Baotou City Taxi Security Management

Original Language Title: 包头市客运出租汽车治安管理办法

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(July 4, 2006, baotou city people's Government, the 8th Executive meeting on July 13, 2006 109th baotou city people's Government promulgated as of September 1, 2006) first in order to improve taxi security management, maintaining the public order, protection of taxi companies in China, and the life and property safety of the passengers, according to relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second taxi in these measures refers to legally obtain qualifications for operating, according to passengers willing to provide bus service, mileage or time charge for passenger vehicles.
    Article within the administrative area of the city, taxi security management departments, taxi companies, taxi employees and passengers shall be subject to these measures.
    Article fourth taxi security management, in accordance with the requirements of comprehensive management of public security, specialized institutions and governance and self autonomy, a combination of prevention policy, adhere to the principles of management and service.
    Fifth of municipal public security organs are the municipal taxi administration of public security authorities.
    City public transport security management departments of public security organs in charge of rare-earth high-tech zone and the kundulun district and the Peak District and the donghe district, Jiuyuan district-wide taxi security management; other flag, County and district public security organs in charge of the district taxi security management. Municipal development and reform, transportation, industry and commerce sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to make taxi security management-related work.
    Passenger taxi security management, financial departments should be given the necessary financial guarantees.
    Sixth article of the city taxi registration management system.
    Taxi companies and taxi workers, should receive a passenger in the taxi after the 10th, to the municipal public transport security management departments of public security organs for the registration procedures, respectively, fill in the registration form of the baotou city taxi company security management in China, the baotou city taxi public security registration form.
    Article seventh when taxi company in the register, it shall provide written materials such as business licenses, basic conditions of internal security organizations.
    Taxi when employees register, it shall provide the identity card and the driver's license, and the qualification and the operating certificate of motor vehicle driving license and a inch of my recent photos.
    Eighth public security organs should be on taxi companies and practitioners for detailed registration, State of card file, and taxi in China issued certificate of registration of the baotou city taxi security management and security records logo.
    Before the release of this approach has been operating has not been filing formalities, shall, from the date of implementation of this approach in the 30th with a replacement record.
    Nineth taxi company closed for business, seeking to resume operation or change the name, transfer address, and change the appearance, shape, replace the driver of the taxi, after examination and approval by the relevant authority within 10th municipal public transportation Security Administration Department of public security organs for record change procedures.
    Tenth public security organs gradually implemented network management, establishment of an information service platform, in China with taxi in time informed the exchange of security information to realize information resources sharing.
    11th public security organs should work with the taxi business departments, taxi companies establish information-exchange mechanisms, Exchange management information, adjust the security management essentials, take appropriate security precautions.
    12th taxi public security organs necessary for the job security of employees trained.
    13th public security organs should strengthen taxi inspections and monitoring of the security situation, discover potential safety and security or other law and order issues, issued the opinion on the corrective action in a timely manner, and put forward rectification opinions, rectification.
    14th for passengers in China and taxi for rental disputes in the commuter taxis are, the public security organs of mediation, to take appropriate measures to prevent the situation escalate.
    Taxi run 15th promoted into installation using standards-compliant protective fence, police for rescue equipment, GPS anti-theft Rob systems and other security devices to ensure driver's safety.
    16th, public security organs in the city's main export settings out of the city public security inspection station alarm service, and ensure 24-hour on duty, sailed through security checking station alarm services from the town of taxi and passenger registration to check the suspicious circumstances, timely disposal of the police.
    Security check alarm service station shall not charge a fee.
    17th taxi company signed with the public security authorities of the security responsibility, clear security responsibilities, and bear the corresponding security.
    Taxi companies in accordance with the requirements of the security responsibility, signed with the drivers employed by the security responsibility, implementation of security objectives.
    18th article passenger taxi company according to security responsibility of requirements, perform following security responsibility: (a) established security defend organization or equipped with designed (and) vocational security defend personnel; (ii) developed security security system, implementation security prevention measures, regularly on passenger taxi for security checks, found security security hidden timely rectification; (three) timely to police organ report security situation, assist police organ detected and investigation criminal case, and security case and the disaster accident;
    (D) cooperate with state card file of public security organs to do taxi work.
    19th article passenger taxi practitioners should comply with following provides: (a) obey police organ on passenger taxi for of security management, via security check alarm service station consciously accept Security registration, and check; (ii) operating Shi carry security record identifies; (three) operating in the found suspicious items, and suspicious personnel or other illegal activities, and encountered wrongful against of, should timely to police organ reported; (four) shall not in passenger taxi Windows Shang posted colored film or hanging curtains; (V) found that passengers left the property in the vehicle, tried to return in a timely manner.
    Unable to return, should be turned over to the unit, road transport management department or a public security organ; (vi) should not be used to operate taxi carrying inflammable or explosive hazardous goods or other prohibited items, or for facilitating the illegal and criminal activities.
    20th article passengers should comply with following provides: (a) tie security check alarm service station of security registration, and check; (ii) shall not carry flammable, and easy burst dangerous items or other prohibited items; (three) shall not damaged car within of security technology prevention device or other security prevention facilities; (four) shall not requirements driver for illegal violations activities; (five) psychiatric patients, and drunk who ride must has hand accompanied.
    Article 21st security security responsibilities seriously, time to stop criminal acts or provide clues to assist public security organs to investigate criminal cases, law and order, have made outstanding contributions to the taxi companies, employees and passengers, the public security organs in accordance with the relevant regulations of awards.
    22nd disobey article sixth, did not go through the formalities of registration and filing of public order management, by the public security organs ordered to rectify; refused to correct within the time limit specified, the taxi company may be fined not more than 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan, the taxi workers may be fined not more than 20 Yuan and 100 Yuan.
    23rd article violation this approach 17th article provides, refused to and police organ signed security responsibility or no implementation security responsibility provides of responsibility of, by police organ ordered its deadline corrected; in provides term within refused to corrected of, on passenger taxi company can at 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following of fine, on passenger taxi practitioners can at 20 Yuan above 100 Yuan following of fine. 24th article violation this approach provides, passenger taxi practitioners and passengers via security check alarm service station, not tie police organ of security check registration of, police organ can limit passenger taxi drove away from urban; on good ran security check alarm service station of, sentenced warning or 20 Yuan above 100 Yuan following fine; good ran security check alarm service station or has other refused to, and hinder implementation police behavior, plot serious or caused serious consequences of, in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method
    Relevant provisions for punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    25th article violates article 19th of this approach (b), (d) provides that without law and order record identification when the taxi workers operating or in the taxi window display of colored film or curtain, the public security organ shall order the term corrections; refused to correct within the time limit specified, punishable by fines of less than 20 Yuan and 100 Yuan.
    26th article violation this approach 19th article subsection (six) items provides, operating in the using passenger taxi carry flammable, and easy burst dangerous items or other prohibited items, for illegal crime activities provides convenience, caused serious consequences of, except held directly responsibility personnel legal responsibility outside, on belongs units by police organ sentenced 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following of fine, and in passenger taxi industry within for informed. 27th public security organs in taxi safety management activities should be civilized, not to interfere with the normal operation of taxi.
    On the abuse of power, favoritism, administrative sanctions shall be provided by his entity or his upper level organs constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    The public security organs in China receive taxi or passenger after the police, do not perform their duties according to law, resulting in loss of citizens ' legitimate rights and interests, the managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions. 28th refuses to accept the party's decision to the public security organs, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administration reconsideration law and the People's Republic of China administrative litigation law of the provisions apply for reconsideration or initiate litigation to the people's Court. If no application for reexamination proceedings nor does not carry out the penalty decision, decision authority may apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.

    29th these measures shall come into force on September 1, 2006.
                                                              Released on September 4, 1992, the taxi business, baotou city public security management regulations (40th in baotou city people's Government) abrogated.