Urban Community Construction In Xiamen City, A Number Of Provisions

Original Language Title: 厦门市城市社区建设若干规定

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(January 10, 2006, Xiamen City people's Government, the 39th Executive meeting on January 19, 2006, Xiamen City people's Government, the 120th release as of March 1, 2006) Chapter I General provisions article for the construction of urban communities, community management and build a harmonious community, according to the People's Republic of China urban neighborhood Committee organization law and other laws and regulations, combined with the practical, these provisions are formulated.
    Second urban community in these rules refers to the community resident Committee (hereinafter referred to as community residents ' committees) work area composed of residents of the community.
    Neighborhood establishment, dissolution, the scale of adjustment decided by the District Government.
    Article community-building should follow the people, serve the residents, resource sharing and mutual mission to build, right uniform, managed to expand democracy, residents, according to the principle of gradual.
    Fourth city and district governments to establish urban community construction work coordination mechanism, the municipal and district authorities are responsible for the daily work.
    Relevant functional departments, people's organizations shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities and common urban community construction and management work.
    Fifth of municipal and district people's Government made remarkable achievements in urban community construction work units and individuals for awards.
    Sixth chapter community organizations community organizations including the community party organizations, autonomous organizations of community residents and Community civil charity organizations, volunteer organizations, and other community organizations. Article seventh community resident degree of autonomy according to law, elected members of the neighborhood.
    Community neighborhood Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of urban communities. Community neighborhood Committee shall organize a community the development of peoples.
    Community residents should abide by the pledges of the residents, with the neighborhood community management and services activities.
    Neighborhood assistance according to law article eighth district people's Government or its agencies work.
    District people's Government or its agencies on the neighborhood's guidance, support and assistance, but cannot interfere in the law are matters within the limits of the autonomy of residents.
    Nineth of municipal and district people's Government departments, requires residents to assist in work or in work organization of urban communities, shall obtain the consent of the people's Government at the coordination and unified arrangements.
    Article tenth within the Realty Management area, owners, owners ' committees shall coordinate with the neighborhood to perform autonomous managerial responsibility, support the community neighborhood Committee and accept its guidance and supervision.
    Owners ' General Assembly, the selection for the establishment and its property management business decisions, shall inform the relevant neighborhood and listening to residents ' suggestions.
    Neighborhood property management activities affect and hurt the interests of the residents, persuasion, education, or the right to ask the relevant departments to monitor management.
    11th Community civil charity organizations in the neighborhood guide and coordinate the activities carried out under the community service.
    Encourage the legally established social bodies, private non-enterprise units carried out public services for community residents, municipal and district people's Government departments concerned should give guidance and help.
    12th to encourage community residents to participate in volunteer community service activities, municipal and district people's Government regularly in recognition of outstanding community volunteers.
    Neighborhood volunteer community service activities for community volunteers directing, coordinating, building community volunteer volunteer time registration system.
    13th city and district authorities organize open audition community full-time workers, community full-time workers by the subdistrict office (town) employed.
    Community full-time workers can legally be elected as members of the neighborhood.
    Chapter III community management and services article 14th community neighborhood Committee shall organize a community service, community health, community, culture, community, environment, community policing and community management and other service activities. 15th article organization following convenience, and Limin of community service activities: (a) carried out elderly of education, and fitness, and entertainment, activities, guide, and help community residents do elderly of daily care; (ii) carried out minor people of psychological health, and legal education and science knowledge, education activities, guide minor people of social practice; (three) carried out community special care and service activities; (four) carried out disabled of health education, and psychological Advisory, and employment Guide, activities; (five) carried out unemployment personnel of survey registration, and employment training
    , Employment services and career counseling activities and retired community services management activities; (vi) community outreach activities and assume the day-to-day management of minimum living guarantee services; (VII) carrying out other convenience and benefit of community-oriented services.
    16th part of disease prevention, medical treatment, health care, rehabilitation, community health services such as health education and family planning technical guidance. Health departments should strengthen the construction of community health service institutions.
    Establishment of community health service should be integrated into the regional health plan.
    17th organize educational, cultural, sports and other community activities.
    Departments shall establish a community of education, culture, sports instructor system, strengthen the Community guidance on education, culture, sports and other activities.
    18th to enhance environmental protection education among community residents, enhancing community awareness of environmental protection, organizing renovation community environment, greening, landscaping, cleaning community environment.
    Article 19th of community family planning publicity and education, assist in the management, advisory services and other activities.
    20th regular, mass publicity and education on civil mediation and legal advice, and take over the help and education.
    Public security departments should be established at the community police, strengthen community control and prevention.
    The fourth chapter community building 21st community work with housing and the construction of community residents in public places, into public facilities construction planning.
    Has been completed and the community did not provide required community neighborhood Committee office space, from the district people's Government through the construction, reconstruction, purchase, Exchange, lease and other forms to be addressed.
    Community organizations should make rational use of community work space shall not change its purpose.
    22nd organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions within the Community belongs, is funding construction of culture, physical education, health and other non-operating facilities should be open to the community on a regular basis. Subdistrict office organization units within their respective jurisdictions related to facilities which are open to the community.
    Residents in facilities under the guidance of the subdistrict office open content, methods, timing, scope and content of service and carried out consultations, and signed an agreement.
    23rd the following community development funds into the area, street (town) budget management: (a) community neighborhood Committee office space and funding, (ii) full-time community worker wages and benefits.
    24th city hosted neighborhood, district people's Government departments need to delegate matters, except with the consent of the people's Government at the coordination and harmonization arrangements, should be under the trust agreement provided the necessary financial resources and conditions.
    25th encourages enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals to fund, objects, technology, information, invest in the form of community service.
    26th community neighborhood Committee should carry out financial disclosure system, regularly publish income and expenditure, and accept supervision by the residents.
    27th no units and individuals in violation of the law and the rules and regulations, violations of the legitimate rights and interests in urban communities, the relevant authorities shall be ordered to correct and investigated for legal responsibility according to law.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 28th district people's Government according to the provisions of specific implementation measures.
                                                  29th article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2006.