Hunan People's Air Defense Construction And Maintenance Management

Original Language Title: 湖南省人民防空工程建设与维护管理规定

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(On February 7, 2006 Hunan Province Government 77th times Executive Conference considered through on March 17, 2006 Hunan Province Government makes No. 204, announced since on May 1, 2006 up purposes) first article to specification people air defense Engineering (following referred to civil defense engineering) of construction and maintenance management, play civil defense engineering of combat readiness benefits, and social benefits and economic, according to People's Republic of China people air defense method, about legal, and regulations provides, combined this province actual, developed this provides.
    Article within the administrative area of civil air defence works in the province's planning, construction, maintenance, use and manage, these provisions shall apply.
    Third civil air defense projects in these rules refers to guarantee relative to the staff and supplies mask, people's air defense command, a separate medical aid in construction of underground protection of buildings (hereinafter referred to as the single civil air defense projects) and construction of basement of landscape architecture.
    Fourth belongs to the defense of civil air defense engineering facilities and social facilities, usually implemented who invest, who all, who benefits and who maintain, wartime deployment centrally by the Government.
    Fifth people's Governments above the county level for Civil Air Defense Department (hereinafter referred to as civil defence authorities), in charge of the supervision and management of civil air defense project construction and maintenance within the administrative area.
    Development and reform, the people's Governments above the county level planning, construction, land and resources, financial, pricing, audit authorities, according to their respective duties to do related work.
    Sixth civil defense authorities people's Governments above the county level shall be included as members of the Planning Committee, and the inclusion of civil air defense construction plan for national economic and social development plans, urban planning in urban area planning, detailed planning of specific arrangements.
    Seventh people's Governments above the county level development and reform authorities, approval of civil air defense project construction area planning or under construction, building civil air defense construction projects within the project area, shall solicit the views of the Defense Department.
    Eighth to protect persons in time of war and the cloaked, people's air defense command and medical aid, such as the need to separate the construction of civil air defense works, used by the people's Governments above the county level to administrative allocation.
    Nineth civil air defense project construction except as otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, it shall take the form of bidding to determine the design, construction and supervision with the appropriate level of qualification.
    The tenth unit of civil air defense engineering design, construction, supervision, should be in accordance with the engineering construction compulsory standard and civil air defense engineering, tactical and technical requirements for the design, construction, supervision, no unauthorized changes people's air defense construction plans; civil air defense construction necessitates modification of projects shall be subject to the original design to change the design, and submitted to the original examination and approval authority for approval.
    11th Air Defense units in the air defense project construction projects begun, should delegate to departments of civil air defense of Defense quality supervision agency to apply for civil air defense engineering quality supervision procedures.
    12th civil air defense projects must use special protective equipment manufactured by a State-designated facilities and construction when installed.
    13th construction units shall, within 6 months after the acceptance of civil air defense engineering, drawings, flat function conversion plans and related information, submitted to the national civil air defense construction project is located in key cities, autonomous civil air Defense Department archive. 14th article Dan Jian civil defense engineering construction project should according to following management permission application handle project approval, and design review, and completed acceptance quality recognized and the record procedures: (a) investment scale in 2 million Yuan following of, by construction project location of national civil defense focus city, and autonomous civil defense competent sector is responsible for handle; (ii) investment scale in 2 million Yuan to 20 million yuan of, by province civil defense competent sector is responsible for handle; (three) investment scale in 20 million Yuan above of, by province civil defense competent sector accepted Hou,
    In accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. Civil defense authorities handling civil defense projects approval date, design review, quality application for, respectively, examined in the 20th.
    Eligible, make a licensing decision; do not meet the conditions, made no decision and written reasons. 15th article in County above city planning district within of State-owned land Shang new civil (except industrial production plant outside), according to following provides synchronization built air defense basement: (a) new 10 layer above or based buried deep 3 meters above of civil, by ground first layer area built anti-force grade 6 level above of air defense basement; (ii) new except first items provides yiwai of people air defense focus city of residents residential floor, according to ground total area must proportion built anti-force grade 6 b level air defense basement.
    Specific proportion: a national civil air defense in key cities of 6%-8%; class II National Defense key 5%-6% city; three types of national defense key 4%-5% city; county seat is 3%. (C) new apart from the first one, the second requirement of other civil construction, construction of resistance as a proportion of the total area on the ground level 6-level basement.
    Specific proportion: a national civil air defense in key cities of 4%-5%; class II National Defense key 3%-4% city; three types of national defense key 2%-3% city; county seat is 2%.
    No unit or individual shall not approve construction of basement and reduced an area, or reduced resistance of basement levels.
    16th Air Defense Department management permission, participation in development and transformation, planning and construction administrative departments should review Building basement construction projects, and was responsible for air defence, protecting part of the design review, quality control and acceptance of quality approval. 17th basement should be synchronized with the ground construction completion and the construction quality of that application to the civil defense authorities. Civil defense authorities found qualified, quality accreditation certificate.
    Identification of substandard, and remedial measures of limited duration; refuse to remedy or unable to remedy, and construction fees pay the basement easy.
    18th new civil construction projects, due to topographical and geological conditions cannot build civil air defence basement, in accordance with the classification of administrative rights approved by the Defense Department, at the time of construction project planning permit, pay the basement easy fee. 19th city subways, underground tunnels and other underground space development project of construction, should take into account the needs of civil air defense.
    Civil defense authorities to participate in urban underground space development and review of the project.
    20th civil air defence command works and other public civil air defense projects, is maintained by the Defense Department management permission management; other civil air defense projects, the owner or person responsible for maintenance of the right, and accept supervision by the civil defense authorities; civil air defense projects one of the owners of merger, separation, bankruptcy, civil air defense project assignee is responsible for the maintenance and management of buildings or land.
    The 21st article the maintenance of civil air defense works must conform to the following requirements: (a) the engineering structures, orifice camouflage and ground satellite facilities in good condition, (ii) internal clean, no leakage of water, access roads, (iii) protection, firefighting and drainage facilities in good condition; (d) the wind, water and electricity systems are operating normally.
    22nd article civil defense command engineering of protection range, by County above Government delineation; other civil defense engineering protection range for: (a) single built civil defense engineering out entrance four to 5 meters to 10 meters within; (ii) tunnel type, and authentic type civil defense engineering and sides 5 meters to 10 meters of above vertical distance 5 meters to 10 meters within; (three) dug type civil defense engineering and air defense basement and sides 3 meters to 5 meters of above vertical distance 0.5 meters to 2 meters within. 23rd no units and individuals have the obligation to protect the civil air defense projects.
    Ban following against civil defense engineering of behavior: (a) unauthorized demolition, and transformation, and destroyed civil defense Engineering; (ii) occupied, and jam civil defense engineering of evacuation channel, and out entrance, and ventilation mouth and into row wind shaft; (three) in civil defense engineering protection range within take soil, and mining, and dug sand, and blasting, and piling; (four) to civil defense engineering and hole mouth protection range emissions waste, and exhaust and dumping solid waste; (five) in civil defense engineering within production, and store flammable, and easy burst, and toxic, and radioactive and corrosion sex items;
    (Vi) without the approval of the Defense Department, in the context of civil air defence works protection construction of buildings, structures or obstacles, and (VII) other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations.
    Civil air defense projects is due to such damage, civil defense authorities shall order restitution; can't recover, pay compensation for destruction of civil air defense projects.
    24th due to urban development is absolutely necessary to dismantle civil air defense projects, shall, in accordance with management authority reported to the civil defence authority and shall fill built; can't be built shall assume costs up civil air defense projects. 25th the construction and utilization of civil air defence works, in accordance with national and provincial exemption tax.
    Civil air defense engineering investors can invest in it in civil air defense works in accordance with development or transfer, auction, lease and mortgage.
    Encourages enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals to invest in civil air defense works.
    26th the people's Governments above the county level shall financial construction and maintenance and management of civil air defence command works, included in the financial budgets; public maintenance and management of civil air defense project construction and funding from local budgets, the Central Government budget and the competent departments in charge of civil air defense Building basement easy, common civil air defense engineering and maintenance fees and other fee arrangements.
    27th fees charged by civil defense authorities should implement the provisions of provincial financial and pricing departments, paid in full the financial, the two lines of income and expenditure management, for use in civil air defense project construction and maintenance, not relief, a lateral move, withheld or diverted to any other use.
    Price of finance, the people's Governments above the county level, audits, civil defense authorities should strengthen supervision and management of civil air defense funding.
    28th article violation this provides, has following case one of of, by civil defense competent sector give warning, ordered corrected, can sentenced 1000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine: (a) design, and construction and supervision units not by civil defense engineering tactical, and technology standard design, and construction and supervision of; (ii) units not by provides will civil defense engineering preliminary design, and construction figure design file submitted civil defense competent sector review of; (three) units not by provides application handle civil defense engineering quality supervision procedures of;
    (D) the employer without a quality civil defense authorities approved a civil air defense engineering deliverables; (v) the employer not required to archive the relevant information submitted to the Defense Department for civil air defense engineering.
    Other acts in violation of these provisions, shall be punished by laws and regulations, from its provisions.
    29th civil air defense departments and other executive staff, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in civil air defense projects management, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
              30th article of the regulations come into force on May 1, 2006.

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