Awarded The Title Of Honorary Citizen Of Chengdu City Provisions

Original Language Title: 成都市授予荣誉市民称号规定

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(August 24, 2006 Chengdu City Government 83rd times Executive Conference considered through October 16, 2006 Chengdu City Government makes 130th, announced since December 1, 2006 up purposes) first article (purpose according to) for encourages and recognition on economic social development, and foreign exchange cooperation, aspects made highlight contribution of city outside people, according to People's Republic of China place levels Congress and place levels government organization method of provides, combined Chengdu city actual, developed this provides.
    Article II (definitions) mentioned in the present provisions, outside people, including foreigners, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and non-citizens of the city.
    Article III (management) Office of the municipal government granted "honorary citizens in Chengdu city" (hereinafter referred to as an honorary citizen) lead in coordinating work of the title, City Government's Foreign Affairs Office, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the municipal government, municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, the municipal Bureau of Commerce and other departments according to their respective duties, respectively, awarded the title of honorary citizen of recommendation, review, and so on.
    Fourth article (grant conditions) where comply with People's Republic of China legal, and regulations, has following conditions one of of city outside people, I voluntary and by recommended, can grant honors public title: (a) for this city development high-tech, speed up economic development, develop both at home and abroad market, advance city construction and management, contribution highlight of; (ii) for development this city technology, and education, and culture, and health, and sports career, contribution highlight of; (three) advance this city foreign exchange, carried out cooperation, established friendly city relationship, contribution highlight of;
    (Iv) social welfare and charity in this city, contributions, and (v) other contributions. Fifth (grant) awarded the title of honorary citizen in accordance with the following procedures: (a) recommendations. Awarded the title of honorary citizen of conditions are met, by District (City) County and municipal government departments, as well as other municipal bodies is recommended.
    Featured objects are expatriates, recommended to the City Government's Foreign Affairs Office; of an overseas Chinese, compatriots from Hong Kong, recommended to the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Municipal Government; a Taiwan compatriot, municipal Taiwan Affairs Office recommended, is a national non-citizens of this municipality, recommend to the municipal Commerce Bureau and other relevant departments. (B) audit.
    City Government's Foreign Affairs Office, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the municipal government, municipal Taiwan Affairs Office and the municipal Bureau of Commerce, and other relevant departments upon receipt of the recommendation, should seek the advice of relevant units separately, if necessary, can organize the triage, review comments made after the Executive meeting of the municipal government. (C) consideration of the decision.
    After discussion, the Executive meeting of the municipal government, in accordance with legal procedures, attention of the municipal people's Congress decided. (D) granting certificates. Municipality according to the municipal people's Congress decided on awarded the title of honorary citizen, being awarded the title of honorary citizen of the city awarded an honorary citizen certificate signed by the Mayor, and through the media to report their deeds.
    Awarded an honorary citizen certificate can hold a certification ceremony, ceremony hosted by the recommended units. Sixth (courtesy) won the title of honorary citizen of the city to grant the appropriate privileges.
    Major celebrations in the city, held by honorary citizen may be invited to participate in.
    Seventh (service) recommended units shall keep in regular contact with honorary citizens regularly to its free publicity materials on the city's economic and social development, tracking service.
    Eighth (certificate printed) honorary citizen certificates printed by the municipal government.
    Nineth (explain) problems in the application of these measures by the Chengdu municipal people's Government Affairs Office is responsible for the interpretation. Tenth (execution date) these regulations come into force on December 1, 2006.
                                  November 30, 1995 issued by the Chengdu Municipal Government of Chengdu city, awarded the title of honorary citizen of the measures repealed simultaneously.