Several Provisions In Urumqi For Individually-Run Education

Original Language Title: 乌鲁木齐市发展民办教育若干规定

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(December 13, 2005 the city of Urumqi municipal people's Government at the 32nd Executive meeting January 12, 2006 to 72nd release since March 1, 2006, the people's Government of Urumqi) first to implement the strategy of revitalizing the city, promote the healthy development of private education, maintenance and the legitimate rights and interests of the educated in private schools, according to the People's Republic of China laws and regulations on private education promotion law, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Social organization or individual other than the second national institutions, non-State financial requirements, organized in the administrative area of the city-oriented schools and other educational institutions activities, these provisions shall apply. Third, private education, the municipal educational administrative departments in charge of the management.
    The district (County) education administrative departments within the mandate, is responsible for the area of private education management.
    Labour and social security administrative departments and other departments concerned within the scope of their respective duties, respectively, responsible for the management of private education.
    Article fourth privately-run education is actively encouraged, and significant support, correct guidance, according to principles of management.
    Fifth of municipal, district (County) Government of private education should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan.
    Sixth of municipal, district (County) Government set up special funds for the development of private education, support to development of privately-run schools, recognition and incentives for the development of private education units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause.
    Seventh to encourage and support social organizations or individuals outside the national institutions to participate in private education.
    Eighth of the private school, the organizer can finance, land use, intellectual property, or other assets to establish funding.
    Nineth established private schools shall satisfy the conditions laid down in laws and regulations, sets the standards of the private school with reference to similar public schools to set standards at the same level.
    Article tenth of the private school permission, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations. Article 11th approved the establishment of private schools, and approving authorities shall issue school license.
    Privately-run schools after obtaining a school license shall be registered according to law.
    12th private school and public school with the same legal status, municipal, district (County) Government should guarantee the autonomy of the private school. 13th private schools should be commensurate with level of professional teachers adapt, scale and specialty teams.
    Implementing education full-time teachers employed by schools teachers shall be not less than the total number of one-third, employed full-time vocational schools teachers, teachers shall be not less than the total number of one-fourth. Article 14th private schools have the same right of admission and similar public schools at the same level, you can independently determine the enrollment scope, standards, and education.
    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.
    15th of the private school admissions brochures and advertisements should objectively containing the school name, nature, objectives, educational level, school forms, standards, licensing, and more.
    16th private schools charge a fee for persons undergoing education educational projects and standards set by the school and reported to the relevant authorities and publicity; charge for other education projects and standards set by the school and reported to the relevant authorities and public.
    Made after the student dropped out of the private school, the school should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of dropout, and refund procedures.
    17th of municipal, district (County) of educational supervision institutions according to law on private schools under monitoring and evaluation.
    Education, labour and social security administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective competencies regularly or entrust the social intermediary organization of private school management and school levels, assess the quality of education, and publicize the assessment results.
    18th private school teachers, educators and teachers in public schools, education has the same legal status.
    19th private schools should ensure staff salaries, benefits and provisions for staff pay social insurance contributions.
    20th private school faculty in professional training, job appointment, seniority and service, awards, social events, enjoy equal rights with the similar public school teaching and administrative staff at the same level.
    Article 21st education in private schools, in further education, employment, travel offers, selection of advanced, student loans, enjoy equal rights with similar public school education at the same level.
    22nd of municipal, district (County) Government funding can be taken, lease and transfer of unused State-owned assets and other measures to support private schools.
    23rd new construction, expansion of private schools, according to the national welfare and construction of enjoying preferential policies.
    Article 24th donation organized by private schools and private school without receiving a reasonable return of the investors, to enjoy the public schools the same preferential tax and other policies.
    Private school investors to obtain a reasonable return, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State tax.
    25th Government-commissioned private school educational mission of obligations should be based on the number of students in compulsory education and public schools health education standards, allocate appropriate funding for education.
    Entrusted with the fees charged by the students of the private school, shall not be higher than the fees charged for similar public school standards at the same level. 26th to encourage financial institutions to make use of credit to support private education development.
    Private schools can use direct investment property mortgages for their own development, the Government has given financial discount.
    27th organized into private schools to private school assets, the State-owned assets, the donated property, as well as accumulation of running, corporate property rights.
    28th private school shall establish financial, accounting, and asset management systems, school assets contributed by the sponsor, donated property, charges and accumulation register to establish accounts, and accept supervision by the approval authority and other relevant departments. Article 29th during private schools, organized into schools, donated property and the accumulation of assets, by the school administration and use.
    Sponsor of a sponsor of a change or adjustment within the funded ratio, subject to the school, the Board of directors or other forms of decision-making body agreed, and according to the procedure for approval.
    Article 30th upon termination of the private school shall be in accordance with the provisions of relevant State laws and regulations for liquidation, disposal of surplus assets according to law.
    31st in violation of this provision, social organizations and individuals held without private schools, the Department of education administration and the departments concerned a rectification; meets the statutory requirements, you can go through examination and approval procedures; still does not meet conditions of overdue shall be ordered to stop running, resulting in economic losses, legally undertake the compensation responsibility.
    Article 32nd other acts in violation of these provisions should be subject to administrative penalties by the relevant administrative organs in accordance with the penalty.
    Article 33rd private school approval authority and in violation of laws and regulations and the provisions of relevant administrative departments, in accordance with the People's Republic of China private education promotion law and other relevant laws and regulations to deal with it.
    Article 34th refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law. 35th article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2006.
                                                                                                                  Urumqi, September 28, 2000 city people's Government promulgated the preferential measures on development of private education (draft) (29th city people's Government) abrogated.