Hohhot City Appearance And Environmental Sanitation "menqiansanbao" Accountability Measures

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市市容环境卫生“门前三包”责任制管理办法

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(Municipal Government of Hohhot, March 5, 2006 at the 22nd Executive meeting on March 14, 2006, 1th in Hohhot people's Government promulgated as of April 1, 2006) first to strengthen the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation, and improve the comprehensive management level, create a pleasant and clean environment and good social order, improve and perfect the "menqiansanbao" system to reach people the people of the city was built, people of the city to the objective of the people, in accordance with the
    Hohhot city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations, practice, these measures are formulated.
    Article in this city four areas within the development zone authorities, groups, military units, schools, hospitals, enterprises (including airports, railway stations, bus stations, construction sites, shopping malls, etc), all areas of individual businesses (hereinafter referred to as units), are required to comply with these measures.
    Article this way, the term "menqiansanbao" refers to the package of sanitation, afforestation and beautification, social order. The responsible units "menqiansanbao" area, drawn by the local district or zone. Unit which is located in the city roads on both sides of the street, whose area of responsibility is the unit away from the side of the base lines (fence or wall, fence or wall starting) to the sidewalk side stone without sidewalks, to the center line of the road; no adjacent flats, starting from around the foundations of the entity lines (fence or wall, fence or wall starting).
    Where there are several units, each implementation of "menqiansanbao".
    Fourth, sports authority is the city appearance and environmental health Administrative Department, responsible for "menqiansanbao" the supervision and inspection system, coordinate and guide the work.
    The district people's Government, the development zone management Committee is responsible for organizing, coordinating the implementation of the administrative structure within the "menqiansanbao" system, each district, development zone Sports Management Department is responsible for the day-to-day supervision and management.
    Construction, planning, environmental protection, public security, industry and commerce, health, real estate, services, transportation, gardening, and other relevant departments according to their respective responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of these measures.
    Article fifth all units must meet city appearance and environmental sanitation "menqiansanbao" accountability and affiliated with neighborhood offices (village, town) signed in Hohhot city appearance and environmental sanitation "menqiansanbao" of responsibility, a special (and) staff wear a uniform logo, responsible for the area of responsibility of "menqiansanbao" daily management.
    Sixth city appearance and environmental sanitation "menqiansanbao" responsibilities include: (a) the sanitation and clean. 1.-owned closed as required waste collection containers and placed in a niche within the threshold, no waste dirt swept out; active in carrying out garbage bags regularly dump. Ban mess poured sewage, formed ice Beach, and sewage Beach; 2. is responsible for responsibility district within environment clean, no confetti, and Peel, and cigarette, and phlegm track, and dirt real, and waste, no mosquitoes breeding; 3. the street buildings, and wall, and window, and plaque, and lighting to keep beautiful clean, lossless, as appeared old, and damaged should timely replaced and repair; on not belongs to responsibility units all or maintenance of window, and plaque, and lighting as appeared old, and damaged of, should to city environment management sector report; 4. The responsibility units to keep its built (frame) built colonization, State surface clean beautiful, pattern clear, external made shaped full, each two years finishing refurbished once; where can cleaning of outside State surface, annual "Turin" Qian cleaning once; as appeared damaged, and off, and faded, and old, and weathered, and rain scour traces, must timely cleaning, and maintenance, and finishing; 5. the responsibility units to guarantee units front responsibility district within no product ice dirt snow. Day snow, stopped snow Hou 3 hours within completed clear snow task; night snow, next day 11 o'clock in the morning Qian completed clear snow task; 6. outdoor advertising facilities, and signs must meet set provides, and by about sector approval, to keep intact clean, set units is responsible for regularly maintenance, and update; 7. the responsibility units should active created conditions, perfect bright of facilities; where set neon ornaments bright of facilities of responsibility units, should guarantee night landscaping, and bright of facilities intact, and by provides requirements timing enabled NI Rainbow bright of facilities, As appeared deficiency line break of should timely repair; 8. shop enrollment plaque must specification using cast Han language text, shall not appeared characters, and typos, and II Jane Word and Variant; 9. business (shop) PU front shall not privately set eaves Peng, and shade cloth, where set eaves Peng, and shade cloth of must by city management sector unified planning, keep clean intact, and around environment coordination consistent; 10. the responsibility units should stop mess posted, and mess painting, damage city environment behavior, timely clear responsibility range within effect city environment of handwriting, and pattern, and
    Stickers and other marks found that wrongful acts should be stopped, and to report to the city, the public security department.
    (B) afforestation and beautification.
    1. the responsibility to protect the plants and trees in the area, and maintains green facilities, 2. it is prohibited to pick the flowers, so no nails, no hanging on the tree, drying clothes-free, 3. is strictly forbidden to the tree pits, dumping of garbage, sewage and debris piled up in the Green, and shall cooperate with the management sector, and ensure the survival ratio of trees.
    (C) social order.
    1. maintenance of good order within the area of responsibility, 2. do not store out of assessed contributions, no heaps of debris, with very private lift, digging up, operating without a road, in front of vehicles to be parked neatly; 3. shall not be used in excess of the prescribed noise standards for appliances, stereos, drum up business.
    Article seventh city administrative departments on a regular basis for all departments and units of the "menqiansanbao" work inspections, appraisals, performance in maintenance of city appearance and environmental sanitation work unit or individual awards.
    Article eighth appearance Management Department is responsible for city appearance and environmental sanitation "menqiansanbao" responsible guidance and supervision and punishment of violations of the Act in accordance with the relevant provisions in these measures of Hohhot city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations shall be punished.
    Nineth party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law; if neither by the parties may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit nor performs the decision of administrative penalty and administrative penalty decisions of administrative organs in accordance with the application made by the people's Court for enforcement.
    Tenth to obstruct or interfere with the city law enforcement officers in performing their duties, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments dealt with the relevant provisions of the Act constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. 11th article administrative law enforcement personnel has following behavior one of of, according to plot weight give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal; caused economic loss of, compensation economic loss: (a) not show law enforcement documents, and not by provides program law enforcement of; (ii) not using provides administrative law enforcement legal instruments and confiscated dedicated receipt of; (three) gross law enforcement led citizens, and corporate and other organization and the public interests by damage of; (four) playing scolded, and insult party of; (five) occupation or privately temporarily buckle, and
    A forfeiture; (f) abuse of power, the law for selfish ends, feel free to punish parties; (VII) dereliction of duty, abuse, bribery, and (VIII) shall be inadmissible complaints inadmissible or should have investigated illegal activities is not investigated; (IX) other illegal activities.
    12th information unit should strengthen the publicity of city appearance and environmental sanitation, promote positive awareness of sanitation, promoting the harmonious development of cities.
    The colleges, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions should be strengthened on students ' environmental health education, develop good health habits, establish youth protection awareness of environmental responsibility and social consciousness.
    13th the flag, County may refer to these measures.
                    14th article of the rules as of April 1, 2006.