Interim Measures On The Reclaimed Water Use Management In Tangshan City

Original Language Title: 唐山市城市再生水利用管理暂行办法

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(September 8, 2006, Tangshan City people's Government, 46th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Tangshan City, September 26, 2006 [2006] 2nd announcement as of November 1, 2006) first to promote effective use of recycled water, improve water quality, increase water resources utilization to ensure water security, promote the development of recycling economy, according to the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city of reclaimed water use planning, construction, operation and management.
    Article of reclaimed water in these measures refers to urban industrial sewage and sewage treated by secondary treatment or depth, achieved national and industry quality standards, non-potable water is available in a certain range.
    Reclaimed water facility mentioned in these measures refers to reclaimed water pipes in sewage treatment facilities and networks, pumping, metering facilities, service stations and other related facilities.
    Fourth city and County (city, district) water Administrative Department is responsible for the macro-management and deployment of recycled water; urban counties (cities), urban management, administrative departments are responsible for the use of municipal recycled water management.
    Fifth Government encourage utilization of reuse water in scientific research as well as the introduction of advanced technologies, processes and applications to encourage utilization of reuse water in facilities construction, and policy and financial support.
    Article sixth of reclaimed water utilization planning by the City Planning Administration in conjunction with the municipal water administration and urban management administration organization, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval. Seventh compilation of urban planning or construction, utilization of reuse water in facilities construction sites should be reserved.
    New construction, renovation or expansion of urban roads shall be requested by the reclaimed water use planning utilization of recycled water pipeline laying.
    Article meets the conditions for reclaimed water use the following (taking) the water household reclaimed water should be used: (a) the daily water consumption of more than 50 cubic meters of industrial enterprises, (ii) Garden, landscaped, landscape, architecture, conservation, (iii) other units to use reclaimed water.
    Should use reclaimed water project may not use surface water or ground water.
    Reclaimed water users approved by the backup water source that the Administration can keep backup water source, enable the use of standby water source in an emergency, shall be reported in accordance with administrative privileges to the alternate water resources administration agreed.
    Nineth reclaimed water use should be used (taking) water, shall, in accordance with the recycled water use planning and construction specification for reclaimed water pipes, standard construction and ancillary facilities.
    Tenth new construction, renovation or expansion projects in accordance with the provisions of the use of reclaimed water and its utilization of recycled water facility or recycled water pipeline and auxiliary facilities should be simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and delivered.
    11th city Administrative Department shall entrust a qualified agency regularly monitored the water quality of reclaimed water.
    12th reclaimed water management unit shall establish and improve water quality monitoring system to ensure recycled water water quality, water pressure and water in accordance with national and industry standards.
    13th unit construction of reclaimed water treatment by use of reclaimed water, shall conform to the national and industry standards. Article 14th reclaimed water management units shall ensure uninterrupted water supply. Suspension of water supply for construction maintenance and other reasons, users should be notified 24 hours in advance, and troubleshoot device problems in a timely manner.
    Emergency does not inform users in advance, shall notify the customer repair, take the necessary remedial measures, and report on urban management administration.
    15th recycled water prices by application of reclaimed water management units, approved by the price administrative departments and submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.
    16th reclaimed water pipes, water tanks and other facilities outside surfaces should be painted in light green, and according to the State regulations at the exit marked "no drinking water" logo.
    17th units and individuals are prohibited to take the following actions: (a) the mutual connection of reclaimed water and the water pipeline, (ii) altering the use of reclaimed water (iii) extracting public provided by reclaimed water management units landscape in river water.
    18th article units or personal has following behavior one of of, by city management administrative sector ordered corrected, and at 1000 Yuan fine: (a) violation eighth article provides not using regeneration water of; (ii) violation Nineth article provides not construction regeneration water using facilities or regeneration water using facilities not reached national provides requirements of; (three) violation 12th article provides regeneration water business units water water not standard of; (four) violation 17th article provides of. Article 19th of specific administrative act undertaken by the parties, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.
    Party fails to apply for administrative reconsideration, not to prosecute, or carry out a specific administrative act undertaken by specific administrative act apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.
    Article 20th administrative law enforcement abuses, favoritism, given administrative sanctions by the competent authorities or the unit; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling.
            21st article this way come into force on November 1, 2006.