Wuxi Archives Collection Approach

Original Language Title: 无锡市档案资料征集办法

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(December 19, 2005 Wuxi municipal people's Government at the 46th Executive Conference review on December 26, 2005, Wuxi municipal people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2006, 79th), first in order to strengthen the collection dispersed in the community archives, effectively protecting and using archives, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Jiangsu Provincial Archives Archives Act, the regulations, the archives management in Wuxi city Ordinance and other laws, regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article Archives mentioned in these measures refers to past and present institutions, social organizations and individuals to engage in political, military, economic, scientific, cultural, religious and other social activities on national and social value of all kinds of text, graphic, audio, electronic documents, physical history records and related materials.
    Collected in these measures refers to General Archives at all levels in this municipality (hereinafter "archives") in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and these rules, will be scattered, lost files into archives of data collection activities.
    Article city and city (County), the leadership of the people's Governments shall strengthen the Archives collection arrange collected files data requirements.
    Municipalities and cities (counties), the archives Administration Department of the people's Governments in charge of the Archives collection work in the administrative area, to guide and supervise the peer or subordinate Archives collection, investigate and deal with violations in the collection.
    Article citizens, legal persons and other organizations have the obligation to protect archives, collection should be supported with.
    On Archives collection has made remarkable achievements in the work unit or individual, Governments at all levels and archival Administrative Department in charge or relevant departments shall give commendations and awards. Fifth article collection archives information of range: (a) the history period formed of corporate and the private instruments, as: documents, and letters, and notice, and contract, and home (family) spectrum, and Chronicle, and diary, and notes, and books,; (ii) the history period formed of has place features of audio information and real; (three) the history period units and personal itself prepared, and wrote of has important reference value and the place features of newspaper books and the articles, as: ancient, and Chronicles, and literature, and art works, and terroir folk books, and line (designed) industry newspaper, and
    Information set,; (four) records this administrative within natural, and culture heritage and the various reserves, and protection units and landscape places of archives information; (five) domicile or had in this administrative within work and has must effect characters of archives information, including autograph manuscript and letters, and notes, and works, and art works, and printing publications, and certificate, and prizes, and audio, and real,; (six) has place representative of name, and special, and excellent products of archives information; (seven) democratic, and religious organization, and community organization formed of archives information;
    (VIII) the administrative regions within the province (Department) level certificate, Medal of honor, such as physical, (IX) level in the administrative activities of national institutions, organizations, Foreign Affairs or social activities accepted significant gifts in kind and (10) other saving value of archives.
    Sixth collection archives of: (a) accept the transfer; (b) donations; (c) the acceptance check; (d) the acquisition; (v) copy; (vi) the other way around.
    Seventh archives across regions or to solicit outside records among archives in the collection in the event of objection, should be resolved through consultation.
    Article eighth collection archives, the Parties shall sign an agreement, clear rights and obligations.
    Nineth archives in archives information collection should be carried out jointly by two or more persons recruited personnel and take the initiative to show identification and proof of work instruments, for all archives to verify. Collection officers collected the archives should be 10th within the archive.
    Recruited into the archives of the museum shall be engraved, register, safekeeping, ensure safety.
    Tenth to encourage institutions and individuals to donate archives archival materials. Of important and valuable archives donated to the archives by units and individuals, or donations of archives Administration Department shall be rewarded.
    Donated valuable archives, donated by the donations of local government-issued certificates.
    11th units and individuals will not fall into the scope of the Museum files submitted to the archives register, archives within five working days after receiving the request shall give a written reply.
    12th collective, individual and the State and society have value or should be kept confidential files, owner shall keep archives.
    Storage conditions or other reasons might cause the file was seriously damaged or not considered safe, archive administration has the right to custody or procurement measures.
    13th archive administration decided to archive safekeeping measures taken are entitled to specified within the administrative area of the archives to the archives for safekeeping, designated should actively fulfill the obligation of taking care of the archives. Article 14th belong to the collective and the individual and the State and social value of archives, the owner can request archives acquisitions.
    Archives within ten working days after the receipt of a written reply.
    15th in the process of collecting archives the archives, you can hire experts to identify profiles, assessment.
    16th transferred to the archives, donate, storage units and personal archives, its archives has the right to free use, and the file should not be opened to the public in the views of some of the proposed restrictions on the use of archives should uphold their legitimate rights and interests.
    17th archive publishing or use donations, loans and safekeeping of records shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of that law.
    18th article violates these rules, and archives all adversely affect or damage to, archives administration, ordering the written apology to archive all the archives; losses caused, shall be compensated, and officers or other persons directly in charge of administrative sanctions.
    19th archive will collect files of collected information for themselves, archives should be ordered to hand over in serious cases, penalties constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Violations of other provisions of this approach, provisions of laws and regulations with clear punishments, from its provisions.
                                                              20th these measures shall come into force on February 1, 2006.