Hohhot National Work Several Provisions

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市民族工作若干规定

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(May 21, 2006 the Hohhot municipal people's Government at the 25th Executive meeting on June 7, 2006, the Hohhot municipal people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2006, 2nd) first to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of minority nationalities to develop equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony of Socialist ethnic relations, promoting the development of unity and common prosperity of all ethnic groups, under the People's Republic of China Law on regional ethnic autonomy and the implementation of the State Council
    People's Republic of China several provisions of the law on regional ethnic autonomy, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Article people's Governments at all levels should be carried out regularly to citizens of all ethnic groups of the People's Republic of China Law on regional national autonomy and other national laws, regulations and national policies of promotion and education.
    The city's ethnic work Conference, held once every five years, ethnic unity and progress Conference held once every three years.
    Article III-owned news media, Government Web sites to increase advocacy efforts for national unity and progress.
    Schools at all levels shall, in accordance with provisions of national and State of the city, offering ethnic theory and policy basics course, insisted on education in schools, in textbooks, in class. Article city people's Governments at all levels should be minority nationalities and in minority-populated Township, the village of strategy of economic development in a more prominent position, adhere to the whole village and the poverty alleviation and development, fostering and developing characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry.
    To support economic development of the people of minority nationalities policies and measures to carry out specific work.
    In accordance with the production, affluent life and rural civilization, tidy, management objectives and requirements of democracy, promoting minority new countryside building in our city.
    Article national work Department should establish and improve the people's Governments at all levels to support ethnic minority village and interracial village economic development project database to provide detailed evidence at all levels of Government to support minority economic development.
    City and County area economy sector, integrated function departments should support minority economic development to the important position of the masses, completed at least a year, minority affairs, one on my specific activities, and to support the project.
    Construction of the sixth article of the municipal finance funds, special construction funds and other policy-related bank loans, you can give priority to the development of economic and social projects. Article people's Governments at all levels should strictly implement relevant regulations of the State and the autonomous communities.
    Separately in the budget to specific expenditures minority development funding and national funding.
    Minority development financing increases in the original budget the previous year not less than 20%, district development funds approved by the population of ethnic minorities, people, budget not less than 50,000 yuan, 10,000 to 30,000 people, no less than 100,000 yuan; more than 30,000 persons of not less than 200,000 yuan, increase municipal executive.
    City and County area minority funding budgets approved by the minority population standard of 2 Yuan per capita, annually 5% to ensure national work departments at all levels have a lot of work.
    Eighth people's Governments at various levels should continue to increase support for poor ethnic minority population, development of appropriate safeguards, and ensure compliance with minimum standards and conditions of urban and rural poor ethnic minority people enjoy minimum living benefits.
    Nineth people's Governments at all levels should strengthen the national enterprises and national trade support for national products and national trading companies offer information and services.
    Tenth levels of people's Governments and relevant departments depending on the circumstances, in order to enter the city to set up enterprises, workers and conduct other legitimate business activities facilitating the movement of minority staff and services.
    Township community to actively cooperate with the Government, offices, national, civil affairs, public security, industry and commerce, taxation, and city departments, strengthening the management and service of floating minority population.
    11th levels of people's Governments of cities, unemployment, ethnic minority people in self-employment and employment support to take care of.
    National sector and employment in the Government departments at all levels should create the conditions to carry out urban and rural minority people work skills, technical and job training. 12th party recruit civil servants and institutions hire staff, according to the relevant regulations of the Government, the Mongolian, Daur, Oroqen, Ewenki exam candidates a plus.
    Various selective examinations at all levels should provide national language papers.
    13th of municipal and County District people's Government should attach importance to and regulation of national language teaching college graduates employment work.
    Employers may not set the refusal to hire graduates of the national language teaching conditions of hire.
    14th people's Governments at various levels shall take measures to increase the intensity of training, training for cadres of ethnic minorities.
    15th people's Governments at all levels should attach great importance to developing national education, integration and optimization of education resources, a focused run boarding national school.
    Boarding national boarders of the school meals grants, adhere to the principle of territorial management, grading burden, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the autonomous regions, effective implementation of national boarders of the school meals subsidies.
    16th people's Governments at various levels to non-compulsory education, poor minority students through financial subsidies, donations and other forms of active fund its completion.
    17th to encourage and support social forces in various forms in the city run, organised at different levels and different properties, different patterns of ethnic schools.
    18th the guarantee responsibility of the Government of the people's Governments at various levels should strengthen compulsory education, coverage of minority compulsory education into the public finances to ensure national and office expenses to pay for public school funding, guarantees the city's educational surcharge 20% or more a year to help the poverty-stricken ethnic education, giving priority to implementing the free compulsory education in national schools. Article 19th Governments at all levels should strengthen the minority school teachers, education authorities at all levels should take effective measures to strengthen the national in-service training of teachers, construction of high-level national school teachers.
    In ordinary public schools should be equipped with a number of ethnic minority school-level leaders.
    20th levels of people's Governments should develop national minority careers in science and technology and in scientific and technological literacy and training of minority people. City and County departments have organized and planned nature of minority scientific application extension and farmer training in practical techniques.
    Upper counties in minority village and township (town) should build up scientific and technical training establishments.
    21st people's Governments at all levels should be encouraged to learn the use of the minority language among various ethnic groups, actively promote Mongolia the normalization, standardization and Informationization of language to strengthen Mongolia leadership of language translation, to ensure the implementation of its staffing and funding.
    City Colleges to gradually increase, adding Mongolia languages teaching of new professions and disciplines.
    22nd Governments at all levels should vigorously train minority literary and artistic talents, actively develop minority cultural undertakings, striving for better minority newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV programs, and extensive cultural exchange activities. 23rd people's Governments at various levels should inherit and carry forward the outstanding cultural heritage of; to rescue and protect national monuments, precious relics; strengthening of national history and language study, collecting, collating and translate and publish ethnic books; building, managing, at all levels with national characteristics of cultural centers, libraries and museums.
    In urban planning and construction, should pay attention to ethnic and national styles.
    Article 24th Governments at all levels should increase the minority public health system, capital investment and technical support, to ensure that the city's minority village in priority to the implementation of the new rural cooperative medical care system. Development should pay attention to personnel training in Mongolian medicine and Mongolian medicine.
    Minority maternal and child health care, improving the health conditions of women and children of ethnic minorities. 25th people's Governments at all levels should develop their national sports, importance of minority traditional sports activities.
    Held once every five years, the city's ethnic minority sports games.
    26th people's Governments at various levels shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the autonomous communities and the city's, pays special attention to family planning work of minority citizens to promote prenatal and postnatal care, improve population quality. 27th to respect funeral customs of ethnic minorities, and to provide the necessary conditions and funeral services.
    For voluntary reform of funeral of minority citizens, for their support.
    Ban discriminatory against minorities and insulting names, place names, stele, inscribed board, etc.
    28th minority workers to participate in the nation's major festivals, holidays according to state regulations, and to pay salaries.
    Authorities in violation of the provisions of article 29th, do not perform their duties according to law, by its superior administrative body or supervisory organs shall be ordered to correct.
    Executive staff in dealing with ethnic affairs at all levels in the abuse, negligence, malpractice, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their. 30th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2006.
                                                                                                      Hohhot, June 17, 1999, the purpose of the urban ethnic work several provisions of the repealed at the same time.