Interim Measures For The Agricultural Population Bonus Offer One-Child Families In Xuzhou City

Original Language Title: 徐州市农业人口独生子女家庭奖励优惠暂行办法

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(May 11, 2005, Xuzhou city people's Government, the 45th Executive Meeting May 13, 2005, 105th, Xuzhou city people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2005) first to establish and improve the family planning benefit-oriented mechanism, stabilize the low fertility levels in our city, realizing the coordinated development of population, economy, society, in accordance with the People's Republic of China on population and family planning law of the Jiangsu Province on population and family planning regulations, as well as the national provisions on family planning policies,
    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.
    Second, volunteered to give birth, this approach applies to this second child, birth of a child for life, received one-child parents honor certificate according to law, and implement a long-term contraceptive measures agricultural population of husband and wife and their only child.
    Article of agricultural population in these measures refers to the household, agriculture, the account and register in the village (neighborhood) committees do not enjoy the urban minimum living standard security personnel.
    Family planning difficulties the family is mentioned in these measures refers to the rural one-child or his or her parents, six more than in sickness or accident disability, death, or other special hardship families practicing family planning.
    Family planning families identified by the Civil Affairs, population and family planning departments.
    Fourth of municipal and County (city, district) people's Government established no less than 500,000 yuan of population and family planning to the chest, to assist family planning families.
    V article meet following conditions one of of, per person monthly received not below 50 Yuan of family planning award helped gold, until death weizhi: (a) years full 60 age and received child parents glory card of; (ii) years full 50 age, only birth a children and children death Hou not again birth of; (three) years full 50 age, only birth a girl of. Sixth one-child parents from receiving the children of one-child parents honor certificate for that year up to the age of 14, receiving no less than 30 yuan per person per year one-child parents reward bonus or in accordance with the standard single-child parents.
    Bonus paid by the town-level fiscal, County (City) and district financial grant appropriate subsidies.
    Article in accordance with the rules approved to bear a child and wife, receiving the baby after the birth certificate of a child voluntarily no longer bears, by County (City) and district people's Government a one-time Award 2000, and the couple go through a premium for the rural endowment insurance in 2000.
    Article eighth one-child because of illness or disability due to accident, identified by the authorities as Wu、liuji disabled, by County (City) and district people's Government to give one-off grants 3000; total loss of working capacity, by County (City) and district people's Government to give one-off grants of 5000 Yuan.
    Nineth one-child parents are incapacitated, identified by authorities as a complete loss of ability to work, and children under the age of 18, every year by County (City) and district people's Government subsidizes 1000 Yuan to their children until 18 years of age.
    Article tenth child accidental deaths or identified by the authorities as a complete loss of ability to work, children whose parents have lost their fertility and are not adopted, by County (City), the district people's Government as the only child of both parents for a rural old-age insurance premiums totalling 10,000 yuan.
    11th in line with conditions of rural minimum living standard security child families receive a grant of not less than 200 Yuan a year, subsidies paid from the Community Chest of population and family planning.
    12th 60 years of age and receive a one-child parents honor certificate, or over the age of 50, only after the death of a child and the child did not bear any more, 10 yuan per person per year catastrophic financial burden, funded by the city.
    13th to participate in the new rural cooperative medical system of only children and their parents, when the designated medical institutions for treatment, the inspection fee, hospital fee granted not less than 20% discounts. Participation in family planning in new rural cooperative medical families, only children and their parents medical expenses during the year total more than 1000 Yuan, according to 5% of the total medical expenses from a medical fund to help.
    Medicaid does not affect the cooperation of the family should enjoy medical compensation.
    14th-planning difficult family child's immunization scheme fees 10%.
    15th the County (municipality), district and township family planning services provides family planning technical service for one-child parents, check fees waived.
    16th one-child families in line with the low condition, priority should be given into the scope of the local minimum living standard security.
    Enjoy the rural minimum living standard security, and only a girl's family, the standard 20%.
    17th enjoy the rural minimum living guarantee of one-child families, whose only child is exempt from compulsory fees, free funds by the financial subsidies.
    Only-child in the examination of the counties (cities), when area high schools, vocational high schools and vocational schools, test scores 10 points to cast.
    Article 18th under the same conditions, personnel and Labor departments should give priority to recommending only children and their parents employment vocational training and Labor export, public employment services and employment agencies should be free of charge entrance fees, job registration, and related services, employment training and relief.
    19th only children and their parents to host individual license, only charge a fee.
    Families engaged in individual business activities of family planning, management fees waived.
    Cable TV in early 20th one-child families, initial installation charge discount 50%.
    Family telephone flat cost save 50%; early broadband, broadband access fees 50%.
    21st only children and their parents visited the Government investment construction and management of the park attractions, discount 50%.
    22nd only children and their parents to handle driving witnesses as annual as well as motor vehicles, tractors, combine harvesters, 5% fees waived.
    Article 23rd only-child families recovery of maintenance or upbringing, maintenance, labor and cost of litigation, in accordance with the relevant provisions of costs sustained or relief cases.
    24th scientific and technological sectors, agriculture and forestry sectors should be given priority to family planning family provide it services.
    25th in the agricultural machinery sector lay during the harvest, should give priority to the deployment of farm machinery to help one-child families harvest and planting crops.
    Article 26th when implementing microfinance poverty alleviation projects, credit cooperatives, shall give priority to one-child families.
    27th child volunteered to conscripts, under the same conditions, shall be given priority.
    Article 28th of the following circumstances, cancel or terminate the access to treatment: (a) birth, baoyang, adoption of a child does not meet the required conditions, (ii) household moved outside the city, and (iii) other family bonus offer conditions are not met.
    29th article implementation of the preferential policy of one-child families award of the agricultural population into the scope of family planning administration, town, street or village committees, neighborhood, community public open and accept supervision by the masses.
    Article 30th in each County (City), Xuzhou, district people's Government and the population and family planning Commission in accordance with the measures, formulate implementing rules.
                                                                              31st article this way come into force on July 1, 2005.

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