Xiamen Postal Facilities Management

Original Language Title: 厦门市邮政设施管理办法

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(On September 22, 2006 Xiamen Government 49th times Executive Conference considered through on September 28, 2006 Xiamen Government makes 123th, announced since on December 1, 2006 up purposes) first article for strengthening this city post facilities construction and using of management, guarantees post communications security and smooth, meet social on post communications service needs, according to People's Republic of China Post method, and People's Republic of China Post method implementation rules, about legal, and regulations of provides, combined this city actual
    And these measures are formulated.
    Second postal facilities in these measures refers to mail processing and storage sites, post office (), the mail box (box), the post office letter box (Group), postal kiosks and post mobile services.
    Third postal facility within the administrative area of the city planning, construction, and related management activities, these measures shall apply.
    The fourth postal administration postal facilities administration.
    Planning, construction, land and real estate, municipal, transportation and other sectors in accordance with their statutory duties, good management of postal facilities.
    Fifth postal administrations shall, according to the national economy and social development as well as national standards for universal postal services, preparation of the postal service system planning, integrated and coordinated by the City Planning Department submitted to the Municipal Planning Board after consideration by the municipal people's Government for approval.
    The sixth when planning administrative departments in the preparation of controlled detailed planning should be dovetailed with the postal service system planning, clear messaging and storage sites, post office (the) location and size. Article seventh postal facilities shall conform to the national, provincial and municipal standards and specifications.
    City of postal facilities and technical standards and specifications by postal administrations, relevant departments shall develop and publish, in conjunction with the.
    Article eighth shipping wharves, airports across the Taiwan Strait, reserve or shall, in accordance with the provisions set up for mail loading workplace, postal vehicle access and other facilities.
    Nineth postal enterprises according to the postal service system planning and construction of mail processing and storage sites, which allocated land according to law. Tenth article on construction projects should be based on the postal service system planning, controlled detailed planning and construction Post Office ().
    Among them, a Government land, planning and administrative departments shall post office (by) the construction into the project planning requirements, land and housing administration department granting land should be made clear when construction projects must have post offices under construction (); Government-allotted land, allocated land should be explicitly constructed post office ().
    Separate industrial areas, residential areas, college campuses, and units based on the necessary supporting post office ().
    Units shall be post office (the) simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, inspection, and follow this way 11th section of the post office (the) transfer or lease to postal enterprises.
    11th article supporting the construction of post offices in accordance with article tenth of this approach (the), by postal enterprises made in the following manner: (a) to land have post offices under construction (the), by postal enterprises less than land access costs and building the installation cost of purchase.
    (B) the Government allocated land to build supporting post office (the), by postal enterprises higher than housing construction and installation cost by not buying, its land allocation made in accordance with law; can also be used by postal enterprises on public housing rental tenants.
    Post companies on the receiving post office (), shall promptly set up postal service outlets, providing postal services.
    12th article for city construction need demolition mail processing and transportation places, and post office (by) of, demolition people should according to post professional system planning and control sex detailed planning, and mail processing and transportation places and post office (by) set standard of requirements, be another built or to property housing replacement way be placed; according to post professional system planning and control sex detailed planning not need in the regional set mail processing and transportation places, and post office (by) of, demolition people should be currency compensation. Demolished and construction or provision of replacement housing, should be demolished mail processing and storage sites, post office () is quite a lot.
    In the context of an area of non-settlement spreads over an area belongs to the mail processing and storage sites, post offices (the) setting standards within the area of the part, the difference shall not be higher than those in the settlement of land access costs and housing construction and installation cost.
    13th due to mail handling and storage space, the urban construction demolition Post Office (the), relocation of human to solve the universal postal service should be provided transitional housing; demolished not available may be made by postal enterprises ' own transition, but the cost of relocation shall pay provisional compensation.
    14th mail box (box), a location of postal kiosks, the postal administration in collaboration with the municipal administration department or District Government and determined.
    Mail box (box), postal kiosks by postal enterprises according to the uniform standards for construction, operation and management. 15th new residential buildings, office buildings, should be letter box (Group) simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, and acceptance.
    Unit housing should be post office letter box (Group) to be handed over to the owners, and may not otherwise be collected post office letter box (Group) costs.
    16th article this approach implementation Qian has delivered using of residents building not set post letter reported box between (Group) of, according to following provides fill built: (a) implementation property management of, by property management enterprise by owners Assembly decided by specification requirements set post letter reported box between (Group), by needed costs by owners paid or by owners Assembly decided from special maintenance gold in the paid; (ii) not implementation property management of, can by post enterprise organization set post letter reported box between (Group), by needed costs by owners paid. 17th in organizing large scale events need the postal enterprise to provide field services, postal enterprises shall provide.
    Activities of the host Party shall be provided free of charge for handling postal business place, unit and individual shall provide convenience.
    18th email processing and storage sites, post office (), newsagent and post office mail box (box) is maintained by the postal enterprise.
    For postal letter box (cluster) maintenance, maintenance liability of contract property management property management services business, the costs paid from the special maintenance payments not enforced, property management, property owners assume responsibility.
    19th postal enterprises shall establish and improve postal facilities use and management systems to ensure normal use of postal facilities, without changing the nature of postal facilities.
    Postal enterprises shall strengthen internal management, strengthen the service function, improve service quality, to provide users with fast, accurate, safe, and convenient postal services.
    Postal administrations shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of postal services.
    20th article ban any units and personal engaged in following behavior: (a) damaged post facilities of; (ii) occupied post facilities, hamper post facilities of normal using; (three) unauthorized demolition, and migration post facilities; (four) in post facilities Shang graffiti, and description; (five) private open post letter-box (box), and others post letter reported box, to post newspaper Pavilion, and post letter-box (box), and post letter reported box within plug voted flammable easy burst, dangerous goods and the other debris; (six) other effect post facilities normal using of behavior. 21st postal administrations shall establish a complaints, reporting system, receiving unit and individual complaints, reported in a timely manner.
    Found in violation of these provisions, it shall be checked and dealt with according to law. 22nd construction violates these rules, do not have post offices under construction (the) transfer to postal enterprises, by postal administrations a rectification.
    Overdue change, acquisition of real estate by postal enterprises set up post office (), which increases the costs borne by the employer.
    23rd the construction of new residential buildings, office buildings, in violation of these rules, is not building post office letter box (Group), built by the postal administration ordered to fill; it fails to build, built by the units to take up post office letter box (s) fees. 24th article violates these rules, taking up postal facilities impede the normal use of postal facilities, postal administrations a rectification.
    It fails to mend, is occupied by non-operating, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fines; belongs to the footprint of the business, fined a maximum of 1000 more than 5000 Yuan.
                                                                                          25th article of the rules take effect on December 1, 2006.