Qiqihar City Housing Security Management Measures

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市城市房屋安全管理办法

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(April 6, 2006, Qiqihar city, the people's Government at the 32nd Executive meeting on April 6, 2006, 4th, Qiqihar city people's Government promulgated as of May 6, 2006) first to strengthen the safety management of urban housing, protect people's lives and property safety, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Safety management for housing in these measures in article, refers to the housing use safety management, safety management, risk control management of housing.
    This approach applies to this article, has completed delivery of the Housing Authority of the city security management.
    Military, religious and cultural relic protection units of safety management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Fourth article shall follow reasonable safety management for housing use, periodic inspection, prevention, ensure safety of principle.
    Article fifth, urban housing, municipal construction Administrative Department is the Administrative Department of security management, its municipal housing management agencies responsible for safety management of urban housing in the city's daily work and housing use safety supervision and inspection work.
    Planning, urban management, public security, fire fighting, safety supervision and Administration Department shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, housing use safety management.
    Article sixth owners, users should follow the design's structure and use reasonable use of housing, protection of housing security.
    Seventh article housing using process in the, ban following against housing structure security of behavior: (a) damaged or demolition based, and bearing wall body, and subject bearing component, and Board, and beam, and column, structure; (ii) in subject bearing component Shang Super standard increases load contains; (three) installation facilities and equipment effect housing structure security; (four) other against housing structure security of.
    Eighth article housing using process in the, for decorative decoration, and modified repair, and alterations need dug wall body or floor ground, and additional structures increases load contains, and change using function, may effect housing structure security or above activities may effect around housing security of, housing all, and using people and the units, should according to approval management permission respectively to city, and County (City), and District Housing administrative competent sector reported to the approval.
    Nineth has any of the following acts against the structural safety of housing, housing Administrative Department of security should immediately organize and guide the house owners, occupiers and building units, security control measures.
    (A) suffered heavy rainfall, flooding, earthquake, or landslide natural disasters, ground subsidence and ground fissures; (b) subjected to explosions, fires and other damage, and (c) there are other significant security risks.
    Tenth House security administrative departments shall organize the relevant departments to schools, kindergartens, nursing home, hospital, and other key units and shopping malls, theaters and other public places security survey or inspection of the House.
    Building management unit, property unit shall check the safety of housing and its appendages and repaired, do security checks for housing records, establish safety management for housing archives. 11th House safety appraisal for owners and users will be able to apply for housing. Has following case one of of, must application housing security identification: (a) is this approach Nineth article provides case one of of; (ii) exists obviously danger of; (three) demolition housing bearing structure or increased original design load contains of; (four) due to new, and expansion, and alterations housing and the laying underground pipeline, activities, may endanger around adjacent housing security of; (five) is must guarantee using security of public of; (six) built using expires 50 years of reinforced concrete (steel) structure housing, and
    Built using completed 40 years of masonry structure buildings, built using the completion of 30 years of brick houses, built using a simple structure has completed 10 years of housing, need to continue to use, (VII) safety identification of other needs.
    Owners, users or building units not complying with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs apply for housing, safety, construction administrative departments informed of the deadline apply fails to make an application, housing security and authentication institution specified by the construction Administrative Department for identification.
    12th no unit or individual without House safety appraisal of intelligence may not be House safety appraisal.
    Safety appraisal for municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the city's housing agency qualification examination and the counties (cities) policies, operational guidance on House safety appraisal work. 13th House safety appraisal of housing security agencies when necessary, with the participation of two or more Appraisers.
    Identification of personnel identification at the scene should hold the housing safety staff qualifications. 14th House safety appraisal Office shall accept security within 5 working days from the date of the appraisal commissioned by site survey.
    After the survey is completed, items should be issued within 14 business days House safety appraisal reports; complex structure observation and need an extension project, it may be appropriate to extend the deadline and inform the applicant.
    Housing which is obvious dangers should immediately proceed to the inspection.
    15th when House safety appraisal appraisers, owners, users, and related institutions shall assist and cooperate with, and may not refuse or obstruct the identification work.
    Was identified as a risk House, House safety appraisal Agency shall, without delay to the applicant and related departments issued the notification of dangerous buildings, property shall be determined according to the accreditation body for disposal and requirements.
    16th home safety identification of House safety appraisal fees shall be paid.
    House safety appraisal fees charged in the price Department standards. Article 17th owner, users on House safety appraisal conclusion disagrees with, but from the date of receipt of the security identification within 15th construction Administrative Department to apply for a review.
    Housing Administrative Department of security professionals should be invited or otherwise demonstrated organizational review identified.
    Article 18th houses and danger, owners, users shall take security control measures. Housing there is a serious danger, owners, users shall promptly report to the seat of County (City) and district people's Government.
    Local people's Governments shall organize the relevant departments to eliminate dangerous case.
    Article 19th was identified as pieces of dangerous buildings, cities and counties (cities) people to transform them into urban construction planning.
    20th article on identification for dangerous housing of, by housing security administrative competent sector urged, and guide housing all, and using people distinguish case by following provides processing: (a) take governance measures Hou is can short-term using of, can observation using; (ii) take governance measures Hou lifted dangerous of, can continues to using; (three) has no repair value, and temporarily inconvenience demolition and not endanger others security and adjacent building of, stop using; (four) whole building dangerous of housing, immediately overall demolition. Article 21st when housing management, housing management units should be sent to monitor implementation and identification and construction organization design scheme and related specification requirements for acceptance.
    Key project results submitted to the municipal housing Administrative Department of security record.
    22nd article violates these rules, any of the following acts, by the city and County (City), the Administrative Department of security of housing, under administrative permissions to the following penalties: (a) in violation of this article seventh one provision, jeopardize the safety of housing structure, ordered to stop the construction, restoration, and fined a maximum of 500 Yuan and more than 5000 Yuan.
    (B) violation of these measures under article eighth, without affect the structural safety of housing construction, or these activities may affect the safety of surrounding houses, ordered to stop the construction, restoration and can be fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan. (C) the violation of the first paragraph of this article 12th, arbitrarily engaged in housing safety assessment, issued by the expert conclusion is invalid, and a fine amount of ill-gotten gains of up to 5 times.
    But shall not exceed a maximum of 20000 Yuan. 23rd article of the rules of administrative punishment in accordance with the People's Republic of China stipulated by the law on administrative punishment procedures and related provisions for separating penalty paid Executive in this city.
    Fines paid in full financial. 24th a party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    If no application for reconsideration, the parties did not bring prosecutions, nor performs the decision, made the decision of the authorities may apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.
    25th housing security Administrative Department and House safety appraisal for dereliction of duty, abuse of agency personnel, by their work units or by the competent authority shall order rectification, penalties constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                        26th article of the rules as of April 6, 2006.