Haikou City Archives Management

Original Language Title: 海口市档案管理办法

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(December 15, 2005 Haikou City Government 50th times Executive Conference considered through January 20, 2006 Haikou City Government makes 55th, announced since March 1, 2006 up purposes) first chapter General first article to strengthening archives management work, protection and utilization archives information resources, for Socialist modern construction service, according to People's Republic of China archives method, and, Hainan Province, archives management approach, about legal, and regulations, combined this city actual, developed this approach. Second this approach applies to the city's State organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations and individuals.
    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations prevail.
    Article file in these measures, refers to the past and present of the city of State organs, enterprises, social organizations and individuals to engage in political, economic, scientific, technological, cultural, religious and other activities directly to the State and society are of conservation value of text, graphics, video and other forms of history.
    Archives include archiving electronic documents referred to in the preceding paragraph.
    Article Archives work in Governments at all levels should strengthen leadership, added to the Archives building plan for national economic and social development, establish and improve the archival institutions, identifying the necessary staffing, requirements for integrating the development of archives cause.
    V people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the construction of archives informatization, and incorporated into the overall planning of Government information.
    Sixth in the archives collect, organize, protect and provide access to outstanding units and individuals, Governments at all levels, file administrative departments or professional authorities shall be rewarded.
    Chapter II Archives institutions and responsibilities article seventh administrative departments in charge of the city's municipal archives archives management and archives according to law to the city planning, organization and coordination, harmonized system, supervision and guidance.
    District offices of the Department of archives administration in charge of the archives management work in the area.
    Township people's Government shall appoint a person to be responsible for the keeping of records, and to supervise and guide unit archives.
    Eighth State organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations with Archives staff, and keep the stability of their jobs.
    Archives staff should receive training in archival Administrative Department and assessment. Nineth, national archives, established. Districts should be based on actual needs, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, set up district-level national archives.
    City and district includes the national archives General Archives and specialized archives.
    City, and district integrated archives law perform following duties: (a) is responsible for received and collection this administrative within units formed of archives information; (ii) collection acquisition other organization and the personal produced of on national, and social and this city has important save value of archives information; (three) is responsible for Museum, and room hid archives of statistics; (four) provides collection archives of using; (five) participation major activities of documentary shooting; (six) established archives information resources library, on archives information resources for series Institute;
    (VII) use of archival data for social education; (h) the archives donations received, provide file storage services to the society, and (IX) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.
    Specific duties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the archives.
    Tenth chapter archives management organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions and other organizations should be unified management of archives of the unit, and to supervise and guide unit archives.
    All kinds of archives, offices, organizations archive institutions, enterprises, institutions and other organizations, should establish scientific management system, using advanced technology, to receive the archives through computer networks, management, realize the modernization of file management.
    11th according to administrative departments and archives regulations, State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions and other organizations and their staff in business activity in the form of documentation should be filed, should be collected is complete, archive, transfer unit archives institutions or archives staff on time management, any units and individuals shall not be kept or rejected for filing.
    State organs, organizations, enterprises and other organizations should be completed by the first half of the year archives the archives work of the previous year.
    12th municipal and district sponsorship of major political, economic, scientific, cultural, sports, Foreign Affairs, religious activities, the competent Department shall timely collection and arrangement of archives. 13th within 1 month of the key construction projects approved, construction project profile should be submitted to the municipal urban construction archives record. When acceptance and identification of key construction projects, with the participation of municipal urban construction archives in archival Administrative Department,.
    Without acceptance or unqualified acceptance of the archives, project acceptance check, shall not be identified. 14th State organs at the time of cancellation, all the archives, documents and seals should be transferred to the archives at the same level.
    When you merge, should include all the files and documents and stamps or similar transfer of archives to the merged unit.
    15th scientific research, technological innovation, new product development, important updates, project documentation, project, plans should be linked to progress, acceptance and identification and evaluation award simultaneously, and shall be subject to the supervision of the Department of archives administration, inspection and guidance.
    16th due to mergers, bankruptcy, sale of State-owned enterprises, joint-stock transformation or contract for reasons such as leasing assets or property changes, the Municipal Department of archives administration in conjunction with the Government's comprehensive economic management departments and municipal State-owned assets management departments in accordance with the State-owned enterprise assets and property right change documents for records disposal disposal provisions of the interim measures. 17th article organ, and groups, and enterprises and other organization should according to following provides, to about archives transfer archives: (a) organ, and groups and the was included received range of enterprises formed of is permanent, and long-term save of archives in this units custody full 10 years of, should to sibling archives transfer; (ii) city construction project completed acceptance formed of archives material, should in completed acceptance Hou 3 months within, by units to city urban construction archives transfer
    ; Where as city level above (containing city level) focus project of, units also should to city archives submitted a full of completed figure; (three) held this approach 12th article provides of major activities formed of material, organization institutions should in activities end Hou 3 months within to sibling archives transfer; (four) founding Qian of archives, should by provides to corresponding of archives transfer; (five) archives custody conditions bad, may led to archives serious damaged of, can ahead of to archives transfer.
    State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions to transfer archives files, list of archives should be (with Marc) and other resources in a joint transfer.
    18th to encourage institutions and individuals to archives: donations, loans all of its archives. 19th identification and destruction of archives should be in accordance with national regulations.
    Prohibition of unauthorized destruction of files.
    20th prohibits any organizations or individuals to resell, alter, falsify records.
    Fourth chapter archives and published 21st of municipal and district archives published current records utilization Center should be established, using archive services for the community.
    The organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions have open current file shall be submitted in form 3 months at the archives.
    22nd levels of archives to digitize existing archives should be collecting, processing, and use archives to provide online reference service for the community.
    23rd State organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations and individuals holding a letter of introduction, work permits, identity cards and other legal certificates, you can use the open archives; foreign organizations or people from abroad using open archives, shall be the competent authorities and save the Archives Archives Chief agreed.
    State organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations and individuals make use of archives is not open file, shall be preserved by the Archives Archives Chief agreed that the times needed consent of the competent authorities concerned.
    Use shall comply with the relevant provisions of the access to archives may not be altered, damaged, lost, extraction, falsification of archives without permission are not allowed to provide, copy, copying, disclosure and publication of the contents of the file.
    Article 24th transfer, donation to archives, storage units and personal archives, to enjoy the right of priority and preferential use of the archives, and the file should not be opened to the public in the views of some of the proposed restrictions on the use of archives should uphold their legitimate rights and interests. 25th Archives provide access to important and precious copies of the archives should be used.
    Copies of the archive containing the seal of archives, and archival originals of equal effectiveness.
    Fifth chapter legal responsibility 26th article has following behavior one of of, by archives administrative competent sector ordered its deadline corrected; late not modified of, according to plot weight, by about sector law on units directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel give administrative sanctions: (a) not established archives management system or not by provides on Archives implemented unified management of; (ii) will corporate activities in the formed of should archive of file, and information, pocketed or refused to archive of;
    (C) not completed by the first half of the previous year in accordance with the regulations in the following year the archives the archives work and (iv) do not transfer files directory (with Marc); (v) is not required to submit open existing files, and (vi) other acts in violation of archive management.
    27th under any of the following acts by the Municipal Department of archives administration ordered to rectify; fails to change, depending on the seriousness, the relevant departments according to law it shall be directly in charge of personnel and others directly responsible shall be given administrative punishments: (a) not complying with the provisions of key projects archives record procedures; (b) the change of property rights of State-owned enterprises, unauthorized disposal of archival materials; (C) units without acceptance or the archives the unqualified acceptance of key construction projects and acceptance and identification of major scientific and technological research projects.

    28th administrative competent authority deems it necessary to breach the archives management personnel under an administrative sanction, the sanction proposal should be and the main evidence separately transferred to the intended disposal units or higher authorities and monitored by the competent authority.
    29th accepted administrative punishments recommended units to archive the administrative sanction proposals put forward by the Administrative Department disagrees with, written feedback to the proposed administrative sanctions can be recommended by the Department of archives administration, research by both, properly handling according to law.
    Accepting administrative sanctions administrative sanctions against the Department of archives administration recommendation without objection, it shall make administrative sanctions decision and sanction recommendations of the feedback the results to file administrative departments. 30th of archival management rules, resulting in loss of the archives, should pay for the damage. Value of the lost archives authorized relevant departments for the municipal archives.
    Compensation standard according to the archive's value, quantity, and other factors.
    31st other acts in violation of archive management, this solution has been provided for, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations.
    Article 32nd archives administrative law enforcement personnel negligence, malpractice, the relevant competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 33rd interpret these approaches on specific applications of the municipal archives.
                  34th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2006.