund-raising, and cooperation building and housing price poor, and can on units each sold, and rental a households sentenced 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine.
    Article 29th without changing the project plan, and by the Administrative Department of planning in accordance with the relevant provisions of the penalty; altering or affordable housing funds, cooperative housing land use, the land administrative departments shall punish; improve affordable housing without authorization or funding, cooperative housing sales price, the price administrative departments shall punish.
    Article 30th on deception, concealment household income and housing conditions, or raise funds to purchase affordable housing, cooperative housing individuals, recovered by the affordable housing authority purchased housing or complement the purchase by purchaser at market prices; on issuing false certificates of units, the affordable housing authorities draw attention to relevant departments investigate units mainly leadership responsibility.
    31st article management economic applies housing of staff, has following behavior one of of, by about sector by provides give administrative sanctions; plot serious, constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) not by provides program and time handle of; (ii) not by provides charges of; (three) fraud, assist party hide real situation of; (four) obtained and received others property of; (five) has other not law perform supervision management duties or supervision management poor behavior of.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 32nd benchmark affordable housing prices in these measures, for the same benchmark project housing development affordable housing prices.
    33rd problems in the application of these measures by the Taiyuan municipal real estate administration is responsible for the interpretation.
    34th article of the cities and counties (cities) to build affordable housing, trade, implementation of the affordable housing management, refer to this approach. 35th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2006.
                                                                            Had already signed purchase and sale contract or agreement for affordable housing, according to the existing regulations.

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