Henan Province Establishments Of Supervision And Inspection Methods

Original Language Title: 河南省机构编制监督检查办法

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(March 17, 2006 98th promulgated by the people's Government of Henan province as of May 1, 2006) first in order to maintain the seriousness and authority of the Agency and staffing management, strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation agencies, according to the establishment and staffing of administrative agencies of the State Council regulations, the interim regulations on the registration and administration of public institutions and relevant State provisions, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article establishments should stick to the administration by law of supervision and inspection, is responsible for implementation of centralized management, grading.
    Third level institutions the preparation of administrative rights for the management authorities are responsible for the supervision and inspection of establishments within the administrative area, specific work compiled by the Agency management organs of specialized agencies or other designated specialist organizations.
    Surveillance at all levels, personnel, finance, and audit departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions and assist institutions to make authorities to strengthen supervision and inspection of establishments.
    Article fourth establishments of supervision and inspection of the range: provincial government administrative organs, municipalities, counties (cities and districts), Township people's Governments and their respective administrative bodies (hereinafter referred to as administrative bodies), as well as into agency management of various types of institutions (hereinafter institutions). Fifth article institutions prepared supervision check of main content: (a) implementation institutions prepared legal, and regulations and reform programme of situation; (ii) institutions set and the main duties task of implementation situation; (three) prepared of distribution, and using, and management and financial dependent personnel, and career prepared total control situation; (four) units led vocational number equipped with using and personnel structure provides of implementation situation; (five) institutions prepared management permission and approval program of implementation situation; (six) institutions prepared standardized management system construction and the implementation situation
    And (VII) establishments management and budget management mechanism for the coordination and implementation; (VIII) agency preparation of laws, regulations and other establishments of control authorities. Sixth Agency and staffing agency should establish and improve the day-to-day supervision and inspection, supervision and inspection on a regular basis and focus on supervision and inspection system.
    Establishment meeting of the management organ shall, through field investigation, inspection, auditing, and other organizations to implement daily supervision and inspection in each year shall provide regular annual census or annual inspection according to law; found management problems in bodies, special focus on supervision and inspection should be carried out. Seventh agency staffing management organ shall establish and improve complaint systems, and ways and means of public complaints. No units or individuals found irregularities in body preparation, right to establishment management bodies and monitor complaints and reports.
    Institutions staffing management organs and the relevant departments after receiving complaints and reports, shall organize a staff in the verification process.
    Article eighth administrative agencies, and institutions in charge of the local, this sector, the establishment of the entity responsible for the management of, and in accordance with the "who approved, who was responsible for" principle, the implementation agency staffing management accountability.
    Nineth administrative bodies and institutions shall provide periodic reports to the Agency and staffing authority establishments implementation; accept the supervision and inspection of establishments management departments, shall cooperate with and provide relevant materials.
    Article tenth higher people's Government agency of the Executive Branch cannot interfere in lower level people's Governments set up and staffing work, must not violate the requirements of lower-level people's Government established agencies with their business counterparts.
    11th administrative bodies and institutions on the main unit does not involve State secrets mandates, the fixation will consist of, among others, the preparation, in addition to known outside the unit's staff, should be adopted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State open to the public in an appropriate manner, enhancing transparency in the management of the establishments, subject to public supervision.
    12th establishments management agencies and their supervision and inspection personnel should adhere to principles, seek truth from facts, survey information should be comprehensive, accurate, and submitted comments and suggestions should be objective and fair.
    13th establishments management authorities shall regularly to this level and the superior establishments management authority implementation of administrative bodies and bodies of public institutions for the preparation of the report. Agency staffing management organs at higher levels shall strengthen the management of subordinate agencies to prepare operational guidance.
    Authority for establishing subordinate organizations should take the initiative to accept the superior establishments of supervision and examination of the regulatory body.
    14th people's Governments above the county level and staffing agencies for managing the Executive Agency laws, regulations and national regulations units or individuals shall give awards to have achieved outstanding successes.
    15th article violation institutions prepared legal, and regulations and national about provides, has following behavior one of of, by institutions prepared management organ ordered deadline corrected, give informed criticism; late not corrected of, by institutions prepared management organ recommends this level Government or about competent sector held has directly responsibility of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel of responsibility: (a) unauthorized established features institutions of; (ii) unauthorized expanded functions of; (three) unauthorized change institutions name of; (four) unauthorized improve institutions specifications of;
    (E) unauthorized compilation of in excess of approved use of personnel (vi) without increasing staffing levels or the number of leadership positions, and (VII) prepared by the violation of the requirement to use; (VIII) violation provides interventions establishment of subordinate bodies; (I) establishments have been contravened laws and regulations and other relevant regulations of the State.
    In violation of State laws and regulations on the registration of institutions administration of public institutions, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.
    Article 16th added body and supernumerary staff without authorization, issued by the financial sector no funds, salaries, does not handle the deployment of personnel and labor and social security departments, social security and other procedures. 17th on the use of administrative establishment, references, the managing bodies of bodies and establishments of the social organization of supervision and inspection, these measures shall apply.
    Administrative rights as otherwise provided, in accordance with the relevant regulations.
                                                                                          18th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2006.