Jiangxi Province, Enterprise Approach To Investment Projects For The Record

Original Language Title: 江西省企业投资项目备案办法

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(April 12, 2006 Jiangxi Province Government 43rd times Executive Conference considered through April 14, 2006 Jiangxi Province Government makes 146th, announced since announced of day up purposes) first article for specification enterprise investment project of record management, implementation enterprise investment decision autonomy, according to State on investment reform of decided and national development reform Board on implemented enterprise investment project record business guide views of notification, combined this province actual, developed this approach.
    Second investment project within the administrative area of the province for the record, these measures shall apply.
    Enterprise investment projects in these measures refers to enterprises not using Government funds, investment and construction promulgated by the State Council the list of Government-approved investment projects and the list of investment projects approved by the Jiangxi provincial government, as well as national laws and regulations, and specifically prohibited investment projects under the State Council. Third reform of the people's Governments above the county level development (planned) administrative departments and economic and trade investment projects for the enterprise by the Administrative Department for the record.
    Corporate capital investment projects by the development and reform (plan) administrative departments; enterprise technical transformation investment projects in the economic and trade departments.
    Environmental protection, land and resources, urban planning, work safety supervision and management departments, shall, within their respective mandates to assist enterprises recording investment projects.
    Project record organs and the relevant departments should establish an information-sharing mechanism to strengthen liaison and communication, and provide convenience for business investment.
    Article fourth enterprises implement filing system of investment and construction projects should be based on the project type and the file permissions set, apply to the corresponding item for the record authority record. Fifth central authorities in Jiangxi enterprises, provincial investment projects by the provincial project record record. Other investment projects, in accordance with the principle of territoriality, the local city, County (district) Government project record record.
    Otherwise provided for by laws, rules or regulations, from its provisions.
    Districts and cities and counties (cities, districts) Division of the Government project record record permissions, determined by the district municipality.
    Sixth Declaration apply for registration of the project, should be submitted to the project filing authority investment project application form.
    Investment project application form include the following: (a) the basic situation of project application unit, (ii) project name; (c) the type of construction, and (iv) project location and (iv) building size and construction, (v) total investment and sources of funding.
    Projects declared investment project application form should be responsible for the authenticity of the content.
    Article seventh project filing authority corporate investment projects should be filed involving legal, regulations, rules and policies, as well as business investment project application form-text to be published to facilitate enterprise query, to obtain.
    Article eighth project filing authority on business investment to review the following items: (a) it falls within the scope record, (b) it belongs to the jurisdiction of the authorities; (c) in line with State industrial policies and (iv) compliance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and rules.
    Nineth enterprise investment application form does not meet the requirements of the project, project filing authority shall, on the spot or within 3 business days inform the project the applicant supplemented.
    Application form to meet the requirements of enterprise investment projects, projects for the record should be accepted on the spot. Article tenth project registration authority shall accept the enterprise's investment project within 5 working days from the date of filing the application, make a decision on whether to file, and to the public.
    Compliance with the filing requirements, filing, issued to the enterprise's investment project filed notice does not comply with the filing requirements, shall not be filed and issued no notice of filing, and explain the reasons.
    Project filing authority corporate investment projects should be record notice and no notice of filing copy to the relevant administrative departments.
    11th environmental protection, land and resources, construction, city planning, supervision and administration of production safety, quality supervision departments should be in accordance with the Division of functions, the record authority shall record in terms of project review and the related formalities according to law; should record not record and project filing authority not to record project does not go through the relevant formalities.
    12th project filing authority at all levels of business investment should be the archival materials of the project finishing, induction, analysis, monitoring of social investment, and inform the parent record mouthpiece sending related material.
    13th ELINCS project has any of the following circumstances, new filing procedures: (a) the legal entity of the project change; (b) the project location change, (iii) change of building programmes may have significant adverse effects on environment, safety.
    14th enterprise investment projects filed a notice for a period of 2 years, calculated from the date of delivery.
    Enterprise investment projects during the period of notice of filing work, project applicants need to continue construction, shall, before the expiry of filing authority to seek an extension to the original project in the 30th, the original project filing authority shall record make the decision on whether to approve the extension before the expiry of the notice.
    15th article project record organ should strengthening record project of regulatory, on project declared units to split points project, and provides false material, not due means made enterprise investment project record file of, should revoked the project of record; on not to record unauthorized starts construction and not by record content for construction of project, should ordered its stop construction, and law held units and responsibility people of responsibility.
    Article 16th project in the filing process filing authority staff negligence, abuses or malpractices for personal gain, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 17th public institutions, social groups, such as non-business unit records within the scope of investment and construction projects, in accordance with this approach to the record.
                            18th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.