Administrative Measures On Urban Sewage Treatment Fee In Jilin Province

Original Language Title: 吉林省城市污水处理费管理办法

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(July 13, 2006 6th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Jilin province on July 25, 2006, 186th promulgated by the people's Government of Jilin province as of August 1, 2006) first in order to regulate the collection, use, and management of urban wastewater treatment fees, city construction, operation and maintenance of sewage treatment facilities, promote the development of industrialization of municipal wastewater treatment, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second people's Governments above the county level price management, finance and construction, environmental protection, water conservancy departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities and organize the implementation of these measures.
    Article III units and individuals within the administrative area of the province (including individual businesses, the same below) through city sewage facilities (including urban drainage pipe network of drains, sewers, drains, drainage pumping station, the same below) discharges shall be in accordance with the regulations, to pay the sewage charges. Article fourth urban sewage treatment fees charged from the start of construction of urban sewage treatment enterprises.
    During the construction of urban sewage treatment companies for administrative fees, after operating in the enterprise for business rates.
    Urban sewage treatment fees collected prior to, and people's Governments of cities shall be announced to the public.
    Fifth unit discharge of waste water, not directly into the water of urban drainage facilities, do not pay sewage charges, as prescribed by the State to pay sewage charges.
    Sixth the enterprises building their own sewage treatment facilities, treated wastewater reaches the State of integrated wastewater discharge standard under a level I or II standard, into urban sewage facilities, respectively, in accordance with normal standards of sewage charges 30% and 40% to pay sewage charges.
    Article seventh pay sewage charges, no longer paying sewage charges and urban drainage facilities use fees paid.
    Article eighth units by urban sewage discharged from this sewage, shall not exceed the national and provincial standards.
    Nineth urban sewage treatment fee charging standards approved principles and methods, developed separately by the provincial development and Reform Commission.
    Tenth Article city sewage processing fee, according to following provides meter received: (a) drainage mouth installation has measurement device of user, according to sewage emissions volume meter received; (ii) drainage mouth not installation measurement device of user, according to water of 80% meter received; (three) water households will sewage again using or in water process in the due to large consumption and obviously reduced sewage emissions volume of, according to local price management sector with environmental sector, and construction administrative competent sector truly approved of water of conversion ratio meter received. 11th water users of the sewage treatment charges, in principle by the city water Department in the collection of water charges together with the collection.
    Self-provided water users of sewage charges, in principle by the water conservancy administrative departments in charge of water resources fee collection together.
    City people's Government, according to the actual situation of sewage treatment fee collecting agency.
    12th sewage treatment fees paid in full in the financial account, the financial sector based on the actual amount over to the financial account of 5 per thousand, and paid fees to the collecting body.
    13th city of levying sewage treatment fees, within 3 years from the date of introduction, you must build sewage treatment enterprises, and put into normal operation.
    Article 14th discharged water quality sewage treatment enterprises, must meet the following requirements: (a) consistent with their declared sewerage treatment corresponding to the price level of sewage treatment (ii) up to national and provincial emissions standards.
    15th sewage treatment charges in construction of sewage treatment enterprises, according to the construction schedule allocated by the local financial sector.
    After the normal operation of sewage treatment enterprises, local financial departments according to the Environmental Protection Department monitors the actual processing to meet emission standards for water quality and construction departments to monitor the actual processing of water, as well as price management departments approved sewage treatment prices, allocated on a monthly sewage charge.
    16th violate the provisions of article III of this approach, the collecting body shall promptly report to the competent administrative Department of sewage treatment, by the authority for the courts to enforce.
    17th in violation of the provisions of article eighth, the people's Governments above the county level in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State double the levy of sewage charges; that does damage to sewage treatment enterprises, compensation according to law.
    18th in violation of the provisions of article 13th, ordered to cease the levying of sewage charges by the City Government, according to the relevant provisions of the Environmental Protection Department to restore the levy of sewage charges.
    19th in violation of the provisions of article 14th first from the price supervision and inspection departments shall be ordered to correct the people's Governments above the county level, confiscate the illegal income shall be liable to fine illegal gains of up to 5 times and by people's Government of the city of price management departments in accordance with the actual water quality, redefining wastewater treatment prices.
    20th in violation of the provisions of article 14th second, the people's Governments above the county level in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Environmental Protection Department to redouble its sewage charges.
    21st of embezzlement or misappropriation of the sewage charges, by auditing, finance, supervision departments according to their respective responsibilities in the investigation in accordance with law, constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
                                                                                          22nd article this way come into force on August 1, 2006.