Rules Of Standing Committee Of The Shenzhen Municipal People's Government

Original Language Title: 深圳市人民政府常务会议工作规则

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(155th, June 27, 2006, Shenzhen People's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2006) Chapter I General provisions article to promote scientific and democratic decision making, standardization of the Municipal Government to further standardize the Executive meeting of the municipal government (hereinafter referred to as meeting) operate according to relevant laws and regulations, combined with the practical work of the municipal government, these rules are formulated.
    Article II Executive meeting is to discuss and decide on major issues in the work of the Municipal Government's decision-making meeting, heads of administrative responsibility. Article III Executive Council consists of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Secretary-General, convened and presided over by the Mayor.
    If necessary, the Mayor may authorize the Deputy Mayor and presided over by the.
    Fourth municipal office (hereinafter referred to as the Office of the) is responsible for managing the servicing of the Conference.
    Second chapter Conference issues fifth article following matters by Executive Conference considered: (a) Regulations draft, and municipal government regulations and important of normative file; (ii) city economy and social development planning, and annual plans, government investment of major project; (three) reform innovation and the economic social management aspects of major policy measures; (four) financial pre accounts, major financial arrangements; (five) city general planning, and recently construction planning and annual implementation plans, and land using plans and important special planning;
    (F) the important matter of resource allocation and social distribution, major matters regarding the disposal of State-owned assets; (VII) required municipal approval of land transfer, the premium relief matters; (h) the Mayor thinks other important matters that should be decided by the Executive.
    Sixth executive meeting does not consider the following matters: (a) in accordance with the Division of labour by the Mayor, Vice Mayor, the Secretary-General to handle matters, (b) law matters to be decided by the District Government, municipal government departments; (iii) the question is not called for by this rule, complete exposure, publicity, expert advice demonstrates and prior coordination matters.
    Article seventh drew the Executive meeting discussed issues shall be determined by the District Government, municipal government departments or institutions directly under the municipal government Deputy Mayor proposed, approved by the mayor or Deputy Mayor agrees. Municipal Executive meeting of the State-owned enterprises need to issue should be presented to the municipal government through the State-owned assets supervision and administration.
    Civil authority belongs to institution or under body Executive meeting question needs, should be presented to the municipality through its administrative departments. Before the eighth session submitted to the approval of the municipal government, by the organizers with the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions, complete the following request for comments, the advisory work: (a) scope by topic, seek the views of the District Government and municipal authorities and, if necessary, seek the NPC deputies and CPPCC members. Among them, involving increased expenditure or new spending projects, should seek the views of the municipal finance department involved agencies, should seek the views of municipal establishments of departments.
    Significant differences of opinion among Governments and departments, should be on the issues prior to the meeting, by the deputy mayors or their delegate in charge of the Secretary-General, the Deputy Secretary-General to convene a meeting of the Municipal Government Office to coordinate.
    (B) relating to urban planning, transportation, environmental protection, culture and education, medical and health, public service price adjustment and other issues of public interest, in accordance with the relevant provisions, by municipal government information network and other media publicity or organizing hearings and solicit views of the community and the general public.
    (C) relating to economic and social development planning, urban planning, industrial development, major reform initiatives, important resource allocation and the Government's major construction projects, such as professional, technical issues, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions, expert consultation demonstration. (D) issues relating to legal issues, should be carried out by the municipal legal Affairs Office of legal review and issue a written opinion.
    Main conflict with the laws, rules and regulations, coordination with existing policy is consistent with international conventions, the existence of other inappropriate issues. Nineth meeting agenda submitted to the Standing Committee of the municipal government in advance of their consideration, sponsor shall be governed by the Office of the request submitted for consideration of the text and other related materials.
    Include: (a) submitted for deliberation by the full text, such as instructions, reporting as well as people's municipal government motion, draft regulations and regulatory documents, decisions and other. (B) the topic for a description of the situation.
    Description should include the need for, and the development and principal, main policy basis of law, legitimacy and feasibility of proposed measures may have on economic, social impact assessment analysis to seek views from all units of the area and, experts, public opinion, and so on. (C) issues related to attachments.
    Mainly in the following aspects: 1. legal review and expert report; 2. for public enterprises and public information note 3. Description of consultation with the relevant departments, the Central Government; 4. relevant legal and policy basis; 5. other important reference information for decision-making.
    Article tenth review by the Office of the organizers submitted the question text materials comply with the requirements of, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government agreed, as the meeting materials.
    Office of the 11th that submitted materials do not meet the requirements, shall promptly notify the submitting authority correction or refund.
    In principle, the Executive meeting of the 12th chapter meeting held once a week, if necessary by the Mayor decided to temporarily increase.
    13th under the Office of issue priorities, each standing 3 working days prior to the meeting, topics proposed meeting arrangements, after review by the Secretary-General, mayors or delegates to convene a meeting of the deputy mayors determined. 14th General meeting attended by more than half the members will convene a meeting.
    Conference members and designated staff is unable to attend the meeting as nonvoting delegates should leave to the Mayor.
    Component members of the Standing Committee is unable to attend the meeting, may appoint a Deputy Secretary-General views can also be made in writing.
    Deputy Secretary-General's reform and development, supervision, finance, Legal Department Chief General fixed attend Executive meetings. 15th meeting to discuss the major issues, in charge of the leadership meeting.
    If issue requirement shall take a decision within the prescribed time, and leaders from business trips, visits and other reasons are unable to attend the meeting and written comments. 16th article based on the content issues, organized by the Office of the concerned government officials to attend the meeting.
    Attend staff participate in the consideration of issues related to, after meeting, the chairpersons agreed on the issues or instructions. Meeting attendance personnel are not entitled to publish views disagree with the unit prior to the final writing.
    Necessary, shall in advance and state the reasons.
    17th accountability the Office of the Executive meeting materials and notice of the meeting and sent the day before the meeting reached members present, to attend the general meeting. The fourth chapter meeting decided that the 18th Executive meeting of the members could express their views fully, and Conference attendance can also be combined with responsibilities in this sector to express their views.
    According to the principle of executive heads in charge, Mayor or his or her delegate to convene a meeting of the Deputy Mayor, fully listen to all opinions on the basis of final adopted principles by, through, or other decisions are made.
    Article 19th General meeting to consider the issue of any of the following circumstances, decided by the Mayor decided not to pass or not to: (a) the issues proved inadequate or missing important content, need to reorganize your argument, (ii) the great differences of opinion, required further consultation and coordination and (iii) other circumstances that should not be an immediate decision. 20th Executive meeting records should be complete and detailed discussions of the issue and the final decision, if there is disagreement should be stated.
    Based on the Office of draft meeting minutes, after review by the Secretary-General, reported to the mayor or his or her delegate to convene a meeting of the Deputy Mayor to issue.
    The Office of the Executive Council meeting should be recorded, audio recording to save, for future reference. 21st Executive meeting minutes are government departments, District Government within the implementation of the decisions of the Conference document, not as a foreign administrative act direct basis.
    Law-related content, Department of Legal Affairs shall be check.
    22nd Executive meeting decided matters are appropriate for public, should be reported immediately through the media. 23rd District Government, municipal government departments should conscientiously implement the municipal executive meeting action items. In addition to meeting specific requirements, General Executive meeting action items should be completed within 1 month, and timely feedback to the Office of the handle.
    Special circumstances delay handling, should be advanced to the Office of the report.
    24th Conference on strengthening of the Office of inspection and supervision matters agreed upon, will be informed on a regular basis a summary report to the municipal government.
    Office of the fifth chapter supplementary articles article 25th according to this rules, formulate specific implementing measures.
                                                                                26th article of the rules come into force on July 1, 2006.