Administrative Measures For The Civil Construction Energy Saving In Luoyang City

Original Language Title: 洛阳市民用建筑节能管理办法

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(June 23, 2006 16th Executive meeting consideration of the people's Government of Luoyang City on July 1, 2006, 86th Luoyang City people's Government promulgated as of August 1, 2006) first in order to strengthen the management of civil construction energy saving, improving the quality of indoor thermal environment and improve energy efficiency, according to the People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Act, the construction engineering quality management regulation (State Council order No. 279), the civil construction energy saving management regulations
    (Ministry of construction 143th order) and the relevant provisions of the national, provincial, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second civil construction mentioned in these measures refers to residential buildings and public buildings. This approach by said of civil energy-saving, is refers to civil in planning, and design, and built and using process in the, through used new wall body material, implementation building energy-saving standard, strengthening buildings with can equipment of run management, reasonable design building enclosure structure of hot workers performance, improve heating, and refrigeration, and lighting, and ventilation, and to drainage and channel system of run efficiency, and using can renewable energy, in guarantee buildings using function and indoor hot environment quality of premise Xia, reduced energy consumption, reasonable, and
    Energy efficient activities.
    Article within the urban planning district, civil construction (excluding construction of low-rise residential by farmers) the design, construction, supervision, quality control activities, these measures shall apply.
    Fourth of municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the direct supervision of civil construction energy saving management, in accordance with national and provincial planning of building energy saving, development of building energy saving in our city planning, and is responsible for organization and implementation.
    As the city's municipal development and reform Department energy conservation Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of civil architecture and integrated.
    Urban planning, land and resources, technical supervision and other administrative departments, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do a building energy efficiency.
    New residential building shall, in accordance with section v of the design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in Henan province (DBJ41/062-2005) implementation of new public buildings designed in accordance with the design standard for energy efficiency of public buildings (GB50189-2005).
    Sixth construction units shall in accordance with policy requirements and construction of building energy conservation design standard for energy efficiency, delegate projects design and engineering of building energy-saving technology and measures submitted to the municipal construction administrative departments.
    Units shall not be designed for any reason, unauthorized changes approved after examination of the construction unit energy saving design files, reducing building energy efficiency standards.
    Article seventh unit should be designed according to the requirement of building energy conservation standards, and ensure the quality of building energy-saving design. Construction drawing design documents in review, the review body, should review the contents of the energy-saving design, separately presented in the review energy review section.
    Does not meet the mandatory building energy conservation standards, construction drawing review conclusions be determined to be ineligible.
    Eighth construction units shall in accordance with the examination of design documents and building energy-saving construction standards for the construction, ensure the quality of construction.
    Nineth supervising units shall in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations, as well as building energy efficiency standards, energy-saving design, construction engineering contract for energy-efficient construction and supervision contract supervision and supervision responsibility for construction quality.
    Tenth to encourage civil construction energy conservation science and technology development, promote the use of energy-efficient buildings, structures, materials, equipment and ancillary facilities and appropriate technology, applied technology and management techniques, to promote renewable energy development and utilization. 11th article encourages development following building energy-saving technology and products: (a) new energy-saving wall body and roofing of insulation, and insulation technology and material; (ii) energy-saving doors and Windows of insulation insulation and closed technology; (three) concentrated heating and hot, and electric, and cold cogeneration joint for technology; (four) heating heating system temperature regulation and points households heat measurement technology and device; (five) solar, and geothermal, can renewable energy application and the equipment; (six) building lighting energy-saving technology and products; (seven) air conditioning refrigeration energy-saving technology and products; (eight) other
    Energy-saving technologies and energy-saving technology is mature and effective management techniques. 12th construction quality supervision organization shall strengthen daily supervision of energy-saving projects, and keep a record of acceptance into the engineering quality acceptance of building energy saving content.
    Of violations of mandatory building energy efficiency standards, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the construction engineering quality management regulation, ordered units to correct another acceptance; refused to correct or after corrective action is still not up to the standards of the project, not for completion of formalities.
    13th real estate developers sold commercial houses should be energy-saving measures, enclosure structure thermal insulation performance of basic information on the sales site prominently be publicized, and are contained in the housing with the instruction manual.
    Energy-saving building put into use, no unit or individual may unlawfully altered envelope, energy-saving measures.
    14th construction during construction, municipal construction administrative departments should strengthen the hoarding of the building structure (walls, roof, doors, Windows, curtain, etc), heating and cooling systems, lighting and ventilation and other electrical devices with energy-saving requirements of supervision and inspection.
    15th units engaged in building energy-saving and management, building energy efficiency standard of its practitioners with technical expertise and training.
    16th on building energy efficiency work units or individuals of outstanding contributions, as well as the national and provincial and municipal building energy efficiency demonstration projects (community) project, the municipal people's Governments shall give commendations or awards. 17th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by city construction administrative competent sector be punishment: (a) units express or hinted design units, and construction units violation building energy-saving design mandatory standard, reduced engineering construction quality of, sentenced 200,000 yuan above 500,000 yuan following fine; (ii) design units not by energy-saving design mandatory standard for design of, should modified design; not for modified of, give warning, sentenced 100,000 yuan above 300,000 yuan following fine; caused loss of,
    Law bear compensation responsibility; (three) construction units not according to energy-saving design for construction of, ordered corrected; plot serious of, sentenced engineering contract price 2% above 4% following fine; rectification by occurred of engineering costs, by construction units is responsible for; (four) engineering supervision units and construction units or construction units collusion, fraud, reduced engineering quality of, sentenced 500,000 yuan above 1 million Yuan following fine.
    18th of municipal construction Administrative Department staff in management and building energy-saving management of dereliction of duty, abuse of rights, favoritism, given administrative sanctions according to law; if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    19th city counties (cities), the civil construction energy saving in the area of urban planning management in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                                                          20th these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2006, and September 13, 1999, published by the people's Government of the interim measures on the administration of building energy saving in Luoyang (city, 42nd) repealed simultaneously.