Zhejiang Province Urban Construction Archives Management

Original Language Title: 浙江省城市建设档案管理办法

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(July 13, 2006 Zhejiang Province Government makes No. 217, announced since September 1, 2006 up purposes) first article to strengthening on city construction archives of management, effective to collection, and custody and using archives, for city planning, and construction and management service, according to People's Republic of China archives method, and People's Republic of China city planning method, and construction engineering quality management Ordinance, and science and technology archives work Ordinance of provides, combined this province actual, developed this approach.
    Second urban construction archives in these measures, is in urban planning, construction and management activities directly, save for the national and community value of text, drawings, charts, video, electronic files, documentation, and other carriers.
    Third article this regulation is applicable in the province within the administrative area of urban construction archives management activities.
    Fourth municipal people's Governments shall strengthen leadership of the urban construction archives work, the development of urban construction archives career into national economic and social development planning, meet the needs of urban construction.
    Fifth establish comprehensive urban construction archives in all levels (room)-based network of urban construction archives work, urban construction archives of full, accurate, system, safe and effective use.
    Code for design of urban construction archives and archives should be designed in accordance with requirements.
    Urban construction archives (room) should be using the computer and network technology, the establishment and improvement of urban construction archives information network, information included in the collection of urban construction, collect, receive, store, organize in time.
    Urban construction archives (room) the funds necessary, be arranged by the financial sector adoption of the budget at the same level.
    Sixth construction administration departments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the administration of urban construction archives work, business archives administrative departments at the same level of supervision and guidance.
    Competent administrative departments should pay attention to in urban construction archives work system, establish and improve the system of urban construction archive management system.
    Article seventh urban construction archives institutions shall perform the following duties: (a) be responsible for the collection, storage and utilization of urban construction archives, (ii) commissioned by the construction Administrative Department, in charge of urban construction archives management and (iii) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations and these rules. Eighth article city construction archives institutions received and management following archives: (a) various city construction engineering archives: 1. industrial, and civil engineering; 2. municipal based facilities engineering; 3. public based facilities engineering; 4. traffic based facilities engineering; 5. garden construction, and landscape places construction engineering; 6. City sanitation facilities construction engineering; 7. City flood control, and seismic engineering; 8. combined civil built of underground air defense engineering; 9. build military iron bastions engineering archives information in the, except army
    Outside the restricted zones and military administrative zones through the city's underground pipeline and the location map on the hidden works.
    (B) urban planning area in the various underground pipeline project (including urban water supply, drainage, gas, heat, electricity, telecommunications, industrial underground pipelines) files.
    (C) the professional management of the urban construction system units (including urban planning, investigation, design, construction, supervision, landscape, scenery, sanitation, municipal, utility, real estate management unit) formed a business technology archives.
    (D) policies relating to urban planning, construction and management regulations, scientific research and urban style historical data.
    (E) established by the Ministry of construction, the national archives of urban construction archives information.
    Receiving prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the scope of management of archival material, by province construction administrative departments, provincial archives in conjunction with the competent departments of the province shall be separately formulated by the Administrative Department.
    Nineth urban construction archives by the employer in accordance with national and provincial standards set to collect, collate, and handed over to the urban construction archives institutions. Construction engineering archives referred to in the preceding paragraph, including engineering projects, construction and materials formed from completed files should be archived.
    Project management documents can transfer copies of materials. Tenth article to the relevant Department for a construction company in construction project planning permit or construction permits during the relevant declarations to the project location should be urban construction archives record.
    Urban construction archives institutions upon receiving the filing, and shall inform the employer in writing of obligations by transferring urban construction archives.
    11th relevant administrative department or the project owner Organization project when it is completed, it shall notify the institutions of urban construction archives, by the Agency of construction technology of urban construction archives archives information is complete and construction management for comment. 12th construction engineering construction units shall within 20 working days of the date of acceptance to the local construction of urban construction archives organization submitted a compliance project archives, but the building project final accounts in construction engineering information can transferred within 3 months from the date of acceptance.
    Construction engineering archives is not complete, and should complement the range.
    13th the unit on the formation of urban construction archives except in accordance with the provisions of this approach to urban construction archives transferred to external, should also do a good job collating, archiving and and comprehensive archives central depository of this unit.
    14th construction projects put into use after the alteration, expansion or maintenance of important parts, construction design, construction units should be organized according to amend, Supplement and perfect the construction of the original project files involving changes in the structure and layout should be reworked project files, and within 3 months after completion of urban construction archives institutions archives.
    15th professional management units within the formation of the urban construction system of business technology archives, who has permanent value, since the archives date from 1 year to 5 years, handed over to the urban construction archives organization; archive for long-term preservation value, urban construction archives institutions since the archives date from 1 year to 5 years, have the choice of receiving.
    16th construction unit should be handed over to the urban construction archives organization following the underground pipeline project archives: (a) underground pipeline project preparation work, construction, supervision and acceptance documentation and as-built drawings, (ii) underground pipeline engineering survey results and (iii) other relevant subsurface utility engineering e-documents, photos, videos, microforms and other archives of special morphology.
    Underground pipeline archives information specified in the preceding paragraph, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the regulations, and construction to the urban construction archives project files together or separate institutions.
    17th construction units when they apply for construction project planning permit, should be to the institutes for the construction of urban construction Archives works of underground pipeline archives information construction lots, construction sites the status of underground pipelines information obtained and construction project planning permit issued by the authorities to explain the status of underground pipelines.
    18th urban underground pipeline ownership changes, should be scrapped, missed part of the underground pipeline in time modify, Supplement to the underground pipeline on the professional figure, and within 3 months of the amendment and supplement of urban construction archives submitted. 19th municipal people's Governments shall regularly on underground pipeline survey and supplementary.
    Formation of the surveys and supplementary archival material, by the bodies responsible for the management of urban construction archives.
    20th construction unit to collect, collate or supplementary compensation painted archival material is truly difficult, urban construction archives institutions can provide consultation and services. 21st urban construction archives institutions should regularly publish the list of open archives, and systematically compile files, the development of archives information resources, to facilitate the use of archives.
    Authorities query using archives information, urban construction archives agencies charge copying fees, handling fees, shall not be charged other fees. Urban construction archives should be involving State secrets shall be determined in accordance with the scope of the State secrets secret and abide by the confidentiality regulations of the State.
    Without approval of the property unit or by the competent authorities, shall not be read to use.
    Related units should be timely and full utilization of urban construction archives information, ensure the quality of construction projects for the design, construction, supervision, prevent the occurrence of damage.
    22nd urban construction archives institutions should establish a sound scientific management system and archives according to law of receiving, sorting, identification, statistics, privacy protection, work.
    Urban construction archives should be devoted to their duties, maintenance history, discipline, with the corresponding urban construction archives management expertise.
    23rd violates these measures set forth in 12th, 14th, in accordance with the article 59th of construction engineering quality management regulation.
    Article 24th disobey article 15th, delay in transfer of business technology archives from construction administrative departments be ordered to rectify, directly in charge of personnel or other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative or disciplinary action. 25th article violates this approach set forth in 16th and 18th, was not required to underground pipeline archive information of urban construction archives submitted by building rectification by the Administrative Department, and to a fine of between 50,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan. Causing damage to others shall bear liability.
    Cause damage to the public interest of urban construction, by the competent authority directly responsible for the personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative or disciplinary action.
    26th article violation this approach about provides, has following behavior one of of, by archives administrative competent sector or construction administrative competent sector on directly is responsible for of competent personnel or other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions: (a) on not meet provides requirements of archives be received of; (ii) in participation engineering completed acceptance or archives management work in the fraud of; (three) other engages in, and negligence behavior.
    27th the handling of other acts in violation of these rules, the records management laws and regulations we have provided, from its provisions constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. 28th article of the rules take effect on September 1, 2006, released on June 2, 1999, the management of urban construction archives in Zhejiang Province (provincial governments, 114th) repealed simultaneously.