Yinchuan's Urban Underground Pipeline Project Archives Management

Original Language Title: 银川市城市地下管线工程档案管理办法

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(August 11, 2006, yinchuan, people's Government of the 59th General session on September 2, 2006, yinchuan city people's Government promulgated as of October 8, 2006, 24th) first to strengthen management of urban underground pipeline project archives, guarantee the safety of urban underground pipeline, the rational use of urban underground space, meet the needs of urban construction, development and management, in accordance with the People's Republic of China urban planning law, the People's Republic of China archive law, Department of State of the
    Construction engineering quality management regulation, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second this approach applies to the urban planning of underground pipeline project archives management in the region.
    Article underground pipeline engineering in these measures refers to urban construction, expansion, reconstruction of underground pipelines, including water supply, drainage, telecommunications, electricity, gas, heat, air defence, oil, radio and television, public security and industrial pipes and other underground pipeline engineering and its ancillary facilities. Fourth municipal Administrative Department of planning is the management of urban underground pipeline project archives, administrative departments.
    , In charge of urban construction archives in urban underground pipeline project archives, collection, management, and supervision.
    Fifth of municipal urban construction archives should establish and improve the scientific management system, receive archives according to law, management, evaluation, statistics, storage, use, security, and actively develop underground pipeline project archives, providing services for urban planning, construction and management.
    Sixth construction units to apply for Planning Administration of construction project planning permit, should be attached in the application made in the urban construction archives in construction sections of the relevant technical data and present status of construction area underground pipe, tube maps.
    Seventh underground pipeline engineering construction unit should be signed with the municipal urban construction archives project files submitted to the responsibility.
    Eighth approved by the city planning administration of pipeline construction, must be conducted by units with the qualification of surveying and mapping in urban planning before the start line and in front of the underground pipe covering, urban underground pipeline detection technology in accordance with the Statute of the Office (CJJ61) for the final survey.
    Nineth construction units in the construction of pipelines that are not files, to the municipal planning authority shall, without delay, through the project owner.
    City Planning Administration after receiving the report, should be identified not pipeline properties, file ownership, and underground pipeline property units in order to determine the coordinates, elevation and direction measurement of underground pipeline property unit shall promptly submit the materials to the municipal archives. Tenth underground pipelines prior to completion, the construction unit should be brought to the city underground pipeline project archives of urban construction archives pre-acceptance.
    Underground pipeline project acceptance form identification materials should include the underground pipeline project archives, acceptance of the conclusion.
    11th construction units in front of the underground pipeline engineering acceptance record, should be transferred to the municipal urban construction Archives Archives of the following materials: (a) supervision of underground pipeline project preparation stage files, files, documents, acceptance and as-built drawings of construction, (ii) underground pipe line finish construction surveying results and (iii) other information from archived documents (electronic documents, construction photos, videos, etc).
    Urban water supply, drainage, gas, heat, electricity, telecommunications and other underground pipelines management unit (hereinafter referred to as the underground pipeline management unit) should be transferred to municipal urban construction archives professional underground pipeline in a timely manner.
    12th construction units transferred to the municipal urban construction archives archives should be consistent with the code for construction project document filing (CB/T50328) requirements.
    13th underground pipeline put into use after the alteration, expansion or maintenance, repair of underground pipelines, need to change the original design, construction units and construction units should be modified according to actual situation as-built drawings, and within three months after completion, submitted to modify part of the urban construction archives project files.
    14th underground pipelines completed archives must be complete, accurate, authentic, clear and reflect the current situation.
    15th of municipal urban construction archives should be painted the city integrated underground pipelines and underground pipeline project archives, and professional utility to modify and enter the underground pipeline information system, the dynamic management of underground pipeline project archives.
    16th professional pipe the other sectors should be provided to the municipal archives specialized pipeline charts and relevant information, and apply the changes, discard, the missing parts of the underground pipeline project archives, amendments and supplements to this unit in a timely manner on the professional figure of the underground pipeline and updated professional of underground pipelines and transfer of relevant information to the municipal archives. 17th urban planning administrative departments shall regularly organize on urban underground pipeline survey and supplementary, fill the paint.
    Survey and supplementary results, fill the paint by the formation of underground pipeline archives, receive and manage centrally by the municipal urban construction archives.
    18th article violates these rules, the construction unit is not transferred to the municipal urban construction archives of underground pipeline project archives, the Department of City Planning Administration ordered corrective action, and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan fine.
    19th for professional management of underground pipeline unit did not transfer underground pipeline project archives, cause damage to the construction unit in the construction of underground pipelines, underground pipelines management unit shall bear corresponding responsibility.
    Article 20th unit construction lots and construction units are not required to identify any unauthorized construction of underground pipelines, resulting in loss of underground pipelines, shall bear the liability for damages.
    21st urban construction archives due to improper file is missing, or summary information error resulted in the construction of the pipeline caused losses, legally undertake the compensation responsibility of relevant persons shall be given administrative sanctions.
    22nd construction units or units not satisfied with the administrative penalty, may apply for reconsideration or bring a lawsuit.
    23rd article lingwu city, County, yongning County may refer to these measures.
                                                                      24th article this way as of October 8, 2006.