Administrative Measures Of Guangdong Province, Navigation

Original Language Title: 广东省航标管理办法

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(August 16, 2006 considered 97th meeting of the people's Government of Guangdong Province on August 25, 2006, Guangdong provincial people's Government promulgated as of November 1, 2006, 110th) first to strengthen the management of navigation and the protection to ensure navigation in good used condition, ensure navigational safety, according to the People's Republic of China navigation Ordinance, waterways management regulations of Guangdong Province and other provisions, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.
    Inland and coastal area of the province article II navigable waters and sets up and manages activities related to navigation on land, these measures shall apply.
    Military AIDS to navigation, fisheries, navigation do not apply these measures.
    Article III jurisdiction of this province, inland navigable waters and navigation to their land, the provincial traffic Department province waterways of the administrative departments responsible for the management.
    Jurisdiction of the province along the navigable waters and navigation to their land, by the maritime administrative agency, the provincial traffic Department of provincial waterways the administrative departments are managed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Article people's Governments and their relevant competent administrative departments at all levels should support the authority to perform AIDS to navigation responsibility for the management of AIDS to navigation, combat occupation, acts of sabotage, theft of navigation or navigation aid facilities.
    Article fifth AIDS to navigation Management Department shall make navigation planning, construction work.
    Preparation of beacon planning should follow to facilitate navigation, security, the principle of unified planning, scientific layout, and flood control, ports, waterways and shipping development planning, urban planning and other related development planning coordination.
    Sixth navigation management authorities should be under the port, navigation, shipping, development, Setup, removal of AIDS to navigation and mobile navigation position.
    Navigation management authorities should be strengthened to set the maintenance of AIDS to navigation, ensure that navigation is in excellent used condition.
    Article seventh according to the People's Republic of China sixth navigation Ordinance provides that special Setup, removal of AIDS to navigation, location and other conditions change, should the consent of beacon authorities.
    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations shall set up and maintain a private buoy accept buoy business guidance and supervision of the regulatory body. Eighth article in navigation waters has following case one of of, is responsible for construction or management of citizens, and corporate or other organization should according to navigation requirements set dedicated beacon: (a) has built, and new, and alterations and expansion of bridge and pipeline, and cable, and wire, and lock, stopped River, and across (had) River buildings; (ii) for salvage, and drilling, and dredging, and mining sand, and dug mud and other water Sheung Shui Xia construction job; (three) marked dedicated channel, and anchorage, and ban airlines district and throwing mud district; (four) marked take water mouth, and drainage mouth, and pumping station, and
    On the docks, dikes and other water structures; (e) mark water sports training area, Casino, swimming pool, (vi) mark fish traps, nets, cages and other aquaculture operations.
    Nineth due to construction or construction job needs moving, dismantling or adjusting the navigation, responsible for construction, construction of a citizen, legal person or other organization shall obtain the consent of AIDS to navigation management authorities agree that substitute measures are taken before the removal, dismantling or adjusting the navigation.
    Removal, dismantling, adjusting, recovery beacons and substitute measures requirements, construction, construction by the citizens, legal persons or other organizations.
    Tenth Article citizens, and corporate or other organization set dedicated beacon or need relocation, and demolition or adjustment beacon of, should to beacon management organ submitted following material: (a) application report; (ii) beacon type, and uses, and role distance, and lamp quality, and standard bit, and scheduled duration, beacon set programme and the design drawings; (three) beacon check, and maintenance, and maintenance, beacon maintenance programme; (four) set Yu new port, and channel of, should with full of beacon distribution cloth figure.
    Applicants shall, in accordance with the approved papers, national regulations and technical standards, complete the navigation settings.
    11th special navigation settings, relocation, removal or adjustment of administrative licensing procedures, in accordance with the provisions of the administrative permission law implementation.
    12th navigation buoy change condition should be the regulatory body, according to the navigation needs to release channel notices in a timely manner, with a copy to the military, the marine and fisheries sector.
    Settings, or removal of AIDS to navigation, navigation management authorities should release dynamics of AIDS to navigation and waterway announcements in advance.
    13th special AIDS to navigation for all, can entrust others to set up or maintain your private AIDS to navigation, the costs borne by the client.
    Private AIDS to navigation all in the consignment procedures in the 15th to buoy administration agencies for records.
    Private buoy owners or maintenance monthly AIDS to navigation management authorities in writing submitted to the navigation aid maintenance records and statistics.
    Article 14th AIDS to navigation management authority shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements, development of navigation settings, maintain quality standards, ensure the quality settings, maintenance of AIDS to navigation.
    Beacon maintenance should meet following requirements: (a) established sound beacon technology and statistics information archives, developed beacon work original and statistics report, timely filled, regularly finishing, archive save; (ii) developed beacon maintenance quality check approach, established beacon quality guarantee system; (three) beacon equipment should selection qualified of stereotypes products and has provides of reserves volume, and by about requirements for maintenance maintenance; (four) established sound safety regulations, regularly carried out security checks, prevent security accident of occurred.
    15th a citizen, legal person or other organization has the obligation to protect navigation, find damage of AIDS to navigation, displacement, potency disorders should timely report navigation and management authorities.
    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations may obstruct navigation construction, seize or damage to navigation and location, the equipment is strictly prohibited, prohibited all acts against or affecting the effectiveness of navigation.
    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations found floating loss AIDS to navigation shall be promptly returned to navigation authorities.
    16th the citizens, legal person or other organization may not set near buoy may be mistaken for navigation or affecting the effectiveness of navigation lights or other devices.
    Affecting the effectiveness of navigation lights shall be properly covered.
    17th against acts contrary to the relevant provisions of this approach, by AIDS to navigation authorities in accordance with the People's Republic of China navigation regulations, administrative regulations of Guangdong Province, channel and other provisions for punishment.
    Legal persons or other organizations in violation of this 7th, 8th, 13th article, the beacon management organs shall be ordered to rectify, and depending on the offence seriousness, fined 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    Article 18th AIDS to navigation authorities responsible for dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or malpractices for personal gain, disciplined by the organization or the competent Department constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                19th article this way come into force on November 1, 2006.