Hohhot City Schools Safety Management

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市中小学校安全管理办法

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(August 16, 2006 the Hohhot municipal people's Government at the 26th Executive meeting on August 22, 2006, Hohhot municipal people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2006, 3rd) Chapter I General provisions article to enhance school safety management, maintaining the normal teaching order, protect the personal and property safety of students and faculty members, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city of ordinary primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools (hereinafter schools) these measures shall apply.
    Article III schools should follow the people-oriented safety management, safety first, prevention, management, community involvement, responsible approach. Fourth of municipal and county people's Governments shall strengthen the leadership of school safety, perform their duties according to law, to create a favorable security environment to ensure school safety. Its main functions are: (a) school safety management within the area of leadership, organization, administrative leader responsibility system and (ii) Conference on school safety work on a regular basis, supervision, inspection, school safety management work in this area.
    Research, and solution school security management work exists of problem, on accident hidden timely take effective governance and prevention measures; (three) obliges about sector on area within school security management work implementation supervision management, check assessment this area school security accountability implementation situation, guide education administrative sector and school about security work of major matters; (four) is responsible for school campus around environment of comprehensive; (five) Guide processing school heavy King security accident; (six) other should by Government processing of school security management work.
    Fifth of municipal educational administrative departments in charge of the city's school safety management, County Administrative Department of education school safety work within their respective jurisdictions to implement specific guidance, coordination, supervision and management.
    City and flag County District Education administrative competent sector of main duties is: (a) on belongs school security management work implementation supervision management; (ii) developed local district school security management work of annual plans, implementation annual school security management work; (three) and belongs school signed security management work responsibility, and assessment its implementation situation; (four) urged school troubleshooting hidden, implementation rectification measures, and on this sector unable to solution of rectification project timely reported sibling Government and superior education administrative competent sector;
    (E) accept the level of Government and higher authorities on school safety management guidance, supervision and inspection of the work; (vi) is responsible for major safety accidents in schools dealing with specific and general safety leadership and guidance and (seven) others should be dealt with by the Administrative Department of education school safety management. Article sixth schools should strengthen safety management and safety education for students by law, management and protection.
    Its main duties and task is: (a) established and school security management phase adapted of work institutions, equipped with full-time or part-time security management personnel, implementation security responsibility and funding; (ii) established sound school security management regulations, developed school security accident prevention and accident disposal plans; (three) developed school security management work annual plans, implementation annual security work; (four) is responsible for and school the functions sector signed security responsibility, will security responsibility implementation to specific sector and about personnel, and assessment its implementation situation;
    (Five) regularly carried out security checks, troubleshooting hidden, implementation rectification measures, and on school unable to solution of problem truthfully reported competent sector or sibling Government; (six) regularly troubleshooting campus dangerous, guarantee faculty personal and property security; (seven) strictly implementation People's Republic of China food health method, food health legal regulations, effective strengthening school food health management, consciously accept about sector supervision; (eight) strengthening on toxic harmful and flammable easy burst dangerous items of management;
    (I) the security work student group activities; (j) prevention first and combining prevention, pay special attention to fire safety in schools, (11) school safety accident emergency (12) other schools should be responsible for security management.
    Seventh public security, health, culture, environmental protection, business, urban management and other administrative authorities within their respective spheres for the campus and the surrounding environment and safety management, safety and create a good environment for the school.
    Chapter II internal security management article eighth schools should establish and improve the safety management system, and ensure the safety of students. Nineth schools is the legal representative of school safety management responsibility.
    Safety management of school accountability.
    Article tenth school to protect institutions should be set up, staffed with full-time or part-time security officers, determine its security responsibilities. 11th school janitor system, set up outside registration or verification of personnel into the school system.
    School security personnel shall strengthen the management of the school and non-school and non-school vehicle shall not enter the campus without permission.
    School janitor should be undertaken by full-time security staff or other to effectively fulfil their responsibilities.
    12th no person shall within the school assault, affray, and may not be required for non-teaching of inflammable, explosive, dangerous, toxic substances or under the control of security of the cutting tool, a weapon into school.
    13th school, events venues, educational facilities, equipment, facilities, must comply with the national standards of safety and health standards, and to establish and improve school safety and health protection system.
    Teaching use of chemicals, dangerous goods must be kept in a safe place, there is someone keeping, there is a strict system of management.
    Schools should be in the school pool, stairs, prone to dangerous places, such as warning or protective facilities.
    14th school to provide students with food, drinking water, must comply with the national standards of health and safety standards.
    15th students should come to school and do not get to school, schools shall, according to the guardian provides contact details inform students ' guardians.
    16th student needs of early school leavers, reasons should be the guardian in writing, and signatures of the head teacher or the principal specified to be school leavers.
    17th student in school, learning or schools should ensure that access to the accommodation area shall not block exits.
    18th school shall establish a school patrol system, security personnel should inspect schools. Night-time close the front of the school, the school security personnel should inspect schools to ensure that schools are safe.
    School night-time inspections shall be not less than two times.
    Schools may not rent the venue parking on campus outside of motor vehicles.
    Article 19th school large group activities such as arts, sports, celebrations, it shall establish provisional institutions of security management and safety education for students, development of emergency plan, equipped with the appropriate facilities and assigned to maintain order.
    School may organize students to participate in emergency shall be by a professional or adult activities, shall organize the students involved in the production of fireworks, toxic chemicals and other hazardous activities may organize students to participate in commercial activities. 20th school physical education, race, shall adopt the necessary security measures.
    The teaching of swimming, diving, equipment projects, competitions, should be equipped with a sufficient number of staff, with professional ambulance care. 21st Xue Jiao owned or leased vehicles carrying students (hereinafter referred to as the school bus) should conform to national safety standards.
    School hiring school bus drivers should be of good character and has a safe driving experience of more than three years.
    22nd school should be assigned to a school bus carrying students to examine the situation, find an overload or other security problems, should be processed in a timely manner.
    When the student, the school bus shall be equipped with full-time managers, is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring students ' safety when getting on and off. 23rd, students with specific diseases, specific physical or other abnormal physical or psychological condition of students or their guardians shall inform the school.
    School shall make a record and take the necessary protective measures in the educational and teaching activities, privacy must be kept secret.
    School staff found in the educational activities of students ' physical or mental abnormality, should be given help and inform the student's guardian.
    24th school for students are provided with accommodation, accommodation management system should be developed to ensure students stay safe.
    25th faculty and contingent workers suffering from mental disease, infectious disease, or any of the other circumstances may affect the safety of schools, departments and schools should take the post treatment or adjust positions, the necessary security measures. 26th schools shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State are staffed with professional medical qualifications (health care) or a part-time health-care teachers, acquisition of necessary equipment and medicines, safeguards for the treatment of diseases, and is responsible for reports of infectious disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies.
    Conditions should be established health (health).
    School surrounding safety management chapter 27th of municipal and County District people's Government is responsible for coordination and monitoring of relevant administrative departments to maintain schools surrounding safety, the creation of school safety management collaboration. 28th public security organs should strengthen the security perimeter of the school management, time to stop, investigate neighborhood crimes.
    Students to or from school-time patrols, maintain order, and to take effective measures to prevent the occurrence of criminal cases against students.
    Schools should be listed as key fire departments fire, school fire safety checks on a regular basis, strictly guard against and prevent fire accident. 29th public security traffic Administrative Department should be in front of the school or near the intersection set school marks, no parking, Ming ban signs and traffic lights, pedestrian zebra crossing and vehicle speed limits and other necessary safety signs and the students ' safety.

    Article 30th within 200 meters of the school may establish commercial dance halls, video game sites, billiards, Internet cafes, and other students should not enter the site.
    Culture, business, sports and other administrative departments should, in that context have been established related sites to clean up, deadline had closed down or moved.
    Industrial, urban management and other departments around the school school education, the teaching order or order vendors, stalls cleaned.
    31st schools around the area, set up toxic, poisonous, flammable, explosive or other dangerous goods, and high voltage electrical equipment shall be in accordance with State regulations and keep a safe distance from the school.
    Schools around the region waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise and emissions of contaminants such as radioactive material shall conform to the national and local standards. The fourth chapter school safety inspections and supervision article 32nd schools shall, in accordance with national regulations, standards and regularly (at least once per semester) to check on school safety work.
    Check of main content has: (a) school school, and education teaching equipment facilities, and activities places, and life service facilities and traffic vehicles; (ii) school to students provides of food and drinking water; (three) School of electrical, and fire facilities, and teaching with dangerous items and campus Internet; (four) school security management the system of implementation situation; (five) school around environment of security status and other should included security checks of matters.
    During a security check in the school, found that the problem should be reported to the relevant authorities and corrective action in a timely manner.
    33rd of municipal and county people's Governments shall strengthen the inspection and supervision of school security, the administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions and powers, and jurisdictions, school safety carry out supervision and inspection on a regular basis, find the problem or safety hazard, shall be ordered to proceed to rectify within the school.
    The fifth chapter emergency rescue, investigation and handling article 34th city and county administrative departments of education shall establish a school emergency response mechanisms. Schools should be setting fires, weather disasters, public health emergencies and other emergency preparedness.
    When an emergency occurs, shall without delay handle the salvage, disposal and reported in accordance with city, County and district education departments and the administrative authorities and assist the relevant administrative departments to take preventive and control measures. Schools should be set up to police, emergency equipment and safe passage, and ensure that it is safe and effective.
    Received the relevant police departments should be promptly dealt with.
    35th weeks for students ' safety education in the second week of each semester.
    Safety education during school should take a variety of forms of safety education for students, the departments concerned should give support.
    Schools should arrange at least once each semester the student survival self-help exercises.
    36th student in educational and teaching activities in the sudden illness or personal injury, school will be the first to take rescue measures, and then inform their guardian, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the report.
    37th school when the accident occurred, the relevant departments should be investigated and handled in a timely manner in accordance with the provisions.
    Article 38th students ' personal injury claims, can be resolved through consultation by the parties or to the education sector to apply for mediation, negotiation or mediation are unsuccessful, may initiate litigation to the people's Court; the party may also directly bring a lawsuit.
    Of the parties to apply for mediation to the education sector, the Department of education shall accept, and 20th days of acceptance within the mediation. 39th school school liability insurance shall insure safety accident.
    Purchase of school liability insurance funds, Government-run schools of compulsory education according to the principles of management by the city and County finance in additional education fees were charged to senior secondary school paid for by extrabudgetary funding; private schools paid for by the organizers, included in the cost of education.
    Sixth chapter legal liability article 40th education, public security, health, culture, environmental protection, and urban management and other administrative departments for industry and Commerce and his staff, violating the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, failure to comply with safety education, management and protection responsibilities, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    41st school violates the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, failure to comply with safety education, management and protection responsibilities, by the Education Department or the appropriate administrative authorities warned that a rectification; refuses, by the Education Department or the appropriate administrative authorities criticized, by the gate to the Government-run school of the Ministry of education administrative sanctions. Schools failing to fulfil safety education, management and protection responsibilities, resulting in heavy, serious casualties, the Government-run school principals and other persons directly responsible shall be removed from Office, dismissed sanctions; cooperation private schools or school sponsors, school security or other persons may not engage in school management services within five years.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    42nd students ' injury in accidents, school is in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and rules set out in the students ' safety education, management and protection responsibilities, is not liable, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
    Article 43rd insults, beatings of students, faculty, school teaching order of interference, dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 44th kindergarten, special education schools and other educational and training institutions to recruit full-time students in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                  45th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2006.