Nanjing City, Town And Village Planning Interim Measures For The Construction And Management

Original Language Title: 南京市村镇规划建设管理暂行办法

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(December 14, 2005 Nanjing City Government Executive Conference considered through December 26, 2005 Nanjing City Government makes No. 245, announced since February 1, 2006 up purposes) first chapter General first article to strengthening I city village planning construction management, and manpower urban and rural development, improved village production, and life environment, promote rural economic social harmony development, according to People's Republic of China city planning method, and Jiangsu Province village planning construction management Ordinance, about legal regulations,
    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city town planning, building and management of activities.
    Villages in these measures refers to towns, market towns and independent industrial and mining areas and villages.
    Third Nanjing construction Committee is the town planning and construction management of the Administrative Department.
    Nanjing Bureau of planning, town planning, is responsible for the formation and implementation of guiding, managing and supervising the work.
    District and county administrative departments in charge of construction of the area of town planning, construction supervision and management work.
    Town (Street) in the district construction administrative departments under the guidance of, responsible for the area of town planning, construction and management of daily work.
    Land, real estate, transportation, water conservancy, urban public, sports, environmental protection, landscape architecture, construction engineering and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do the work of town planning, construction and management.
    Article fourth town planning, construction and management should adhere to the "integrated, comprehensive planning, urban and rural areas in line with local conditions, reasonable layout, and energy-saving, integrated facilities, capabilities, and gradually build" principle.
    Second chapter village planning of prepared and implementation fifth article village planning of prepared should to this city general planning, and land using general planning, and town system planning for according to, and this city economic social and environment of development actual phase meet, to optimization industry structure, and prosperity rural economic, and increased farmers income, and improved farmers life conditions for target, and industry planning, and population scale, and with to scale phase adapted, and urban and rural and Manpower, and unified planning, and layout reasonable, and facilities supporting, and environment beautiful, and rich place features of requirements phase consistent.
    Sixth article village general planning of prepared should determine residents concentrated residential, and industrial enterprise concentrated district, based, and service facilities of set layout, clear ecological, and environment, and natural and history culture heritage of protection measures, meet save, and intensive using land, and agricultural industrialization business direction of requirements, delineation for disaster mitigation need control or ban construction of regional, on construction project or focus lots of specific arrangements and planning design prepared detailed planning. Village development planning based on village and town planning, mainly for housing, roads, water supply, drainage, sanitation and production facilities, production, setting and layout of the facilities by volume.
    Not the layout of the village industries, concentration of existing industry should gradually above the town industrial zone. Seventh compilation occurs at village and town planning should be publicity, publicity deadline is 10th.
    Expiry of the public and the district and county administrative departments of experts review, according to prescribed procedures for approval.
    Article eighth urban general plans of the main city, xinshi district, metro-wide planning and construction on villages, into the area of town planning, not a separate village master plan.
    Nineth prepared town planning unit, determined by competitive bidding. Construction of tender documents by the town government, district and county administrative departments, prepared jointly by qualified bidding agent or delegate agencies.
    Tender documents should provide the winning bidder dispatch planning professional and technical personnel, provides technical services for carrying out town planning.
    Before the village planning, a unit shall obtain the planning and management of village and town planning techniques.
    Tenth compilation of town and village planning in line with planning, preparation of the annual work plan requirements and included in the annual plan for the towns of construction project by the municipal construction Administrative Department in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Department in accordance with the relevant regulations, grants.
    Construction should be the development of towns in the annual plan the construction schedule of the project submitted to the municipal construction Committee for the record.
    11th town planning should be in accordance with the People's Republic of China city planning law, and Jiangsu Province, town planning, construction and management of the relevant provisions of the Ordinance.
    Chapter three villages in construction and management of 12th according to the city's economy and urban development needs, balanced districts and towns and annual plan, annual plan for the development of towns in this municipality.
    Districts developed towns of the region after the annual plan shall be submitted to the municipal construction administrative departments for the record in time.
    13th the Government and the relevant departments should give priority to construction of town and village planning residential infrastructure and facilities, and encourages the community to participate actively in the management of funds rural infrastructure and public facility construction projects.
    Village roads, water supply (including water), power supply, gas supply, telecommunications, cable television and other facilities construction projects shall conform to planning requirements. Article 14th town infrastructure and the construction of public facilities use State-owned or collective funds of funds, should be established through public bidding and construction units.
    Construction of tender documents by the town government, district and county administrative departments jointly prepared.
    15th rural buildings should be carried through security, the principle of utility, economy and beauty, in line with the relevant national and local resource conservation requirements, coordinated with the surrounding environment and reflect the local characteristics.
    16th in the main city, xinshi district, Metro within towns and villages, promote the development, construction, demolition, land reserves, a combination of old city reconstruction and speed up the process of urbanization.
    In other towns and villages outside the town house, implemented in building construction and renovation combine, living area, gradually improving the living environment. 17th administrative towns, market towns and villages within a wide range of construction activities shall conform to the requirements of urban planning, construction units and individuals shall be in accordance with the People's Republic of China urban planning law and Jiangsu Province town and village planning and the building management Ordinance the relevant provisions of the relevant procedures.
    The scope stipulated separately.
    Article 18th town government, district and county administrative departments and the land Department shall apply to the public notice required by law, name, legal requirements, processing time and material to be submitted.
    19th the farmers ' houses should be designed to follow applicable, economical, safe, beautiful, energy-saving principle of residential style should reflect the local characteristics, and harmony with the environment. Central residential area, residential construction should be double-, row-, guide of apartment house construction, limiting construction of detached houses.
    Promote the use of new technology for energy saving, environmental protection, building materials.
    Article 20th farmers ' homes, planning concentrated residential areas of land should be used.
    Construction of housing themselves (except for the single individual homes) design, must obtain the appropriate design qualification certificate by entity or individual design or selection of construction Administrative Department to determine residential universal design, standard design.
    21st village (neighborhood) civil construction residential applications issued by the town and village planning selection report, should be submitted to the village (neighborhood) Committee agreed to build certificate and booklet, copy of ID card of the applicant, and other related materials.
    Farmers ' standards of new homes should be in accordance with the Homestead area, residential construction standards, high residential, residential building density and floor area ratio regulations for construction.
    Section 22nd for village and town construction permits should be submitted to the town planning selection report, approved construction documents, engineering drawings (flat, vertical, cesarean section).
    Town planning selection report, village and town construction permits are valid for six months delay, shall, before the expiration of the original issuing authorities for extension, extended periods of not more than six months. 23rd units or individuals in construction projects begun, shall inform the approval authorities.
    Approval authorities should be informed within 5th of professional technical personnel to the scene to send templating, inspection line. Villagers in the villages and the residence in the area and its subsidiary buildings, pre-construction shall inform the town (Street) building services.
    Town (Street) building services should be informed within 5th to send personnel to the scene the day of templating, inspection line. Villages within the area of construction works shall be subject to the site templating, inspection line before they can start.
    Unit in charge due to the site templating, inspection line, can follow the approved planning area, the location of the project started.
    24th independent or partnership contract construction of village units and individuals shall be in contract projects to district and county administrative departments.
    District and county administrative departments required material should be public record.
    25th construction craftsmen undertake a village development project's scope limited to villages and second floor (second floor) construction, repair and maintenance of housing and other facilities. Article 26th villages after the completion of the construction project, the construction unit shall organize the completion and acceptance of integrated.
    Town, district and county administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments in accordance with the administrative licensing supervision and inspection of the contents. 27th in town planning in the region in accordance with law approved the construction of temporary buildings, no more than two years.
    Absolutely necessary to extend the period of use, it shall reapply.
    Or the expiry of temporary buildings used for village and town construction need to be removed, construction units and individuals should be removed unconditionally.
    Article 28th of collective construction land registration system.
    Collective construction land use right transfer, mortgage, lease, in accordance with national regulations.
    29th town, village economic collectives or villagers ' committees shall arrange for a certain amount of money each year, and for the construction and maintenance of rural infrastructure and public facilities.
    Chapter fourth rural housing property management article 30th district people's Government is a village housing management authority in the registration authority.
    District construction administrative department specific collective houses in rural areas on the land registration applications, certificates and other routine work.
    County land Department shall go through the village and land registration procedures. 31st article go through the village and housing management authority in the initial registration must submit the following materials:

    (A) the villages in Jiangsu Province construction permit; (b) the collective construction land use right certificate, (iii) building engineering drawing (flat, vertical, cesarean section) and (iv) templating, inspection line surveys.
    Article 32nd on the collective land ownership of housing transfer, changes should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.
    33rd under any of the following circumstances, village house right holder shall apply for cancellation of property rights: (a) the houses damaged, destroyed or lost, not rebuild within a year period, (ii) has been demolished for housing, (iii) housing units has entered into a compensation agreement.
    34th district construction administrative departments should be imposed on houses in rural areas of the region produced records management, establish and perfect real estate property records and House property surveying and mapping management system.
    Rural housing management authority in the register available for public inspection.
    Fifth chapter village appearance and environment sanitation management article 35th village and all the construction activities shall strictly abide by environmental protection laws and regulations, protecting and improving the rural ecological environment, promoting the use of the applicable rural characteristics of biogas and straw gasification and other clean energy.
    Article 36th village and should gradually set up garbage, sewage collection and treatment facilities.
    37th villages should be supporting the construction of latrines, trash and other sanitation facilities, the required funds into construction projects with a total investment. Building and rebuilding villages in public toilets, shall conform to the national class II standard flush.
    New houses should be built three septic tank toilets.
    Article 38th villagers ' committees shall establish and improve the village village appearance, environmental management systems, treatment of villagers houses environmental health on a regular basis.
    Villages and main roads and bazaars and other public places should have someone cleaning cleaning.
    Villages and infrastructure maintenance, cleaning units and personnel can be determined by tender.
    39th villagers ' committees shall organize the villagers plant trees and beautify the environment, and create a good living environment.
    No unit or individual shall protect villages and ancient trees, heritage and scenic facilities shall not be damaged.
    40th no unit or individual is allowed to pollute the village water systems, illegally buried or town water.
    Township people's Governments shall take measures to protect drinking water sources.
    41st article in village range within, shall not has following behavior: (a) not by specified locations stacked building materials, and garbage, and fertilizer, and firewood and the other debris; (ii) damaged village public facilities; (three) set open pit or free dumping stool; (four) occupied public green, and shelterbelt to, unauthorized cut trees; (five) in villagers public drinking water to built pollution type Enterprise, and toilet, and animal circle or emissions sewage.
    42nd sixth chapter penalties for violation of the provisions of the Act, provisions of laws and regulations on punishment, from its provisions.
    43rd article violates these rules, the administrative authority shall order correction, you have the following (a) to (d), may impose a fine of less than 200 Yuan; following subparagraph (v), (vi) acts, individuals may impose a fine of less than 500 Yuan, the unit can be fined 500 Yuan and 10000 Yuan fine.
    (A) occupying public green spaces, protective forests, (ii) unauthorized occupation, mining towns and roads, (iii) damage to rural public facilities; (d) informed the approval authority before construction is not construction project site templating, inspection line, (v) contract and town construction works without filing procedures.
    44th article does not specify locations stacked materials, garbage, manure, firewood and other items, or to the village roads, rivers and spreading debris in public places, to discharge or dump waste, sewage or set up open pit, deadline by the town people's Governments shall order rectification fails to change, and may impose a fine of less than 200 Yuan.
    Article 45th Executive, regulatory authority who abuses his power, deception, bribery, or not to perform their duties, by work units or departments shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.
    46th head of the villagers ' Committee in organizing the implementation of village planning and construction and management of changing requirements, fraud, deception, and approve the construction, against villagers ' legitimate rights and interests, by the town people's Governments shall be ordered to correct serious, should recommend the village meetings be removed according to law constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.
                Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 47th these measures shall take effect on February 1, 2006.