Wuxi Lihu Lake Scenic Spot Management

Original Language Title: 无锡市蠡湖风景区管理办法

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(December 19, 2005 Wuxi Government 46th times Executive Conference considered through December 26, 2005 Wuxi Government makes 78th, announced since January 1, 2006 up purposes) first article for strengthening lihu Lake scenic of protection and management, maintenance lihu Lake scenic of normal order and good of Tour Sightseeing environment, according to State landscape places district management interim regulations, and Jiangsu Province landscape places District Management Ordinance and about legal, and regulations, combined lihu Lake scenic actual,
    These measures are formulated.
    Article lihu Lake scenic spot in these measures (hereinafter referred to as scenic area), refers to the lihu Lake landscape of the area has been completed and opened regional and Municipal Government agreed to include other relevant areas of the scenic spot management.
    The specific scope and the adjustment of scenic areas, reported by the Wuxi municipal gardening Administration announced approval by the municipal government.
    Article in scenic areas within the units and individuals involved in related activities, shall abide by these measures.
    Article fourth garden, Wuxi is a scenic spot administrative departments of the authority responsible for the scenic area protection and management. Wuxi lihu Lake scenic spot Management Committee responsible for the scenic spot management leadership and coordination.
    Wuxi lihu Lake scenic area (hereinafter referred to as scenic area), commissioned by the scenic spot administrative departments, is responsible for the day-to-day management and coordination of the scenic area.
    Municipal public security, urban management, urban, water conservancy departments, binhu district people's Government shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with scenic area management and protection.
    Fifth article scenic management service specific perform following duties: (a) established sound scenic management of the system; (ii) maintenance scenic of normal tour order, implementation security; (three) protection scenic landscape, keep scenic equipment, and facilities intact, stop damaged scenic landscape and equipment, and facilities of behavior; (four) coordination, and tie about administration sector presence scenic of branch institutions or sent institutions of work; (five) scenic administrative competent sector delegate of other duties.
    Located in the scenic area of all units, all scenic resource protection and management, must accept the unified management of the scenic area.
    Sixth no unit or individual shall have the protection of scenic tourism resources, obligations of the natural ecological environment and facilities, and the right to report, stop the destruction of tourism resources, ecological environment and facilities.
    To make an important contribution in a scenic area protection and management of the units and individuals, the municipal people's Government, or scenic spot administrative departments granting recognition and rewards.
    Article seventh scenic new construction, expansion, renovation of building (structure), its size, shape, height, color shall be coordinated with the surrounding landscape, is allowed to damage the natural landscape and cultural landscape.
    Eighth article in scenic within engaged in following activities, in accordance with legal, and regulations should to about administration sector application administrative approval of, by scenic management service unified accepted and proposed preliminary views Hou, turned reported about administration sector law handle approval procedures or proposed audit views: (a) temporary occupied green, change green with to using nature; (ii) cut, and transplant, and cut dry trees; (three) migration ancient tree name wood; (four) for tour activities service of commercial, and diet, and traffic transport, industry and individual vendors;
    (E) new construction, expansion, renovation of building (structure) project site.
    Nineth carried out the following activities in the scenic area, administrative approval items involved in scenic spot management, when the relevant administrative departments of administrative examination and approval procedures, should seek the views of scenic area: (a) occupy or dig the roads temporarily; (b) terminal sets, ships, (iii) the organizations public or commercial activities, (iv) other matters related to scenic area administration.
    Tenth Article scenic management service should and about sector tie, implementation scenic the security management measures: (a) sound security management system; (ii) strengthening security inspections, implementation responsibility system, timely stop disrupt order of behavior and combat illegal crime activities; (three) implementation fire, and flood, security; (four) regularly maintenance check various amusement facilities, and equipment, keep intact, and security, and effective; (five) law, and security carried out amusement activities; (six) ordered organization tour and held mass activities. 11th scenic area within the activities of the Organization, should be healthy and beneficial.
    Banned fortune-telling and divination in the scenic area, burning paper money and superstition and unhealthy activities such as vaudeville performers. 12th entering the scenic spot of units and individuals shall voluntarily safeguarding public health, keep the area clean.
    Prohibit the following acts: (a) the spitting, soil, (ii) litter, disorderly, chaotic pile of waste, (iii) emissions of poisonous gases, liquids; (d) the burning of leaves and branches, and other debris (v) other acts that hinder environmental health. 13th entering the scenic spot of units and individuals should take care of landscaping, protecting various types of green infrastructure.
    Prohibit the following acts: (a) the Division trees or mining, climbing, graffiti, damage plants; (b) picking flowers and fruits, (iii) allowed to walk on the grass, flower beds or destruction of green spaces and (iv) other acts of destruction facilities green or green. 14th into the sights of units and individuals shall voluntarily maintaining municipal utilities and other public facilities in good condition.
    Prohibit the following acts: (a) damage to building (structures), sculpture, (ii) damage, deface or move cleaning, communications, lighting and public facilities such as transportation equipment; (c) destroys, defaces water spraying facility, Pier, Pavilion, seating, Bulletin Board and gallery tour facilities and equipment; (d) other acts that damage to public facilities. 15th entering the scenic spot of units and individuals shall maintain the area looks beautiful, harmonious environment.
    Ban following effect scenic looks of behavior: (a) unauthorized change built (frame) built colonization, State surface; (ii) building (frame) built real, and sculpture, public facilities Shang graffiti, and carved designated; (three) no card set up stalls business or selling items; (four) hanging, and drying items, unauthorized hanging, and posted advertisement; (five) intimidation, and capture or hurt birds; (six) unauthorized fishing, and capture aquatic animal, and swimming; (seven) stray begging, and street sleepers, anywhere lying lying;
    (VIII) other scenic features or upset other sightseeing activities. 16th into the sights of vehicles and pedestrians should strictly observe road safety regulations, and consciously safeguard the traffic order within the area.
    Prohibit the following acts: (a) the parking place lawn or other prohibited parking and (ii) ordered the area closed to traffic or road traffic, (iii) is not docked within site provided and (iv) other acts in violation of traffic regulations.
    17th article violates these rules, the scenic spot administrative departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations for penalties.
    Violation of these rules, shall be punished by other administrative departments, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations will be punished.
    Article 18th scenic spot administrative departments and scenic staff abuse, malpractice, negligence, law by his entity or his upper level organs penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
              19th article this way come into force on January 1, 2006.