Shenzhen Interim Measures For The Administration Of Traffic Safety On The School Bus

Original Language Title: 深圳市校车交通安全管理暂行办法

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(April 13, 2006 the Shenzhen People's Government announced the 150th since as of June 1, 2006) Chapter I General provisions article for strengthening and regulating the administration of traffic safety on the school bus, prevention and reduction of traffic accidents and protect students ' personal safety, according to the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety law, the Shenzhen school safety management regulations as well as the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Second school bus mentioned in these measures refers to ordinary primary and secondary schools and secondary vocational schools (hereinafter referred to as the school), the kindergarten used to specifically transfer students go to school, after school or transfer students to participate in activities related to education with more than 9 seats of motor vehicles.
    Within the administrative area of the city schools, kindergarten school buses carrying students, these measures shall apply. Third school bus through a permit system.
    Schools and kindergartens should be used with the vehicle carrying students of the school bus license.
    Fourth municipal public security traffic Administrative Department is responsible for road traffic safety management of school buses, and issued by a school bus license.
    Municipal administrative departments of education and secondary vocational school authorities are responsible for guidance and supervision of schools and kindergartens to fulfil the rules of school bus safety management responsibilities, and schools, kindergarten school bus safety implementation into the year-end assessment of safety management of content.
    Fifth public security organs traffic management departments, educational administrative departments and secondary vocational school informed the competent authorities shall establish a school bus safety management information system, research school bus management measures on a regular basis.
    School bus license management article in chapter II special school bus spraying should be unified school bus pattern; non-special school bus should be unified school bus logo.
    School bus design and identity by the municipal public security traffic management authorities and the municipal educational administrative departments to determine. Seventh article has following conditions of, motor vehicle all can to city police organ traffic management sector application handle school car license: (a) motor vehicle in Shenzhen registered registration; (ii) motor vehicle by security technology test qualified; (three) 16 seat above motor vehicle added loaded Shang got off handrails, security device; (four) motor vehicle front seat has triangle type or other type of car belt; (five) school car driving people should has 5 years above of motor vehicle driving qualification
    And school bus drivers during the last 3 years a cumulative score of not more than 6 points in the cycle, and did not bear secondary responsibility over deaths caused by traffic accidents, (vi) schools and kindergartens of leased motor vehicles, motor vehicle owner should have engaged in road passenger transport operator qualifications.
    Article eighth of issuing authority within 5 working days from the date of receipt of application materials, approved for eligible decisions; not approved decision on does not meet the criteria, and to state the reason in writing.
    Nineth approved applicants should be sprayed unified school bus pattern or set up a unified school buses logo, after passing inspection by the certification authority, receiving a school bus license.
    Article tenth of the school bus license shall include the license number, vehicle type, the nucleus containing numbers, units, services, schools or kindergartens name, driver, certification unit, expiry date, and so on.
    11th school bus license validity and validity of motor vehicle inspection, but not longer than 1 year.
    The school bus license shall not be altered, forged, transfer shall not be diverted to other motor vehicles.
    12th holder has any of the following circumstances shall be made to the original Licensing Office to apply the change: (a) adding, changing, school bus drivers, (ii) add, change service school or kindergarten.
    Certification authorities to meet the changed conditions, shall go through the procedures of alteration immediately.
    13th school bus change uses does not carry student, shall apply for cancellation of school bus license, canceling school bus design and identity.
    14th without a school bus license other vehicles are not allowed to use the school bus design and logo on the school bus.
    Chapter 15th school buses school bus safety management of school bus safety management should be performed for all laws, rules and regulations, and establish and improve school bus safety responsibility system and security system to ensure that school buses and drivers to meet operational requirements.
    School bus shall purchase liability insurance.
    School bus driver shall comply with the road traffic safety law, provisions of the statutes and regulations, and in accordance with safe driving practices, and civilized driving.
    16th school bus owner should be according to the following rules to school bus safety and maintenance work and establishment pedestal debt: (a) more than 20 school buses, 1 two-level maintenance should be done every 3 months, (ii) 19 the following school bus, 1 two-level maintenance should be done every 6 months.
    17th school buses should be equipped with fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment.
    18th the number of school buses carrying students shall be capped at motor vehicle driving license nucleus contains the number, do not overload. Article 19th school bus carrying students, driving in the bus lane, at the bus stop.
    In accordance with the rules of the road turning, turning, or on the school bus parked at the other vehicles should be courteous.
    20th of leased school buses in schools, kindergartens, schools, kindergartens and school bus owners to sign lease contracts, terms of lease contract should have clear responsibilities for security.
    21st schools and kindergartens should be using school buses archive creation, and report to the Department of educational administration.
    22nd article school car carries students driving Qian, school, and kindergarten should assigned hand identification school car, has following case one of of, should stop, shall not release: (a) carries students of number over nuclear contains number of; (ii) driving people and school car license contains ming of driving people inconsistent of; (three) drink drink driving of; (four) obviously hamper security driving of other case.
    Fourth chapter legal liability article 23rd applicants by fraud, bribery or other improper means to make the school bus license, the public security organs traffic management Department shall revoke the license on the school bus and the applicant allowed to re-apply in 3 years.
    24th article violates these rules, not the school bus license provisions in article II of this approach carries, detained by the public security organs traffic management Department motor vehicles, and to schools, kindergartens and the owners of the leased school buses up to 10000 Yuan fine.
    25th school bus license holders are not in accordance with the provisions of the change procedures, rectification by the public security organs traffic management departments, and a fine of 200 Yuan fines; school bus drivers and school bus license containing the drivers is inconsistent, detained by the public security organs traffic management department vehicle.
    Article 26th when they are not carrying students on the school bus, driving in the bus lane or at the bus stop, 200 Yuan fines by the police traffic management departments.
    27th public security organs traffic management Department bus found violations of the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety Act, that should be corrected immediately, punishment according to law.
    28th public security organs traffic management Department investigated and dealt with traffic violations by law when detaining a school bus, shall notify the relevant schools, kindergartens and school bus owners and assist transfer students; illegal status is eliminated, it should be immediately returned to the vehicle must be.
    Article 29th school buses did not purchase carrier liability insurance, ordered by the public security organs traffic management departments insure; refusing to insure, the school bus license revoked.
    Car owners are not complying with the provisions of article 30th school maintenance school bus, belonging to operating a motor vehicle, the traffic Administration Department shall order rectification, impose a fine of 5000 Yuan, belonging to non-operating vehicles, traffic management by public security organs ordered corrective action and impose a fine of 5000 Yuan.
    31st school, kindergarten used school buses are not reported to the Department of educational administration record or not complying with the provisions of the identification of school bus, be warned by the administrative departments of education, rectification; refuses, criticized, and the principals, Director of the Government-run schools and kindergartens be given administrative sanctions.
    Article 32nd schools, kindergartens use license motor vehicles without the school bus carrying students, organised by the education departments for the administration of the Government schools, kindergartens and other responsible persons be given administrative punishments, principal, Director; cooperation private schools, kindergartens or schools and kindergartens organized people, responsible for the security or the other persons within 2 years shall not engage in school, kindergarten management.
    33rd article school, and kindergarten not by provides on school car perform security management and protection duties, caused heavy, and King casualties accident of, Government held of school, and kindergarten of principal, and Director and other responsibility personnel by education administration sector give dismissed, and fired public disposition; private school, and kindergarten or cooperation held of school, and kindergarten of held people, and security responsibility people or other directly responsibility personnel 5 years within shall not engaged in school, and kindergarten management affairs; constitute crime of, law held criminal.
    34th public security organs traffic management departments in the handling of the school bus license and implementation of road traffic safety management in the process, finds unauthorized organization of schools, kindergartens, shall promptly inform the Administrative Department of education education held without prior approval by the administration of schools, kindergartens, it shall be ordered to correct or order it to stop running.
    35th departments responsible for the supervision and administration of school bus safety is not complied with or is not fully discharge the responsibilities of security management, Department heads and those responsible for administrative sanctions according to law.
    Article 36th school bus safety supervision and management of departments and staff in school bus safety supervision and management of abuse, malpractice, negligence, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 37th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty to the departments concerned may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    Party fails to apply for administrative reconsideration or bring administrative proceedings, nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, relevant departments shall apply to the people's Court for enforcement. The fifth chapter by-laws

    38th field schools using the school bus carrying students in this city school, after school, in accordance with the relevant provisions of this approach and execution.
                                      39th these measures shall come into force on June 1, 2006.