Qiqihar City Rural Fire Service Provides

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市农村消防规定

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(April 6, 2006, Qiqihar city, Government 32nd times Executive Conference considered through April 6, 2006, Qiqihar city, Government makes 2nd, announced since May 6, 2006 up purposes) first article to strengthening rural fire work, prevention fire and reduced fire against, protection citizens personal and public-private property security, promote rural harmony social of health development, according to People's Republic of China fire method, and Heilongjiang province fire Ordinance, legal, and regulations, combined this city actual,
    These provisions are formulated.
    II, Qiqihar city, in the administrative area of the rural fire protection these provisions apply.
    Third rural fire service people's Governments at various levels shall be incorporated into local economic and social development planning, rural fire service and adapt to economic construction and social development.
    IV fire safety fire safety work responsibility system in rural areas and township (town) people's government organizations to implement.
    City, County (City) and district people's Government shall Township (town) people's Government to implement fire safety responsibility system of regular inspection, testing, for outstanding achievements in the fire unit and recognize and reward individuals, substandard and imposed a veto, King of fire units.
    Fifth public security organ to supervise fire prevention work in rural areas, by fire departments and township (town) police stations according to law.
    Public security Fire Department is in charge of township (town) police station fire work. Article sixth of township (town) master plan should contain fire plan.
    Fire plan shall comply with the requirements of the national laws, regulations and technical standards for fire, and layout of fire safety, fire service, fire lanes, fire communication and so on.
    Does not meet the township (town) fire protection planning of construction projects, building construction and planning, Planning Department shall go through the relevant formalities.
    Article seventh Township (town), power supply, water supply, roads, communications and other public facilities construction, should be synchronized with fire-fighting facilities. Village (Tun), fire lane construction should be carried out to ensure the smooth passage of the engine.
    Villagers building, digging holes, stacking firewood, forage, and shall not block fire control passageway or occupy fire prevention space.
    Article eighth of each village (Tun), should ensure that there are at least two fire engines with water points and should follow up the maintenance responsibility. Nineth villagers using the electrical installations shall comply with the quality standards, by holding security unified installation, repair and maintenance electrician who testified.
    Electric and gas welding personnel should be trained and certified the operation by the departments concerned.
    Article tenth villager stoves, Kang (wall), the flue should be regular maintenance, dredging, burn, make compost, sacrifices and other wild fires shall be submitted to the villagers ' Committee registration and protection work.
    Fireworks, smoke, use open flame should stay away from inflammable and explosive dangerous chemical goods storing as well as firewood, fodder stack dumps for hazardous areas.
    11th more than five levels where high winds-day, severe fire weather, outdoor smoking and use of open flame is strictly prohibited.
    Townships (towns) and villages (Tun) should promote the fire of knowledge in various ways, according to key sites and sites, clear cadres and policemen of the police station of fire safety responsibilities, supervise the implementation of the windy-day high, strong fire weather the provisions of fire prevention.
    12th villagers ' committees shall supervise minors, the mentally ill, such as full civil capacity person guardians fulfil his duty of guardianship and other vulnerable groups, and relevant list of persons reported to the local police station for the record and for key management.
    13th villager stored shall not exceed 10 kilograms of gasoline, kerosene, diesel stored shall not exceed 180 kilograms, and shall be deposited in a room without fire, without power.
    Themselves is strictly prohibited equipment for liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and appliances repairing, dumping liquefied residue is strictly prohibited.
    14th/families in the village except right in the village with a small amount of firewood, forage outside, used for firewood, fodder stack across the security zone outside the village store system.
    Villagers some firewood, forage amount to 500 kg per household (or volume) for the base, a specific number by County (City) and district people's Government and according to the local municipal people's Government for the record.
    Firewood, fodder stack storage areas outside the village should be downwind of annual dominant wind direction and villagers with residential areas keep a distance of 50 meters.
    15th for spring and winter-proof control, harvest and other key fire and temple fairs, meetings and other major events, the village (Tun) the fire safety plan should be developed, strengthened fire safety checks and township (town) police station for the record.
    16th village (Tun) should be set at least one of the fixed fire-fighting propaganda signs and fire awareness garden, counties (cities), district and township (town) Governments should regularly use radio, newspapers and other media to promote fire safety knowledge, enhancing fire safety awareness of the villagers.
    Schools each semester should be offering a course in less than four hours of fire safety.
    Article 17th of township (town) people's Government according to the needs of local economic development and fire, in accordance with the requirements of the national fire code, established a full-time fire department.
    Full-time firefighters from the township (town) police station management and mobility, public security Fire Department supervision and guidance. 18th article full-time fire brigade of personnel, and equipment and the barracks, Visual situation is divided into methyl, and b, and c three level: (a) class a team should equipment pitcher type fire engine 1 Taiwan, total number not less than 5 people, has fixed cold garage; (ii) serie b team should equipment car or tractor traction of 3 – 5 tons water tanker 1 Taiwan, and distribution has mobile pump, total number 3 – 5 people, has fixed cold garage; (three) c level team should equipment car or tractor traction of 1 – 2 tons water tanker 1 Taiwan, and distribution has mobile pump, total number 3 – 5 people,
    Specifies the cold garage.
    Article 19th counties (cities), the regional people's Governments shall establish area townships (towns) full-time firefighters linkage mechanism, and by local fire departments mobilized, local area fire fighting.
    Article 20th full time fire brigade equipment and staff salaries, health care, insurance and other costs by the County (municipality), district people's Government according to the local economic development give a certain amount of money each year that the shortfalls by the township (town) people's government organizations multi-channel solution to units and individuals within their respective administrative areas. Article 21st full-time firefighters put out the fire in the consumption of fuel, extinguishing agents and equipment losses, after it has been approved by the local fire department, compensation is given by fire units.
    Fire units unable to compensate, the responsible units of the fire is located the township (town) people's Governments shall give appropriate compensation.
    Article 22nd of township (town) of enterprises and institutions in the region should have established a mass volunteer fire brigade, equipped with fire-fighting equipment, develop fighting plan, fighting fires from the beginning.
    Less than 50 people (50 people), volunteer fire brigade number should not be less than the total number of units 50%; below 200 (200), volunteer fire brigade number should not be less than the total number of units 30%; more than 200 units, volunteer fire brigade should not be less than the number of units of the total number of 20%.
    Of adults 18 years of age have the obligation to participate in the fire-fighting organization.
    23rd village (Tun) shall establish village Defense Organization in various forms, regulations and responsibilities for fire safety, self-examination, accept direction and supervision of the village Committee.
    24th a violation of this provision, the township (town) or village (Tun) no fire roads, public construction and maintenance of fire service installations such as water management, rectification, it fails to mend, the unit at 500-1000 Yuan fine, responsible persons subject to penalty of between 200 Yuan or warnings.
    25th violation this provision does not require the use of fire, electricity or in hazardous areas the discharge of fireworks, smoke, fire, subject to penalty of between 200 Yuan against the officer or warnings.
    26th a violation of this provision, the township (town) or village (Tun) without complying with the provisions of the five-level winds-day high, strong fire weather fire safety publicity and inspection, the unit fine at 200-500 Yuan, responsible persons subject to penalty of between 200 Yuan or warnings.
    27th article violates these provisions, firewood, fodder stack are not required for the villagers in the village store, a rectification; fails to mend, the individual is subject to penalty of between 200 Yuan or warning.
    28th in violation of this provision, the township (town) or village (Tun) are not required to set a fixed fire sign, open fire station information, rectification; fails to mend, the unit 50.011 million Yuan fine, responsible persons subject to penalty of between 200 Yuan or warnings.
    Article 29th of this the punishment imposed by public security Fire Department and township (town) police stations according to law.
    30th article of the regulations come into force on May 6, 2006.
      31st in each County (City), the district people's Government in accordance with these provisions, specific rules are formulated.